The Casual Shoes That Are on Trend for Summer

Summer is here, and it's time to show your feet and participate in an active lifestyle. It's time to show some skin. Don't you love lounging by the river, beach, or park? We at Spendless gathered the best women's casual shoes to see you through the season.


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So when you think about summer, what comes to mind? Summer calls for carefree fashion. A feeling of letting go and being fresh. With our women's casual shoes, you will be carefree all season long.


Style 1 - Sandals 


There are no women's casual shoes more perfect for summer than sandals. An open toe will keep you fresh and your feet breathable during a warm sunny day. Also, because of the design, these women's casual shoes are easy to wear.


All you need to do is slip your feet in, and you are good to go. The Spendless sandals collection is excellent for strolling by the pool or the beach. These women's casual shoes shield your feet from the hot sand and wet slippery floors.


Spendless is proud of its versatile sandals, which match all your cute summer outfits. So whether you're out catching some sun by the sea or drinking cocktails during happy hour, our comfortable and stylish women's casual shoes will have you in a carefree style.


Sandals Category 1 - Slides 


With 12 dazzling colours to choose from, our slides will keep your summer calendar oozing with trendiness. Choose from an array of colours like black, blue, brown, gold, green, leopard, natural, orange, pink, tan, vanilla, and white to match whatever hot summer outfit you plan to wear.


These women's casual shoes got their name, slides, after how simple it is to put them on and take them off. They are backless, without any ankle straps; these women's casual shoes cover the tops of your feet through a strap (or several of them).


Sandals Category 2 - Thong Sandals


A flat sole held loosely by a Y-shaped strap that passes between the first and second toes characterizes these women's casual shoes. Fancy keeping your feet feeling fresh and sexy under the scorching summer sun?


The Spendless thong sandals will protect and keep your feet feeling fresh all day long. Since Australians love the beach and outdoor activities in the warm weather, rubber thongs or flip-flops have long been a staple of their wardrobe.


Style 2 - Flats 


Most of us are eager to trade in our boots and heels for some stylish flats by the time summer arrives. Spendless flats are available in a wide range of designs and hues. These women's casual shoes are popular because of the comfort they bring.


Flats Category 1 - Ballet Flats 


Summer is the perfect season to hang out with friends. No one will be stuttering and shivering as you spend time on a boat or a road trip together. Ballet flats are the epitome of carefree summer with their low-cut, closed-toe style, accompanied by flat heels, exposing the tops of your feet.


These women's casual shoes match perfectly with breezy outfits like maxi dresses, denim shorts, and cute tops. Our collection of ballet flats at Spendless is flexible and lightweight, reminiscent of the footwear for ballerinas, the inspiration behind its name.


Flats Category 2 - Loafers 


While we want to go carefree for the summer season, only some work settings allow sandals. So which style of women's casual shoes should you choose? Our answer is the loafers, ideal footwear that screams chic and comfortable.


These women's casual shoes don't require laces and are easy to put on and take off. Our easy-to-wear slip-on designs go perfectly well with almost everything in your office wardrobe. No need to worry about being underdressed for work during summer as this is the perfect pair.


You won't feel warm either, as it leaves the top of your feet uncovered. However, these Spendless women's casual shoes are breathable, leaving your feet fresh and sweat-free.


Style 3 - Sneakers 


The first two types of footwear we listed are the first ones that come to mind when summer arrives. But what about occasions when you need to be at your most comfortable, especially when you are going on summer outdoor activities like long walks and hikes?


Sneakers have grown popular as summer women's casual shoes because they boast arch support, which sandals do not always offer. Additionally, if we wanted to flaunt our bodies during the summer, we would need to work out and exercise. Therefore, we will be doing movements that only need the support and traction these women's casual shoes can provide.


Sneakers Category 1 - Trainers 


Trainers are women's casual shoes perfect for multi-directional movements during workouts like aerobics, CrossFit, and weightlifting. In addition, this footwear provides lateral support that prevents injuries to your ankles when you need to move side-to-side.


Spendless has these women's casual shoes in colours that you can immediately identify with the summer season: bright and vibrant! Colours like black, blue, pink, purple, and white will motivate you to move and take part in more active activities during the summer. Additionally, they will go with any active wear and clothing you did not use during the winter.


Sneakers Category 2 - Walking 


But now that the sun's out, your walking sneakers will help you achieve your fitness goals. Are you aiming for 10,000 steps? No problem.


A pair of these Spendless women's casual shoes will have you walking everywhere in no time. The Australian outdoors beckons and would serve as the perfect place to achieve your daily steps. You will become stronger and fitter before you know it.


And your feet feel fresh and comfortable, all thanks to these women's casual shoes.


Sneakers Category 3 - Sports Luxe 


Sports Luxe is a variant of women's casual shoes from Spendless made famous for its premium materials and traditional colours for that street-style vibe. You can be sporty to sport these sneakers ideal for summer. The best way to wear these luxurious women's casual shoes is to leave the laces loosely tied.


We're all about the carefree vibe this summer, aren't we?


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Time to make the most of the summer season. Spend it outdoors and spend it with Spendless. Our women's casual shoes will take your hot girl summer a notch higher.


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