School Shoes For Boys That Are Hard On Their Feet!

Do you struggle to find boys’ school shoes that can keep up with your child? The pair that you buy for your son’s uniform will need to last him until at least his next growth spurt. But, if your child is rough on his boys’ school shoes, then there’s a risk that they will wear out before then.


Little kids are full of energy and never want to stop moving, and they tend to wreck their footwear accidentally. Older students have demanding schedules, so they need something durable enough to keep pace with them. Luckily for you, Spendless has over thirty years of experience with boys’ school shoes, and we know what students need from their footwear! Shall we go through the top points together?

Look for boys’ school shoes made from synthetic material!


Here at Everflex, we have a mix of synthetic and leather styles. While leather boys’ school shoes have excellent air circulation and are soft on feet from the get-go, synthetic leather is far more durable. This sturdy material has excellent water resistance, which means wet and muddy conditions won’t leave lasting damage to your son’s pair. Since the material is slightly firmer and more sleek, synthetic boys’ school shoes are also harder to mark or tear than ones made with leather.


Also, the extra resistance from the material means that these styles are easy to clean. So, if your son comes home with dirty boys’ school shoes because he’s been running around on the football field or wasn’t paying attention to where he was walking, then it won’t take long to tidy them up again! 

Are you shopping for a teenager?


Our slip-resistant styles are the ideal choice for older boys’ school shoes. While they have the same basic look as a typical pair, these tough-wearing designs come with heaps of extra features. Along with the slip-resistant soles that gave them their name, these boys’ school shoes have additional shock-absorbing features, arch support, padding around the ankle, and commercial-grade outsoles. 


Students with extra-long days because of extra-curricular activities and commitments will reap the benefits of slip-resistant pairs at once! These boys’ school shoes can also double-up as work footwear for teens with their first jobs at fast-food restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, cinemas, and similar settings. No matter how demanding your son’s schedule is, these slip-resistant designs are up to the challenge. 

Are Spendless’ sneakers and trainers up to scratch?


You bet they are! When it comes to creating the best boys’ school shoes for sports, we don’t play around! Sneakers and trainers from Spendless come with excellent grip, which allows kids to move fast and change direction swiftly without losing their stability.


Since a lot of PE classes will get held outside on lawns or inside on slippery sports courts, so steady footing is crucial for boys’ school shoes! Like our classroom styles, trainers and sneakers come in synthetic material, which should prevent students from wearing them out quickly or ruining them outdoors while they play. After all, kids should stay focused on having fun and keeping fit, not worrying about how messy their boys’ school shoes are getting!

Get the most out of boys’ school shoes by using our accessories!


Spendless has a whole collection of foot care items and care accessories that will help keep your boys’ school shoes in top condition. Our Instant Shine Sponge is a no-mess cleaner and perfect for keeping the material shining. And, if your boys’ school shoes could use a bit of extra padding or cushioning because he has sensitive feet, then our innersoles would be perfect! 

These styles are up for anything!


Our boys’ school shoes are the ideal choice for students who are tough on their feet! Have a browse of the kids’ collection today