The Ideal Pair of Boys' School Shoes and How to Pick Them

The ideal pair of boys' school shoes has several necessary features that ensure your child remains comfortable and supported throughout his gruelling academic days. Their footwear can affect their performance in the classroom and playground, either boosting them to do their best or hindering and distracting them from it.


Some of the telltale signs your child does not approve of their boys' school shoes are how they act towards them. Are your mornings more difficult because your child does not want to wear their footwear? 


It's time to avoid this scenario by finding your child's ideal pair of academic shoes. We can start with the necessary features each pair must have, then proceed to how to choose them. With the help of our team at Spendless, we'll give you a rundown on everything you must know to find the ideal pair of footwear. 


Let's get right to it! 


Tip 1—Research on the Features


Finding your son's ideal pair of academic footwear is like going to a battle. You must arm yourself with the correct information to make excellent calls when presented with various options. Even though there are so many stylish options, you shouldn't choose a pair of boys' academic shoes solely on

that basis. Here are some of the features you need to check out:


  • Durable materials 


Most options are leather and vegan-friendly, ensuring the shoes will not break suddenly. These materials can withstand your child's natural elements and active demeanour. Aside from longevity, materials provide the breathability and insulation necessary to keep your child comfortable in warm or cold weather. 


  • Adjustable fastening 


There must be a way for your child to control the fit of their footwear when they want to adjust the tightness. Apart from the fit, fastenings also ensure the footwear stays in place while your child moves around. Spendless uses two kinds for its collection: touch-fastening straps and laces. Both provide an adjustable and secure fit, although they differ in difficulty of use.


  • Gripped soles 


Your active boy will likely join playground games and encounter soft, wet grounds and uneven surfaces. There's a high risk of slipping and falling without traction on their shoes. We want to avoid accidents, so look for gripped soles on their footwear. The soles will provide friction against the floor to keep them safe. 


Tip 2—Plan and Schedule Shopping Time


After learning which features are necessary for an ideal pair of academic shoes, it's time to figure out the best time to shop. Because you need to take your son shopping with you, there must be minimal distractions and causes for irritation. We don't want tantrums to ensue. 


If shopping for shoes in-store, avoiding the crowds is best. Long lines and elbowing your way through other customers can shorten your and the child's patience. How about buying the academic shoes one weekday afternoon?


Weekends are crowd draws, whereas everyone else works on most weekdays. More importantly, shop for footwear in the afternoon when your child's feet are at their maximum size to account for swelling growth. 


Tip 3—Get Accurate Measurements for the Proper Fit


One of the top reasons your son finds it difficult to wear academic shoes is because they don't fit. Who would want to wear footwear that hurts? Your child has more to lose if he wears ill-fitting footwear. First, they will get hurt and distracted from their academic activities. Second, it can affect their foot health. 


Boys' academic shoes in the wrong size will rub their feet and cause blisters. On top of that, your child can develop permanent deformities like hammertoes. Their feet are malleable and will continue growing until puberty, so it's best to find footwear that fits and supports them.


Apart from shopping in the afternoon, measure each foot separately for length and width. Since getting their measurements can be tricky, you can always take your child to a professional. A podiatrist can do it for you and suggest which footwear suits your child's foot type. Alternatively, you can also seek help from trained in-store staff to measure your child's feet and recommend the perfect style.


Please ensure your child is wearing the socks they will use with the academic shoes to account for their thickness, which can affect the fit. 


Tip 4—Explore Online Shopping 


We understand that shopping for school shoes takes time, which busy parents seldom have. Squeezing in time to shop in-store, commuting, driving through traffic, and trying to reach the store before closing can be a hassle.


Thankfully, the advent of the internet makes it possible to do online shopping. Most people find convenience to be the best reason to do so. For one, you can browse a huge range of academic footwear (and size range!) on your gadget while taking a break from work or during lunch. Some people do it while wearing their pyjamas, right before going to bed at midnight.


With an extensive size range, you can easily see all the shoes suitable for the classroom by entering details about your child's feet on the site.


By shopping online, you can add items your child needs, like socks and laces, with a mouse click. After you've gone through everything and chosen which footwear to take, you can check them out to pay. One of the perks of shopping online is the discount vouchers and coupons available only to online consumers.


Shopping for school shoes has never been easier, especially with the site's wide variety of payment options and simple checkout process. Sign up to receive updates and enjoy many benefits, like exclusive discounts and the latest offers.


Imagine how much you can save—time, money, and gas—by shopping for shoes at your convenience. Then, wait for the footwear to arrive at your doorstep. How good is that?


Tip 5—Get Your Child's Input


Parents sometimes overlook an essential tip: asking for their child's opinion and input. Since your son is wearing it, ask how they feel about the options. Which shoes do they want? Loving their footwear is the first step in ensuring your child will love it. They'll wear their new school shoes excitedly and be their best versions in class. 


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