Style Tips for These Men's Casual Shoes

While the men's casual shoes from Spendless are a sight on their own, you still need to learn tricks and ways to showcase them even more. One wrong piece in your overall look can break it, so it's essential to look put together without trying too hard.


In styling yourself, you must be comfortable with your men's casual shoes and every piece of clothing you want. We're all about authenticity, and trust us, it shows. What good will a thought-out outfit be if you can't pull it off?


Spendless men's casual shoes are versatile, come in many colours, and can match what you currently have. So, you don't need to spend money overhauling your wardrobe. All you need to know is how to coordinate them.


Our team at Spendless searched for styling tips that will elevate your laid-back and dressy looks. We're bringing reinforcements to help determine what works with your casual shoes. So let's give it a go.


1. Men's Casual BOAT Shoes


Sometimes called deck shoes or topsiders, boat shoes will be your ultimate go-to footwear because of the thin, supportive sole and breathable material. Perfect for summer outings, this footwear will ensure safety onboard boats while standing on the deck.


As its name suggests, the initial intention for these was to keep sailors and boaters steady in response to the frequency of slips and falls. From then on, this footwear became an everyday staple in guys' closets.


Trips and outings are the perfect occasions to put these on, but you don't even have to be near bodies of water. But because their aesthetic will always go back to the nautical, it's safe to match it with pieces that remind you of beaches, lakes, and the sea. 


For example, check out the blue men's casual boat shoes at Spendless, which have a lace-up fastening around the back of the shoe.


Men's casual boat shoes look great with jeans, chinos, or shorts. This footwear is ideal for summer and spring gatherings—beach parties, backyard barbeques, and a trip to tropical islands. We must tackle the age-old question of socks and footwear. 


Never put on visible socks with them. Instead, get yourself someinvisible socks from Spendless. These will minimise rubbing and help you avoid having foul-smelling feet.


2. Lace-Up Ankle Boots


You will find lace-up ankle boots alongside other men's casual boots in the Spendless collection. These have laced uppers and a handy heel tab, which makes wearing them easier. The colours available are black and brown, so choose which one you like better.


But that's not the only thing that makes wearing this footwear easy. A functional side zipper zips you in, so you won't have the hassle of tying laces. Isn't that a treat?


These shoes' smooth and shiny finish makes them perfect for several occasions. Here are a few styling tips to improve your look when wearing ankle boots. First, wear them with most outfits that go well with your sneakers. For example, pair them with a white shirt, leggings, and overshirts.


Raise your refinement level by wearing ankle boots with a roll-neck sweater and black jeans layered with a double-breasted coat. Their versatility will also make them suitable for the workplace, so match them with a pair of chinos and a crisp button-down shirt.


We're adding some reminders for styling these shoes here. For starters, ensure your pants fall over the top of the ankle boots neatly to show a smooth silhouette. Second, avoid wearing these with baggy trousers. (Discover stylish desert boots for men in another article.)


3. Loafers


Spendless has unique casual shoes to add to your shoe closet. These slip-ons have woven detailing on the side and the upper, which will start conversations and small talk. Think of it as a cross between loafers and dress shoes that came out bearing the best features of each.


Since you can easily dress up or down loafers, they can be one of your staple wardrobe options. In addition, they're minimalist and easily adaptable, which makes them easy to style. Here are some options you can consider.


These can replace any other shoe while adding a dash of sophistication to the vibe. Match them with denim and khakis, and remember to go sockless or opt for invisible socks. Pair the trousers with a T-shirt or button-down shirt for a more sleek look.


Another favourite you can consider is the loafer and blazer combination. Add the blazer to either jeans and a T-shirt or button-downs. And if you want to go all-out, match these with suits!


4. Sneakers


Sneakers have always been synonymous with men's casual shoes. They are usually the first to come to mind for laidback and relaxed occasions. Spendless has two kinds of sneakers: slip-on and lace-up.


Whichever way you want is acceptable, as both have fashion and versatility and offer top-notch comfort. We recommend going for white lace-ups or brown canvas slip-ons. Styling these in-demand casual shoes is a breeze.


For everyday wear, pair sneakers with jeans, sweats, and joggers. Mix and match your tops depending on the weather, shirts for summer and spring, and hoodies for colder months.


Since these are usual travel companions, you can expect them to look great with everything you pack. Try pairing these with dressier clothes. We've seen grooms wear them on their wedding day! Yes, it's possible and acceptable to do that.


Love the Relaxed Style of This Spendless Range!


Boost your confidence and style with help from the collection at Spendless. Dare to compare our brand with the styles (including new styles) from Julius Marlow and Hush Puppies.


Head to the nearest Spendless store or the online shop to grab one! Consult the size guide if you need help converting US, UK, and EU (cm) sizes. Then, add any perfect pair of what we shared to your closet and copy the styling suggestions for a good lasting impression.