School Shoes Your Son Will Love!

Is your child ready for another term in the classroom? Spendless has some of the best (and most affordable) boys’ school shoes around! If your children need a new pair to wear with their uniform this season, then Spendless is the place to shop. Our traditional boys’ school shoes are favourites with students, parents, and teachers alike! On top of that, we also have a selection of excellent sports styles, so we can take care of kids who have PE classes and a whole heap of extracurricular activities too. We’re sure that your son will love boys’ school shoes from Spendless! But, if you need more convincing, then we’re happy to tell you what you need to know about our designs.


Traditional boys’ school shoes will suit students of all ages!

Conventional styles from Spendless come in black and glossy designs with supportive soles, rounded toes, and excellent grip. We have versions with touch-fastening straps for young children and lace-up boys’ school shoes for older children. As such, kids who get styles from Spendless can always get age-appropriate footwear that adjusts for their best comfort. 


Your son won’t have to worry about getting boys’ school shoes dirty!

Kids will be kids, and if your boys’ school shoes can’t handle a bit of water, dirt, mud, or mess, then they aren’t worth buying in the first place. Here at Spendless, we make our synthetic styles with easy cleaning and durability in mind. After all, your child’s singular set of boys’ school shoes are going to be the ones they wear the most during the year, and they should last until kids can outgrow them. That’s why we’ve gone to such lengths to provide your children with long-lasting designs. Grab our synthetic boys’ school shoes, and a quick wipe-down (or fresh coating of polish) will be all you need to have them looking like new again. Your son will love being able to play during lunch and recess without worrying about what happens if his footwear gets dirty.  


Our sneakers and trainers will always get an A+!

Sporty boys’ school shoes are a must-have, and Spendless has a huge assortment for students to try in 2020. First, there are our all-black and all-white trainers, which are a fantastic pick for kids with harsh dress codes. These boys’ school shoes have all the special features and built-in support that you could want from sporty styles but come in colours that will keep strict teachers happy. But, for kids with looser uniform rules, Spendless also has a huge range of brightly-coloured sneakers too! 


Your son will love sportswear that fits correctly!

When most parents go shopping for boys’ school shoes, their focus is going to be on classroom styles. However, sneakers and trainers are equally as important. Kids can get away with wearing everyday boys’ school shoes that are slightly too big (until you can correct the fit with innersoles) or too small (until you can get them a replacement). But, the same is not true for activewear! Trainer and sneakers must be the correct size and fit, because, otherwise, the built-in support and other features are all for naught. Your child won’t have adequate support or protection during fast-paced and high-impact activities like sports games if their boys’ school shoes don’t fit properly. So, ensure that you take the time and get it right! 


Does your child need new boys’ school shoes?

Spendless is the place to shop for boys’ school shoes! Visit your local Spendless store, and our friendly team will help you find the perfect pair! Otherwise, you can shop for boys’ school shoes at your leisure through our online store. We’ve got the best range for students and the lowest prices too!