The 2021 Guide To Mens Sneakers – Winter Edition

We’ll guide you to the best men’s sneakers of 2021! So are you ready to update your winter collection with a hot pair of training shoes? Spendless Shoes has a great range of designs for you to see and try this season. We know one of these mens shoes will catch your interest!


Kick Back With Our Trendiest Casual Shoes!


How would you like to have a new pair of mens footwear for your everyday wardrobe? Spendless has some trendy designs for you to see in 2021! For starters, you should know that you can wear casual men’s selected footwear during any season!


Regardless of what the title of this handy article might lead you to assume, our training shoes are one hundred per cent trans-seasonal. As such, you’ll get plenty of wear out of your men’s sneakers throughout the year, and it’s good to keep that in mind.


During winter and autumn, they’re an instant match with your warmest long-sleeve shirts and jeans. In spring and summer, mens shoes look great with t-shirts and shorts too.


There’s no need to stress out over what you can wear with shoes like these because almost everything in your wardrobe will suit them (so long as you style them right!). Our men’s sneakers are all lace-up styles, so you can loosen and tighten them as needed until you get your ideal fit, just like your favourite designer brands.


Did we mention that they come in different heights?


Most mens footwear at Spendless finish at the ankle, but we have some trendy high-top training shoes on offer too. Like our low sneakers, court sneaker, high-top sneakers and top sneakers. These high-cut men’s sneakers in black provide more protection from the elements, so they’re a popular choice for our customers in winter.

You Can Push Your Limits With A Sporty Pair!


Are you on the lookout for new training shoes? Every guy needs a pair of high-performance men’s sneakers in his collection. If your weekly routine includes running, activity trackers, sports, swift run, going to the gym, playing with your kids outside, or any kind of exercise, then training shoes should be on your shopping list.


Spendless has a fantastic collection of men’s sneakers.


These classic lace-up styles come with grooved tread, built-in arch support, mesh-like material for air circulation, and flexible soles for the ideal comfort. Like our casual mens shoes, these are lace-up designs so that you can adjust the fit to your liking with utter ease.


We have training shoes in heaps of different colours like sneakers in black or white, so you’re sure to feel spoiled for choice when you start searching through our online collection. But what about mens shoes for specific sports like football or soccer? Or for a home gym?


We have specially designed footy shoes with cleat spikes on the base for exactly that! So if you’re heading onto the soccer or football field this winter, then these wide fit mens footwear are a must-have! So which sporty styles do you need in your wardrobe?


Enjoy The Ease Of Wear With Classic Slip-on Men’s Sneakers!


Maybe you aren’t looking for shoes that can make a bold style statement this season. If that’s the case for you, we’ve got some timeless men’s selected footwear for you to try in 2021 too! Our classic slip-on styles are comfortable, durable, and reliable.


The elasticised material makes getting into these mens shoes oh-so-simple, and they’ll stretch to fit your unique foot shape too. So, it won’t matter if you need a narrow, average, or wide fit for your feet because our stretchy trainer will be able to accommodate you.


While the soles on these wide fit mens footwear are flexible, they’re thick enough to protect your feet from everyday hazards. During winter, you’ll be glad that these have decent tread on the base to stop you from slipping over on wet surfaces too!


Keep these mens shoes by your front or back door throughout the year, and you’ll have shoes that you can slide on whenever you need to go outside, into the shed, or off to run errands when you’re in a rush!

Do You Like Getting Outdoors, Even During Cold Weather?


If you love camping trips, scenic hikes, and pastimes that take you out of the cities and out in nature, then you’ll need some of our heavy-duty men’s selected footwear. These hiking shoes get made for the best endurance in difficult conditions.


With overseas trips off the cards this year and travel restrictions popping up in different states and territories, it’s only natural that more Aussies are planning holidays, family games and outdoor play in their backyards.


Whether you’re planning a camping trip with family or friends, family games, making outdoor play, a visit to a national park, a multi-day hike across your closest mountain range, or a road trip into the Outback, you’ll need wide fit men’s selected footwear that is up the challenge!


Of course, if you’re plotting to do any of that during winter, you’ll also need mens footwear that can deal with cold and wet weather forecasts. That’s why you should choose our durable mens footwear! These fantastic hiking shoes/running shoe have got you covered.


These men’s selected footwear are decently waterproof, thanks to the layered synthetic material. However, the mesh lining also provides plenty of airflows, so your feet shouldn’t get too hot, sweaty, or smelly inside your running shoe, even after a full day of wear.


Our robust mens shoes come with grooved tread, which can keep a grip on wet or muddy pathways, tracks covered in loose rocks or shale, and other tricky terrain types.


You’ll always feel sure of your footing!


Men’s sneakers in this design also come with padding at the ankles, so, in the unlikely event that you do stumble or lose your foot on a challenging track during outdoor play, your ankles have some extra cushioning and protection. Remember to pack these for your next outdoor play!


Are You Ready To Order Some New Men’s Sneakers?


Why don’t you quickly browse our online store and see what jumps out at you!


Spendless Shoes has a huge range of sizes available for mens shoes. Our collection of training shoes runs from wide fit, a size 6, to a size 14, so the smallest pairs in our range will fit young adults fresh from our boys’ collection. That was available in our size guides. 


Since each design comes in many sizes, and  everyone is sure to find a pair that is a wide fit! So, why wait? Find your dream mens footwear from Spendless today!