Start the School Year Right With New Kids’ School Shoes From Spendless

The right pair of kids’ school shoes can make all the difference in your child’s academic success. Believe it or not, the correct footwear can impact your child’s school year, affecting their concentration and performance. When your little one has kids’ school shoes that tick all the boxes, such as comfort, support, durability, and style, they will feel more motivated and enthusiastic about learning. They will confidently conquer their daily tasks and challenges in the classroom and the playground.


However, if their kids’ school shoes are uncomfortable or don’t fit right, they can get distracted, which can lower their performance. Besides, no parent wants their child to deal with foot pain when they should be focusing on learning and meeting friends. Your child needs a pair of new kids’ school shoes from Spendless to ensure they are confident and ready to take on anything thrown their way. 


Spendless understands that children deserve only the best options and has curated a collection that can transform their learning experience. Discover the one and how it can transform your child’s learning experience. Let’s get started!


Style 1—Pull-on Ankle Boots


Let your little one start the new academic year on the right foot with help from the pull-on ankle boots. These kids’ school shoes for boys are perfect for young students who are still mastering how to use fastenings. Thanks to the handy pull tabs, your child can slip into these stylish leather boots in seconds. Leather kids’ school shoes are durable against wear and tear and ensure that their feet are breathable and insulated, depending on their needs. With elastic side gussets that guarantee the boots fit any foot shape and keep them snugly in place, your child will love the comfortable fit and stylish design of their kids’ school shoes. In addition, the round toes and traction soles provide stability and breathing space to keep their feet well-supported the whole day.


Style 2—Mary Jane


Mary Jane kids’ school shoes have always been a staple in several young girls’ uniforms. Besides making your daughters look cute, Mary Jane boasts of breathability for the warm months brought on by its open-top design, which allows air to circulate and keep their feet fresh all day. Characterised by a round-toe shape and strap across the instep, these kids’ school shoes cling to their feet and offer unbeatable comfort as they play and explore. Additional features that make your child’s learning experience top-notch are padded soles and flexibility.


Style 3—Double Strap


The double-strapped kids’ school shoes for boys and girls at Spendless are every parent’s dream footwear for their child. With fastenings that hold the footwear securely, their child can participate in classroom activities or playground games safely. Touch-fastening straps are one of the most effortless closures, perfect for children because they only need to press the strips together to lock the kids’ school shoes. Besides security, this shoe option uses durable leather, making it perfect for active children who constantly expose their footwear to intense movements. Moreover, these kids’ school shoes feature gripped soles that ensure traction for their safety on various surfaces.


Style 4—T-Bar


Make this new school year the best for your daughter by getting them a pair of T-Bar kids’ school shoes. This ideal option for girls shares similar traits with Mary Janes, such as having a round shape, a strap over the instep, and an open-top design; the only difference is the T-strap over the instep. These kids’ school shoes also offer breathability from their open-top and laser geometric cut-outs. With grooved soles and a cute doll-shoe style, T-Bar kids’ school shoes can make learning more exciting and fun.


Style 5—Lace-ups


Nothing compares to the customisable fit that lace-ups offer. These kids’ school shoes for boys and girls give your child control over the fit and style of their footwear. From how they weave the laces through the eyelets to the tightness of the fit, your child can decide which one they prefer. These kids’ school shoes offer more advantages, making their new school year experience more comfortable and safer. The grooved soles, padded collars, and round shape ensure your child’s safety and comfort. Your child will not feel any chafing, nor will they slip and fall when they are wearing these kids’ school shoes. Just ensure they know how to tie their laces to maximise the benefits of this style option.


Style 6—Sneakers


Please remember to get your child a second pair of kids’ school shoes for the new academic year because they will join sports teams and have PE classes requiring different features. Because these activities will require intense and sweat-inducing movements, they must wear sneakers with features perfect for these situations. These kids’ school shoes have features like mesh materials that keep their feet well-ventilated, cushioning that absorbs impact, and grooves that keep them steady on various surfaces, whether soft, wet, or uneven.


Why Spendless?


When choosing kids’ school shoes, you want to ensure you get the best quality without breaking the bank. While several brands offer various options, Spendless stands out by curating premium styles at affordable prices. This way, you can guarantee that your child gets the best kid’s school shoes, regardless of your budget. Moreover, Spendless understands that the start of a new academic year can be expensive for parents. That’s why it offers flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase the kids’ school shoes now and pay in instalments later. It means you can take care of all your child’s school-related purchases without stressing about your budget.


And the convenience doesn’t stop there. Spendless has made shopping for kids’ school shoes more accessible and hassle-free with its online store. Busy parents can browse their kids’ school shoes from the comfort of their homes without worrying about finding the time to visit a physical store.


Our customer care team is available, working extended hours, to assist you with any enquiries you may have regarding footwear your child needs for back-to-school. It costs nothing to sign up for an account, and you can enjoy amazing rewards and take advantage of many benefits, such as a first-purchase discount. You can also receive updates regarding sales, new styles, and inventory levels.


With our clear filters and quick view option, you can browse our styles with ease. Soak up some warmth and durability in one of our many comfortable shoes. Because of how easy it is to use our menu, shop with confidence and avoid long checkout lines. This is how we quickly became one of the top online shopping destinations. A new pair will brighten your child's day, so go ahead and treat them today.


Start the Year Right with Spendless Kids’ School Shoes! 


Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab the best kids’ school shoes! Before checking out, be sure to include socks to complete their uniform. Continue shopping!