Strong Reliable Shoes For Your Son

Is your son tough on his footwear? Spendless has boys’ school shoes that can take whatever your kids throw at them. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to replacing worn-out pairs, then we’re the shop to visit! Our durable boys’ school shoes get built to last. After all, we cater to students of all ages, and we know how rough kids can get with their footwear. Don’t tell your children to slow down; find boys’ school shoes that can keep up with them instead! We’ve got so many great styles that would work for your son in 2020. How about we take a look at your boys’ school shoes options together?


Good luck wearing out our classroom styles!


Spendless has been providing boys’ school shoes for over thirty years now, and we know a thing or two about how to get the best longevity out of them. That’s why we provide a whole host of synthetic styles and combination pairs! Leather boys’ school shoes are flexible, breathable, and feel great. However, that softer material is more susceptible to scuff marks, holes, and fabric splits. Our solution is to offer boys’ school shoes with a mix of leather and synthetic material to ensure that they’re strong enough for the most energetic students. These combination designs have better water-resistance than leather-only styles, are faster to clean, and won’t mark easily. And remember, we have fully-synthetic footwear that’s vegan-friendly, so keep that in mind too! 


Slip-resistant boys’ school shoes will work for your teenager! 


Teenage students have busier schedules than most, especially once they’re old enough to start their first casual or part-time jobs. That’s where our slip-resistant boys’ school shoes come into it! These padded, shock-absorbing, non-slip, extra-durable designs double as safety styles, so they work as well in the classroom as they do in the workplace. If your son works at a fast-food restaurant, café, retail store, cinema, or similar place, then these boys’ school shoes can double as their workwear. Plus, if he has to go straight from his last class or afternoon activity to a shift at work, then he won’t need to change into a new set of footwear! 


Spendless has the best boys’ school shoes for sporty students! 


Your kids need sneakers and trainers that can stand some abuse. If your son has PE classes, then he’ll be in these sporty boys’ school shoes once or twice a week, at least. Beyond that, he’ll probably also wear trainers off to morning or afternoon practices for club sports and games or competitions on the weekends. And, since sneakers are a handy pair for any physical activity, you can bet that your son will wear his trainers casually and during the holidays too, not solely as boys’ school shoes. Knowing that fact, it only makes sense to find the best and longest-lasting styles for your child. Here at Spendless, our trainers and active boys’ school shoes get outfitted with shock-absorbing soles, ankle padding, and grooved grip so they can offer the best performance during sporty activities. You can trust our trainers to take care of your kids, no matter what they get up to in their day! 


See our collection of boys’ school shoes for yourself! 


Don’t just take our word for it—snoop through our excellent designs this season and see what you think! Have a scroll through our collection online at your leisure, or take your son to your local Spendless store to try boys’ school shoes in person. Whether you look online or in-store, our helpful team will be happy to answer any question you have about our styles. So, what’s stopping you? Search Spendless for the best boys’ school shoes!