The Best Casual Shoe For Casual Fridays In The Office!

Who’s ready for it to be Friday already? Spendless has got the men’s casual shoes you need for the end of the week. 

Our top tip is to look for versatile men’s casual shoes!


After all, everyone loves going out on a Friday night, and being able to head out without having to swap into different men’s casual shoes will save you time. If Fridays in your office allow you to dress down, then take full advantage and wear what you want. Consider what activity or event you have planned once you’ve clocked off, and dress accordingly. 

Which men’s casual shoes do we recommend for chill Fridays in the office?


Our sneakers and trainers would be a fantastic pick for a laidback day on the job. Trendy trainers and sneakers in the Spendless collection are slimmer than our sportswear, and that makes them fashionable men’s casual shoes.


These are a natural pairing with your favourite jeans and t-shirt, so you won’t have to spend much time worrying over what to wear with them. Not to mention, the flexible and cosy soles on the base of sneaker-style men’s casual shoes will keep you comfortable all day long! Trainers are also trans-seasonal, so you can get away with wearing these at any point of the year. 


During the warmer months, we recommend men’s casual shoes with a boat-style aesthetic. The loafer-like shape, contrast stitching, and relaxed feel make them fitting footwear for the last day of the week. Pair boat-look men’s casual shoes with chino shorts and a collared shirt, and you’ll be ready for a dinner out with the family right after work. 

Do you want to pull off a heist?


Are you trying to sneak men’s casual shoes onto your feet under the guise of regular workwear? If so, then we’ve got some tips that might be beneficial for you. Now, listen up, because we’re going to help you get your men’s casual shoes into a strict office without a hitch!

Swap your regular pair out with boots! 


Are you leaving the office and heading straight to a dinner date, a get-together with your family, or a wild evening with your mates? Boots make excellent semi-formal styles, and they’re the men’s casual shoes to choose if you’re going to be outdoors.


After all, they offer the best protection for your feet, which will come in handy outdoors in the elements, inside of bars and clubs (where spilt drinks abound), and everywhere else.


Our lace-up and pull-on boots are extremely similar to typical work footwear, apart from the fact that they have higher-cut ankles. You could easily wear these men’s casual shoes under your usual suit or formal attire without causing any uproar. 

Woven-textured loafers are the way to go in the warmer months! 


Men’s casual shoes in this look should be able to creep past your office dress code. Firstly, they come in a similar shape to conventional footwear (especially ones with top laces), so they will pass at a glance. Secondly, these men’s casual shoes have enclosed toes, which means they should be welcome in most work settings.


Finally, the woven feature gives these styles a fun, modern feel, which should make you seem fashionable instead of underdressed. If you aren’t sure that you can pull these men’s casual shoes off in a semi-formal setting, then try to match the colours with your clothing. In summer or spring, this would work best with shorts or a fresh-ironed shirt in the same shade as your footwear. 

Have a look at men’s casual shoes for yourself! 


Drop-in at your local Spendless store and see our men’s casual shoes. Or, enjoy the freedom of online shopping when you jump onto our website!