The Block Heel That's Perfect for the Summer Season

Summer is finally here; now is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. Keep your winter boots for the meantime, and bring out those sexy block heels you've been hiding for months. While most shoes with elevated, broad bases are block heels, we should focus on only one kind that's ideal for warmer weather.

Before we head there, we must understand what makes these shoes perfect for the long-awaited summer season. People long for outdoor activities, which they can do in warm, sunny weather because they spend most of the freezing months inside, keeping warm. But since we now have excellent weather, it's time to head out and celebrate with block heels.

During this season, outdoor weddings and parties are a big deal. Beaches and gardens are favourite venues, pushing guests to walk on soft, uneven, and unfamiliar surfaces. With block heels, ladies won't worry about dealing with sand, soil, grass, or pavement cracks because the broad bases will enable them to walk on these things effortlessly. 

Besides saving you from getting stuck on these surfaces, block heels will keep you cosy and well-supported. These shoes distribute weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. You can spend weekends with friends, dance and mingle for hours, or work all day comfortably and confidently.

But because there are several kinds of block heels, it may take hours to choose the perfect style for the season. Please allow us to help and speed up your shopping. Spendless block heels are the best shoes for summer! Let's narrow down the choices to which option is best to wear this season: strappy sandals! Discover what makes this style option in demand during the warm months and which options to add to your wardrobe. Let's start!


Strappy Sandals are Perfect for Summer


Breathability is the top reason ladies love wearing strappy block heels during the summer. Remember that these months can be gruelling, with high temperatures that make you sweat uncontrollably. Moisture can be uncomfortable, with ill effects affecting how you move. With strappy sandals, air can circulate through the open design, leaving your feet fresh and sweat-free. Whether you're a guest at a summer nuptial or a workaholic party animal who spends days at work and nights having fun, these well-ventilated block heels will always keep you cosy.

Effortless style is another reason ladies choose strappy sandals for summer. The intricate ways these straps fall on your feet create a sexy silhouette you cannot replicate with other shoe styles. Since the weather's warmer, ladies take advantage of the opportunity to strut their stuff after spending the previous months layered and well-covered. Exposing your feet, toes, and ankles after hiding them in socks and fluffy shoes is the best part about wearing strappy sandals. These block heels enhance your overall vibe, ensuring you always look like you stepped off the runway. And since they are already beautiful, there is no need to spend excessive time dressing them. Strappy block heels match beautifully with your summer wardrobe, whether shorts, dresses, jeans, or linen coordinates.


The Best Block Heels Options


Since the Spendless collection of block heels is broad, let's pinpoint options you must consider adding to your summer look. We chose them after careful consideration of their overall aesthetic, colour, and appeal. We guarantee these block heels provide the best comfort, support, and stability, so we'll base our recommendations on their style. Let's start!


Style 1—Clear 


Clear or transparent block heels are ideal additions to your summer wardrobe because they offer a unique, eye-catching style that will turn heads. They convey self-confidence because you expose your feet with minimal or zero coverage. People will see everything about your feet, including flaws, because clear block heels won't cover much. But that's why these shoes are unique. Only some people can pull this off or have the guts to even try, so people will take notice and want to be in your shoes (literally and figuratively). 

Moreover, clear block heels are versatile, enabling you to dress them up or down nicely. They match any colour or pattern, making them an excellent choice for those who love experimenting with various styles. Summer is the perfect time to bring out all your vibrant and bright-coloured outfits, which you can balance with a pair of clear strappy sandals. 

Regina and Gretchen are a must from the Spendless collection. These strappy sandals have clear, translucent block heels and straps; Regina's buckled ankle strap is the only difference. Gretchen has a slide-in design with two top straps, keeping it secure. Ladies on the go would prefer Gretchen, while those who love an adjustable fit would gravitate towards Regina.


Style 2—Textured


Textured block heels are flying off the shelf because of their aesthetic, which adds visual interest and depth to the shoes. These strappy sandals usually feature unique patterns, materials, or embellishments on their surfaces, creating a distinct and tactile feel. The textures can include woven patterns, embossed designs, braided elements, studs, or other surface details, making the block heels more attractive and striking. 

Since these shoes are already focal pieces, do not wear prints with them. Neutrals and monochromatic clothes match well with textured block heels, giving them the attention they deserve. Can you imagine the compliments and praise you'll get when you wear them to a bridal shower? These block heels have the uncanny ability to take the limelight.

While Spendless has several notable textured block heels, Blake and Emilee deserve your attention. Blake has a mule slide-in design with two horizontal top straps made of raffia material. The block heels' braided bands will boost your bohemian vibe. Meanwhile, Emilee also has a slide-in fit and two top straps, but the straps are of crimped material. Choose either pair of block heels for the best summer outing ever!


Have the Best Summer with Spendless Block Heel Shoes! 


Have a great day, basking in the warmth of the sun throughout the summer season. To ensure you have the perfect pair for every summer occasion, we provide a range of styles to suit anything in your wardrobe. These block heels are suitable for all-day wear without experiencing any discomfort because of their larger surface area, which increases stability and support.

Head to the nearest Spendless retailer or online store for a pair of women's block heels, perfect for the summer. Add a matching clutch to complete the look!