The Block Heel of the Season

Are you in constant search of thebest pair of block heels?

Women love these shoes because of the height and stability they provide without strain. In addition, because block heels are thick and broad, they distribute the load evenly instead of putting all the pressure on one area—the balls of the feet. 


The assurance of stability is essential because women walk on various surfaces, sometimes uneven or soft. Unlike stilettos, you will not feel like you're about to topple when you step forward in a block heel. Shoes with these heels will make you feel safe.


Moreover, it won't get stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks, so it's best to wear it at special events outdoors. 


Then, of course, we can go on about how this footwear makes life better and more stylish and all the other reasons women flock to it, but the more important question is, do you own a pair? 


Spendless has a collection of the most gorgeous and comfortable styles, and narrowing down your choices can be challenging. But let's make the choice easier for you by showcasing the perfect pair of women's block heels. 


If you feel inclined, why don't you compare our brand with other brands out there. We're sure you'll love the quality of our shoes as well as our prices!


This season's styles will be the stars of the show and will make it into every woman's shoe closet. So if you're excited to discover which style it is, let's start! 


What are heeled loafers? 


If there's a shoe style known for being trans-seasonal that you can use all year, it's the minimalist loafer. While usually categorised under flats, a new style emerged where the favourite loafers got boosted with block heels. How cool is that?


Heeled loafers are a fresh take on the beloved shoe. Adding these pairs to your wardrobe will take your look from drab to fab, ensuring you're updated on the latest trend while having the most comfortable experience.


Loafers are a closet staple, the shoes that people get when they want to create their capsule wardrobe. 


Combining loafers and block heels increased the shoe's versatility to cover more events and occasions—from all-day-wear at the office to brunch, dining out with friends, and a formal occasion. 

How to style them 


Take a moment to look around you, and you'll notice that ladies are going about their usual activities wearing these. It's a fad that's both fashionable and functional. 


Loafer block heels are minimalist, but they know how to elevate your look. So, let's look at different ways you can use these gorgeous shoes. 


1. Go monochromatic 


If you don't like frills or excessive details, we recommend wearing block heels with an all-black ensemble. For example, put on a black sweater with cut-out details on the bell sleeves and black leather capri pants. 


Complete the look with black loafer block heels, rounded sunglasses, and a shoulder bag. 


Another option would be to wear black shoes with a black turtleneck sweater dress. Cinch the waist with a black belt and add dangling earrings for accessories. 


2. With a blazer 


Blazers and loafer block heels go together like cookies and milk. One combination worthy of attention is a beige blazer with a basic white t-shirt and ripped denim jeans. 


This brunch-worthy outfit looks so good when you put on your Spendless block heels. Of course, an alternative would be to replace the beige blazer with a navy one and put on mom jeans instead of ripped ones.


Step up the look by wearing a grey checked blazer over a black turtleneck mini dress. Use black socks with your loafer block heels to create the silhouette of ankle sock boots. Complete this chic outfit with a small crossbody bag. 


3. Look sleek in shorts 


To prove that heeled loafers are trans-seasonal, wear them with shorts for spring and summer. High-waisted or straight-leg denim shorts are the best. 


And since we want vibrant colours to wear during these sunny seasons, pair them with pastel dress shorts, a white t-shirt, and a denim jacket. 


Wearing socks with your loafers is more acceptable now, so add white ankle socks to the whole ensemble.


Wear a pair with leather shorts, a white shirt, and a cosy cardigan sweater when temperatures dip. Finish the look with statement jewellery anda small clutch from Spendless.


How to maintain and look after them


Keep your loafer block heels looking sharp and authentic. But, of course, caring for them depends on the material. 


For instance, a leather loafer should look as new as the day you got it. Clean your loafers with a brush and polish them after. Choose the polish with the closest colour to your shoes.


Treat your loafer block heels like all your other shoes—with care. Every time you get home and remove them, wipe them down of visible dirt and mud. 


Leaving them to dry can destroy the material. Instead, ensure you get to the hard-to-reach crevices.


Unpredictable weather can cause damage to your block heels if not addressed quickly. Rain, snow, or hail can get your shoes wet, which affects the material. 


We recommend using water and stain protection as an additional layer to shield your heels. It will keep the moisture from seeping through the material long enough for you to wipe it off. 


Also, leaving your shoes wet and moist is never good. Let them dry naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun and radiators. 


Hasten the drying process with the help of scrunched-up newspapers. Leave them inside the loafer block heels and let them absorb the moisture. 


Invest in a dedicated storage space for your heeled loafers. Don't put such beauty to waste. Leaving your footwear lying around, susceptible to floating dust, can destroy the material. 


Get a shoe closet or rack if you have ample floor or closet space. However, if space is an issue, get shoe bags to store your loafers behind the door. 


Get THE Block Heels of the Season from Spendless!


It's time to change everything up and add something new to your wardrobe rotation. Head to the nearest Spendless store or the online shop and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay later! 


Now's the best time to add heeled loafers—the season's block heels—to your closet.


Several considerations go into picking the perfect pair of footwear. First, you need pairs that can take you from the office to a night out on the town to a day of errands without breaking you down.


We provide a range of block heel styles to suit work or play. In addition, the larger surface area on the heel offers excellent stability and support for your foot, making the footwear suitable for all-day wear without the risk of pain or discomfort.


Our block heel shoes are available in a wide range of designs and colours, allowing you to choose the right tone to complement whatever you wear. We stock anything from nude to casual hues to accommodate any taste. In addition, we have a wide variety of styles, so you can pick the right pair to suit every event.


If you and your team are looking for a stylish yet functional pair of heels, look no further than our women's block heel collection. Check out our selection and purchase a pair that will suit you all day.