Stylish Winter Boot Trends For 2021

Unfortunately, cold feet are a fact of winter, so you can guarantee that there will be dark and wet early mornings, so make sure you are in the right shoes with winter! The low profile on sneakers and loafers will keep your ankles cold and will let the rain in, so regrettably, these shoes just won't cut in the worst of the season's weather. So, get organised and get in quickly for the cooler coming seasons and get yourself some men's boots to keep your feet warm this winter! 


Although with so many trendy styles, it will be hard to settle on just one! So why stop at just one pair? Get yourself a pair or two to keep you going all winter long in style!


Spendless Shoes' range of men's boots is versatile and stylish, and we are going to take you through some top winter trends for guys in 2021. 


Read on and find out what's missing in your winter wardrobe…




Lace-up men's boots are a popular trend for 2021. Its chic but edgy style makes them the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. 

What makes for great men's boots is versatility. 


This versatile shoe can be worn to the office with slim cuffed chinos, with a shirt and sweater combo for the ultimate work attire. Or, for weekend wear, opt to wear them with slim cuffed dark denim jeans paired with a tee and bomber jacket or heavy winter coat to keep the cold air out. 


These men's boots can be dressed up or down, don't be afraid to experiment with colours and textures to find the perfect shoe for you. These shoes can be found in popular winter tones like black and tan, so you will find it easier than you thought to pair these lace-up with your winter wardrobe. 




The classic pull-up men's boots are essential in any guy’s wardrobe. Again, these versatile shoes make them a great asset to any wardrobe. 


Like the lace-up styles, these men's boots are both great for work and weekend wear. If your workplace prefers more professional work attire, then these shoes will do the trick. Pull up styles look great when worn under dark slim work pants, tuck in a crisp shirt, and you are ready to roll! 


But unlike lace-up style, pull up men's boots boast a dressier exterior, meaning they can be worn with your dress pants. If you prefer not to wear dress shoes or loafers for the occasion, then these pull up men's boots will do the trick. And just like lace-up styles, pull up styles still look fantastic under slim-legged cuffed jeans or chinos with a relaxed shirt and blazer or winter coat. 


Team these men's boots up with basically anything in your wardrobe. Its versatile façade makes it all the easier to get the most out of these winter shoes.


Our pull-on styles offer supreme comfort with its seamless slip in fit. The stretchy side gussets also add a comfort level, allowing you to quickly slip on or off seamlessly. Simply slip into these shoes, and you are good to go! The shoe's timeless design comes in a stylish brushed or glossy leather-look fabric in blacks and browns' dark winter tones. You will be sure to find the perfect style for any occasion. 


Combat Style


The combat style men's boots are another timeless trend and have come and gone over the years, but for 2021 this trend is here to stay! This one is for the guys who give off a rough, edgy look and these military styles originally made for the battlefield is one for you. 


Spendless Shoes' combat styles are fueled with attitude. The heavy contrasting sole will keep your outfit looking edgy and cool. Its tall rough laced up exterior may be confronting at first glance, but it's laced up frontage looks great when worn like typical laced up men's boots. 


If worn properly, these men's boots don't need to look so harsh. Simply pair them with some slim cuffed dark denim, a tee and a bomber jacket for a neat yet undone look. Combat style men's boots will be sure to get you through the weekend in style! 


Spendless Shoes dress men's boots are all vegan friendly, so feel better wearing a cruelty-free pair of shoes! These shoes may be synthetic, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't long-wearing. Our men's boots are made well enough to keep you completely comfortable throughout the day. Our shoes are built for supreme comfort, and the cushioned soles will assist with this! 


So, with the cooler months rolling in quicker than ever, put away the summer loafers and crisp white sneakers and opt for some winter men's boots. Come into Spendless Shoes today and get yourself more than one pair to get you through winter. Get yourself a style for every occasion. 


Our pull up, lace-up, and combat styles will be on high rotation in every guy's wardrobe. At our always low prices, you'll be able to get yourself a few pairs for winter at extremely affordable prices. Why pay a lot extra for leather? Yes, they may be long lasting, but it also means you will be forced to make what feels like a life-long commitment.


Ready for this kind of commitment? Pick up a pair or two of our stylish men's boots at affordable prices, and don't feel bad replacing your boots in a few seasons when a new trend comes out.


We also offer flexible payment systems like Afterpay and Zip, so there are no excuses. You can afford those men's boots you've been eyeing off for a while now. Pay your new shoes off as quickly or slowly as you please and while you're at it, get yourself some new socks to keep your feet warm all winter long.


So, what are you waiting for? 


Get into Spendless Shoes quick to pick up your men's boots for winter.