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Our ankle-high men’s boots will keep you looking suave! 


You’ll find the most timeless and stylish designs here at Spendless Shoes. We’ve got two different types of men’s boots: pull-on and lace-up styles. Since you can dress these shoes up or down using different outfits, they perform well in casual and strict offices alike! Our black lace-up men’s boots are a fantastic alternative to regular dress shoes, so feel free to wear them in the office with your everyday suit or formal pants. Pull-on styles are slightly more casual, so grab a pair with a glossy finish if you want a set that can dress up for a formal office setting. Spendless is sure to have men’s boots that match your aesthetic. 


Spendless Shoes has styles for guys working from their home office too! 


Staying at home because of COVID-19? We’ve got the perfect men’s boots for you as well! Our tall slippers will keep you comfy all day long while you’re working from home. Are you a big believer in attending zoom meetings and video conferences with a shirt and tie on the top and your pyjamas or track pants on the bottom? Spendless’ cosy men’s boots are going to be a dream come true during your longest days in the at-home office. Soft and plush, Ugg boots and tall slippers from our collection will feel great on your feet. The faux fur and woolly lining of these men’s boots offer the best warmth and cosiness too. Of course, that’s not to say that they’re only good for wear on the couch and indoors! Our slippers are still men’s boots with sturdy soles, which means taking them outdoors would be no struggle. When you want to take advantage of working from home and treat yourself to all-day comfort, make sure you’ve got our slippers! 


We’ve got two great types of men’s boots for tradies! 


Are pull-on pairs your favourite type?

The appeal of these slid-on styles is obvious. Firstly, you’ve got stretchy side panels on the side which will ease the way for your feet and keep you comfortable for ages. The elasticized material on these men’s boots naturally adjusts to suit your foot shape, which is perfect if your feet swell up during a long shift. Grooved grip and thick soles will keep you moving steadily across rough surfaces and protect your feet from any hazards on the worksite. Even the pull tabs on the front and back of your pull-on men’s boots will make for a better fit experience. So, if you want more from your work pair in 2020, consider taking our slide-on styles home!


Lace-up men’s boots could be your go-to as well! 

Do you work in areas with lots of dust, debris, or little rocks? If so, you’ll be better off wearing lace-up men’s boots, because you can tighten them around the ankle and prevent that stuff from getting inside your shoes. Don’t worry about the material digging into your skin if you tie your shoes up tighter either; the ankle padding has got you covered! These hard-wearing men’s boots get made to endure tough conditions, so they’ll be ready to get to work through any weather event. The built-in shock-absorbing features will prevent muscle fatigue during demanding workdays, while slip-resistant soles support your balance expertly. 



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