The Block Heel That Is Hot This Season

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? Whichever you are, there is a pair of block heels for you. These shoes are considered a timeless classic, always returning to the limelight as a reminder that they are here to stay.


Spendless has a stylish range of block heel styles to suit any look that got you covered. With a wide variety of leathers, colours and seasonal styles, explore our range of block heels for shoes you can wear all day – and night! So are block heels better for your feet?


Do you know that heeled shoes are better for your feet than completely flat ones? Flat shoes may contribute to the arch of your foot collapsing, which can, in turn, cause knee pain and sore leg muscles. With a small block heel, you place less tension on your Achilles tendon and, in turn, support your feet better.


Block heels provide more support, and the larger surface area helps distribute your weight more evenly. Not only does this mean less painful feet, but it also reduces the risk of you rolling an ankle or hurting yourself because your heel got caught! In addition, people say that shoes are reflective of the cultural moment, and at that time the block heels came out, women were looking for shoes with silhouettes that they could move in.


An answered prayer indeed. They are practical, comfortable, stylish, and functional. Block heel shoes found popularity in new arrivals because the price is high to low, price low to high, brand A to Z Brand Z to A. Women's Block Heels give comfort for all-day wear.


You know your feet best! It makes easy steps and practical wear. Find these brands at any store nearest to you. The block heels gained popularity because of the strong clamour for height in shoes that didn't cause pain and discomfort to the wearer. Women can be more confident with the height these shoes provide, minus the pain that initially came with wearing stilettos.


Check out our page for a wide range of colours, like yellow, pink, brown, gold and nude, that look stand out with a pair of any bag. In contrast, block heels have thicker width, taking up most of the ankle area of your shoes. Its thickness evenly disperses your weight, reducing pressure on your feet's arches and balls. Block heels keep ticking the comfort checklist - easy to walk in, provide stability, and do not get stuck on pavements and cobblestones.


Spendless Shoes has different styles of block heels available, all of which are hot and trendy this season. We have them in all sorts of colours, 13 to be exact: black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


We'll give you a rundown of the styles you should consider adding to your wardrobe rotation in the coming months.


Style 1 - Mules


These block heels are a comfortable choice, a favourite for their clean look and ease of wear. In addition, these shoes provide substantial coverage for the top of the foot and insole support. Some ways to style these block heels is by pairing them with skinny jeans and a cute blouse for day-to-bight attire.


Mix them with linen trousers or wide-leg palazzo pants to achieve a timeless spring-summer appearance. Then, pair these block heels with midi-skirts or knee-length dresses and look girly and feminine.


Style 2 - Strappy 


Our strappy block heels are feminine and will transform you into a princess off to a royal gathering. Contrary to Cinderella's predicament, however, the straps on these shoes will hold them in place as you dance the night away. As a result, you won't ever have to worry about leaving a shoe behind.


We at Spendless Shoes recommend pairing a little dress with these block heels for evening activities. Wear these shoes with denim shorts and a flattering long-sleeved top for picnics and casual outdoor events.


Style 3 - Enclosed Toes 


Enclosed toes make women look and feel empowered. These block heels are perfect for power dressers who mean business at work. You're asking people to take you seriously by wearing them, and they will. This style of block heels is elegant and commands respect!


From the name, these shoes cover the toes and protect them from getting stubbed by foreign elements. Versatility is the middle name of these block heels because they can go from work to dinner shoes with colleagues. A more formal occasion calls for partnering your block heels with a party dress.


Are you leaning toward this style? Remember that enclosed toes may cause discomfort, particularly the pointy ones because they squish the toes together.


Style 4 - Platform


Block heels are comfortable already, but the platform style takes comfort a notch higher. Spendless Shoes' range of platform block heels is perfect for people concerned with balance. The thick and tall heel will distribute your weight evenly, while the platform style ensures support until the front of the shoe.


Our block heels are available in the following sizes: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. Check for your accurate size at Spendless Shoes with our size guide. In addition, our helpful chart will help you compare Spendless sizes to their UK, US, and EU counterparts.


Knowing your size in one of these systems will make it easier to figure out the best size for you.


Vegan-Friendly Block Heels


We have vegan-friendly block heels at Spendless Shoes.


Choosing this material for your shoes has several benefits:


  1. No animal cruelty because the production did not use animal products. Unlike leather, which comes from the skin of animals such as cows and goats, vegan-friendly block heels come from synthetic and plant materials.


  1. Advantageous for the environment and its inhabitants because they only leave a minimal carbon footprint compared to their leather counterparts. Animal farming, essential in producing leather, is a leading cause of pollution and leaves a large carbon footprint.



  1. More affordable because of lower production costs and less labour-intensive processes.


Make Your Shoes Last Longer!


Block heels are timeless. You should preserve and prolong their life as long as you can. They are an essential wardrobe staple that checks all the boxes, from comfort to affordability.


So, our team at Spendless Shoes gathered some tips to make them last longer:


  1. Constantly clean your shoes. For example, do not let dirt and grime stay on your block heels. Instead, wipe them down as soon as you get home before storing them away.


  1. Consider using stoppers to prevent damage to the tips of your block heels. They prevent your shoes from digging into the ground or scraping against pebbles and pavement cracks. You can get some in our foot care section.


  1. Store your block heels properly. If the budget permits, you should invest in a shoe closet. Cheaper alternatives that take up less space are shoe racks and shoe bags.


Look Hot This Season in Your Pair!


Sign up! Lose all the doubts in your head. These shoes are the best style for women who desire some height without discomfort. Own a pair of Spendless Shoes' comfortable, affordable, stylish, and versatile block heels.


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