Sturdy Shoes For Your Child, Appropriate For Any School

Who’s ready to shop for some awesome kids’ school shoes? Come to Spendless and let us help you find the ideal pair for your child. We’ve got dozens of sturdy, durable, and get-looking kids’ school shoes for students in 2020. Do you want some more details?


Our classroom designs are classics! 


There’s no way our traditional kids’ school shoes won’t make it into the classroom. With their glossy black material, rounded toes, and smooth shape, Spendless’ top styles are timeless uniform footwear. Unless they happened to be dirty or left untied, the most unforgiving and stringent teachers couldn’t fault these kids’ school shoes. So, have a look for yourself! Older students can take home our lace-up or buckled pairs, while the touch-fastening sets are ideal for younger children. You’ll find that Spendless offers plenty of different sizes for kids’ school shoes too, so selecting the right pair for your child won’t be a timely process. 


Kids’ school shoes from Spendless get made to last! 


Don’t be fooled by the low price point; we take the quality of our styles as seriously as their affordability. We know that even the most responsible children can rough up kids’ school shoes, especially since they spend so much of their week with these styles on their feet.

To ensure that your children get the most wear out of their new kids’ school shoes, Spendless designs the majority to have synthetic material. Faux leather is less prone to ripping, scuffing or getting damaged by mud or water than genuine leather footwear. The most energetic students would struggle to wear out these fantastic kids’ school shoes. 


Our sneakers and trainers aim to please!


Are sporty kids’ school shoes on your shopping list this season? Let Spendless help you find the best designs for your children. We fit our activewear with the best non-slip grip, arch support, and breathable material so that they feel great and work flawlessly. Plus, we have an enormous range for you to browse through!

ome of our most popular kids’ school shoes from this section are sneakers with vibrant colours or fun cartoon images on the sides. Of course, we also understand that not every student will be allowed to have such colourful trainers.

Many dress codes exclude children from wearing some kids’ school shoes with their sports uniform, which is why we have black and white designs as well. These block-coloured sneakers have all the best attributes of our other activewear, but come in shades that will keep strict teachers happy too! 


Mary-Jane sandals are great kids’ school shoes for girls! 


Your daughter will adore these fashionable designs and their cute geometric cut-outs. Most of these designs come in a mix of leather and synthetic material, so your child will reap the benefits. Not only will your daughter’s Mary-Janes be cosy kids’ school shoes, but they’ll also be in for the long run!

You shouldn’t have a problem sending your daughter to class in Mary-Jane sandals. Despite the name, these kids’ school shoes have the same enclosed toes and basic shape of traditional designs. So, they shouldn’t be at odds with the dress code. And, since children can wear these with their uniform socks or stockings. There should be no complaints on that count either.

We’re confident that your child will be able to wear these fashionable kids’ school shoes, but be sure that you check their uniform rules anyway to be safe. 


Treat students to the best styles of 2020!


Shop for kids’ school shoes at Spendless and let your children enjoy the most excellent fit, feel, look and lifespan from their footwear. Plus, our low prices are sure to make the adults happy too!