Stylish, Suave Mens Shoes Appropriate For Any Occasion

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Who says sneakers can’t be trendy?


Spendless is known for supplying excellent activewear, but we’ve also got a superb selection of men’s casual shoes. These fashionable trainers have a slimmer shape and less padding in the soles, but they’ll still provide hours of enduring comfort. We think sneakers and men’s casual shoes like these are the ideal picks for busy days and weekends when you’re out-and-about. The trans-seasonal design of our trainers makes it easy to wear them at any point of the year.

You could pair your men’s casual shoes with shorts and a t-shirt one day, then take them out to dinner in dress pants and a buttoned shirt the next. These trainers also come in a trendy and modern colour range, including grey, green, navy, and similar tones. You won’t struggle to find a nice shirt, jacket, or blazer that can complement our men’s casual shoes. 


Look stylish with loafers!


Have you seen our woven-textured men’s casual shoes? If not, then you’re in for a treat! Our loafers have woven material along both sides and the top of the foot, making them instantly eye-catching. These men’s casual shoes come in two distinctive types: one is a lace-up look, and the other is a slide-on style.

If you prefer to have full control over the fit of your footwear, then the laced version will work best for you. Otherwise, you can enjoy the seamless fit of slide-in men’s casual shoes. Since the woven texture offers amazing air circulation, your feet will always feel great in our suave loafers! 


Relax with boat-style men’s casual shoes! 


With our boat styles on, guys can take it easy and look great while they do! Smooth material and bendy soles give men’s casual shoes in this collection a flexible and lightweight feel. Since these are synthetic, they’re alright to get wet. You won’t need to worry about straying close to the surf in summer or getting caught in a storm during winter.

The laces worked through the sides are a fun feature on these boat styles, as is the contrast stitching. Still, these interesting additions won’t clash with other parts of your outfit, so you can experiment with men’s casual shoes and put them with whatever outfits you want! During the warmer months, we recommend styling boat-look designs with chino shorts and collared shirts.

As for wearing these men’s casual shoes in the colder months, we think they look great with fitted pants, a dress shirt, and a jacket in the same colour. 


Our ankle boots are perfect for all occasions!


Don’t get into the mindset that these men’s casual shoes are only good for winter and autumn. While it’s true that the extra coverage from these boots is great for shielding feet from icy wind and water, they’re still fantastic during summer and spring. After all, you can bet that more of your events will get held outdoors in the warm weather. Having men’s casual shoes that can protect your feet from sunburn, prickly plants, and insects will be a boon.

Besides, what matters most is how you dress your boots. These men’s casual shoes can work as formalwear and everyday wear, depending on what sort of outfit you put on top, which means you’ll enjoy the best versatility. Put your lace-up or pull-on boots with jeans, and you’ll look ready to chill out and see your mates. Match those same men’s casual shoes with suit pants, and they’ll be ready for a black-tie event instantly! 



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