The Best Way to Get Your Child Loving Their School Shoes!

Shop at Everflex this season, and we’ll make sure your child loves their school shoes! Getting your kid excited about their uniform might seem like a challenge, but there are easy ways to improve their attitude towards their footwear.


Given how many hours your child will spend in school shoes every week, the last thing that you want is to send your kid into the classroom in a pair that they don’t like. You don’t want kids in uncomfortable school shoes either.


Instead, take advantage of our handy tips so that your child will always be happy with their footwear! 


  • Let your child pick out their school shoes! 



Browsing online for Everflex styles is incredibly easy, and, since you can shop from the comfort of your couch at any time of the day, getting your child involved in the process will be no stress. Before you give your child a look at our school shoes, we recommend that you browse through our styles yourself to see the options.


You can narrow down your search based on the size your child needs, your ideal price range, and any material or design preferences. Then, once you’ve shortlisted a handful of school shoes that fit the bill, you can get your child to give the deciding vote. Since your child has had the opportunity to choose the pair they like best, there should be no complaints about the style!


Offering kids the chance to choose is one easy way to ensure that students love the school shoes they wear from Monday to Friday. 


  • Safeguard your kids’ comfort with innersoles, heel grips, and gel cushions!



Before you start buying any accessories, you should know that Everflex school shoes get designed for long-lasting comfort from the get-go. Many of our most popular styles come with removable inserts anyway. However, there’s no reason why you can’t treat your children to school shoes with unwavering support and ease of wear.


Students have days filled with long lessons, lively lunchtimes, afternoon and morning activities, and lots of walking, standing, and sitting. Unlike adults, who can pick and choose their footwear to match their day, students depend on their school shoes to guide them through whatever the week throws at them.


As such, students deserve the cushioning, shock-absorbing, and strain-reducing features provided by our foot care inserts. Gel cushions and heel grips will fit any pair, and our full-length innersoles can get cut down to suit the smallest school shoes. Your child is sure to love the feel of their footwear when they have these accessories inside! 


  • Select durable school shoes with plenty of size options!



Here at Everflex, our synthetic school shoes are water-resistant and difficult to scuff, and our flexible leather versions won’t wear down for ages. So, don’t worry, because this last tip is a lot easier than it sounds! Once you’ve found a pair of school shoes that your child loves, the best thing you can do is stick with it.


If your child isn’t bored with the look of their current pair and they like the feel of it, then you’ve found the winning formula! All you’ll need to do to keep your child happy is get them a bigger size once they outgrow their set, and Everflex makes that a straightforward process.


Each of our school shoes has a large collection of sizes that they can keep pace with growing kids. The simplest way to find the same style is to search for the name; take note for the next order! 


Follow these three tips to keep your child feeling positive about their school shoes!


For more information (or a closer look at our school shoes), browse the Everflex website some more!