Summer School Shoes That Will Help Your Kids' Feet Breathe

At the start of the academic year, parents and guardians go through a fresh round of shopping sprees for apparel, backpacks, lunch boxes, and kids' school shoes. Summer classes can be torturous because of how hot the weather can be. Your child deserves a good pair of kids' school shoes that are comfortable and breathable so they can concentrate and focus on their classes.


Spendless Shoes has kids' school shoes that need more than just classroom shoes. They need high-quality, supportive footwear to withstand the playground, the school bus, and sports day. So get the variety they need from our most dependable brands Spendless.


For your kid's school shoes, we have a range of comfortable black school shoes and sports shoes for both girls and boys, featuring leather lace-ups and easy slip-on options. Children are always on the move at school, and our shoes offer great comfort and ankle support, but more importantly, they are built to last. So whether you're after primary school shoes or high school shoes, leather school shoes, or sports school shoes, we have you covered when it comes to black school shoes.


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We have a high volume of top brands of shoes available at the store. So trust us for your top online shopping and let our brands' shop be one of your top brands, for we have these strategic marketing communications for our customers. Our team at Spendless breaks down all our summer styles to get you started on your shopping journey.


Style 1 - Double Straps


The double strap style is available for girls and boys. However, children still learning to tie their laces will love this footwear the most. It combines comfortable and flexible sole trainers with the formal look of classic footwear.


Your child can run worry-free during recess and lunch because two touch-fastening straps keep the kids' school shoes in place. Warm summer days won't be a problem as this footwear has a breathable design and outstanding support.


Style 2 - Closed Toe and Half-Enclosed Sandals


The question in your head is likely, "Are sandals acceptable?" The best way to know the answer is to check with the learning facility for their dress code regulations. However, some accept sandals, especially during summer, because days are hot, and children become extra sweaty.


But they must wear socks with sandals. These closed-toe and half-enclosed sandals at Spendless are available for boys. The cutouts will allow air to enter so the feet can stay cool.


Breathability is critical during summer as boys can get sweaty, so there must be a way to escape. Despite the open cutouts, these kids' school shoes still protect them from hazardous foreign objects. In addition, the spongy innersole and excellent traction of these sandals provide a comfortable and supportive feel, ideal for playing outdoors during summer.


Style 3 - T-Bar


These Everflex kids' school shoes are available for girls. A popular choice for children with higher insteps, this footwear has two or more straps that form one or more T shapes.


These kids' schools' shoes tick several boxes beneficial to your child:


  • Flattering to the feet
  • Easy to wear
  • Gives incredible support
  • Cushioning provides optimum support and comfort for the ankle area.


We know how inviting warm sunny days can be. Your daughter can run and play outdoors without worrying because the buckle keeps the kids' school shoes in place. In addition, your child has the choice to loosen or tighten the kids' school shoes as desired, thanks to the adjustable buckles.


We recommend this style for young girls still in the process of learning to tie their laces.


Style 4 - Mary Janes


The open-top design of Mary Janes provides the perfect solution to warm summer days. These kids' school shoes provide maximum breathability for girls because the open top allows air to enter and moisture to go out. We recommend this style for girls looking for classic pairs.


You can add this to your wishlist. Then, go to our menu shop, Spendless shoes, and continue shopping with us. These kids' school shoes have been popular since they came out at the beginning of each academic year. Your child has the choice to loosen or tighten them, thanks to touch-fastening straps.


 In addition, the slightly padded sole provides the wearer with ultimate comfort as they go through the motions of summer school. No distractions like pain and discomfort to distract your child from their classes.


Style 5 - Sneakers


You will notice sneakers on the Spendless page dedicated to kids' school shoes. These pairs are perfect for sports and playtime, including PE classes. In addition, boys and girls can check out the different sneakers available.



These kids' school shoes from Spendless have padded soles that are easy on the feet and cushion impact during high-energy activities. The busy school day requires comfortable, durable, and supportive shoes to see students through any activity.


Avoid these Shopping Mistakes!


We've made a few common mistakes when purchasing kids' school shoes. And because we'd like to save you from them, the team at Spendless breaks them down for you.


1. Leaving Your Child Behind


The actual wearer should be with you when you go shopping for kids' school shoes. First, let your child have a say in the style of the footwear they will be wearing most days. Then, allow them to try the kids' school shoes to check if they fit well.


2. Buying the Wrong Fit


The second error is related to the first. When you get incorrectly sized kids' school shoes, the repercussions can be costly, not only monetary-wise. Aside from the cost of paying for a new pair, uncomfortable footwear can cause immediate pain and long-term issues that can manifest one day.


When your child is trying on kids' school shoes, check that the space between the longest toe and the tip of the footwear is a thumb's width. Then, you can work correctly and immediately on how easy to wear these casual shoes are. Learn more about your child's size at Spendless Australia through our size guide. All brands have sizes, even for babies and toddlers. Check our site!


3. Scheduling Your Shopping in the Morning


Even though you want to finish shopping for kids' school shoes as soon as possible, you must wait until the end of the day. Walking, running, and other activities lead to feet swelling throughout the day. We at Spendless advise you to purchase kids' school shoes when your child's feet are at their biggest so that the footwear can accommodate their growth.


4. Not bringing a pair of new socks during the fitting.


Have your child try on the kids' school shoes while wearing the socks they intend to wear with them. We suggest you purchase the socks beforehand. Then, get your child new pairs of socks from our socks and laces page. Use clear filters for different socks, laces, styles, sizes, and shapes. You can match this to any uniform and bag that suit your taste.


Doing this practice gives your child a trial run of how everything will fit together come the first day. Additionally, it will guarantee your child's comfort and lower the risk of the footwear uncomfortably pressing against the skin, leading to corn and blisters.


Make Summer Classes Comfortable for Your Child!


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