The Flats You Need in Your Life in 2021

What comes around goes back around, right? Well, that saying applies to the fashion world. It is crazy to watch how a womens shoe style from 2011 can make its way back into the on-trend fashion scene ten years later. But this is usually how it goes in the fashion hemisphere – and we are all for it!


So, start searching through your wardrobe, and find your favourite pair of womens shoe that was once a super-hot trend and bring them back to play. Our current revival of fashion trends can get seen in the womens flats sector.


This flat sandal shoe style has been making its way in and out of fashion for a long time. There are so many possible tricks and ways to style them, and with so many new and unique designs, there are endless amounts of looks you can create with this womens shoe.


Women’s flats are making a comeback in 2021, and we think you should jump on the trend. If you feel like it has been a while since you last wore a pair of womens flats, then we have all the tips for you. We have gathered a range of flat like ballet flats, black flat, flat boots, flat sandal, flat shoes, and wrap sandals that have made their way back into the fashion scene and are on-trend right now.


Scroll down below to discover the trend. There will be a pair or even more than that that will make you fall in love!


The slide-on design!


The slide-on flat shoes design is a must-have all year round. This style is typically worn during the summer months, although in 2021, these are making a statement every season.


The slide-on women’s flats provide a range of comfort for girl’s who are in a rush or need a type of womens shoe that they can quickly throw on. It’s the perfect womens shoe to have around the house for when an emergency comes up (such as your pets bolting out the door!).


The slide-on women’s flats can get designed in the simplest ways or bedazzled with jewels and beads. These womens shoe offer plenty of comfort and ease of wear for your everyday use, no matter the style.


Gladiator sandals!


Hello, gladiator flat sandal! This style offers amazing foot care comfort no matter the style. This range of flat leather sandals provides much more fun and elegant vibe. These are perfect for a gorgeous sunny day spent out in the park or by the beach.


Gladiator wrap sandals are a type of wrap sandals that can get styled to suit a semi-formal setting and a super laidback environment. They are the best all-around womens flats for your everyday looks. These womens flats have taken inspiration from Greek mythology, making them a fashion trend that has come full circle.


Gladiator wrap sandals can easily elevate your look. If you are stuck on what outfit would look best with these womens flats, then take our advice and throw on a stunning maxi dress. This look will have you feeling like a goddess all day long.


Trendy thongs!


For the perfect pair of women’s flats, turn your attention to thongs (or flip flops as some may recognise them as). This style of womens shoe offers all levels of comfort when it comes to women’s flats. Surprisingly, thongs are the perfect womens shoe to wear when you spend a day at the beach and need to take your footwear on and off with ease. They also protect you from burning hot sand (winning!).


Thongs have made their way back into fashion, as of late, due to the world taking on a more laidback attitude when it comes to life. This tip is perfect for when you do not want to put any effort into your look but still want to appear presentable and on-trend.


Canvas sneakers!


If you thought the trend of women’s flats making a comeback in 2021 couldn’t get any better, well, now it has! Introducing; canvas sneakers and sport shoes. These casual sneakers are the ultimate style of women’s flats that every girl needs to have a pair of. These kicks are the perfect walking womens flats for when you spend a day out in nature with family and friends.


Canvas sneakers are a great choice of womens flats as they can get paired with just about any outfit. We love seeing this style paired with some denim jeans and a bodysuit, long or short sleeves. All-white canvas sneakers are one of the most popular women’s flats trends of 2021. Thanks to their bright features, they can look gorgeous with any outfit and accentuate every aspect of your look.


Lovely loafers!


Find yourself falling in love with a pair of loafers in 2021. This style of women’s flats is the perfect combination between flat sandal and sneakers. These casual shoes offer breathability and comfort with every step you take.


Loafers are great for when you hunt for a sophisticated womens flats style without having to put too much effort into it. No matter the style, these are best to wear for a full day in the office and then casual drinks straight after work. These women’s flat heeled loafer styles scream classy and chic!


Ballet flats and strappy flats!


The on-trend style of women’s flats that are making a statement in 2021 is the classic ballet style. The ballet flats take inspiration from the traditional ballerinas, where elegance and class are at the forefront of this look. These casual shoes are the best pair of footwear you can throw on when you are stuck on finding the right pair of kicks. Whether it’s a flowy dress or a cute pair of jeans, ballet flats (black flat) will look fabulous on you.


If you feel like getting creative, why not try a pair of strappy ones. These are perfect for summer, where you can flaunt your glowing legs and style them up with a super cute mini skirt.


Mighty Mules!


This style of women’s flats is an underrated casual shoes that is making a statement within the fashion world in 2021. Who would’ve thought backless flat sandal is one of the most popular casual shoes of the year?!


We are not complaining. These casual shoes are a gorgeous addition to any outfit, adding a touch of class to what would usually be your casual look. These casual shoes can be found in a range of flat colours and styles, making them super versatile casual shoes.


This is great for when you need a pair of comfortable and stylish casual shoes all in one. We can’t wait to see you rocking a pair of low heeled mules in 2021!


Can’t find your old pair of women’s flats?


Do not fear! You can take some time out of your day to invest in a gorgeous new pair of women’s flats like ballet flats, black flat, flat boots, flat sandal, flat shoes, and wrap sandals that are must-haves in 2021. Stock up with a selection of on-trend women’s flats and find yourself receiving compliments everywhere you go.