Our Top Picks of Kids' School Shoes of the Season

The countless styles of kids' school shoes on the market can send any frazzled parent into a frenzy. Imagine the stress of remembering various features to ensure your child's comfort, support, and stability. 


But it does not end there, as you must also help them pick styles that suit their taste and that their peers approve of.


Lucky for you, Spendless has a collection of kids' school shoes boys, and girls will approve of. The brand has provided quality academic footwear that ticks all the necessary features for many years. 


Spendless knows what your child needs, so it ensures that all the kids' school shoes adhere to them.


While all the styles available are top-notch, the team at Spendless would like to help you narrow them down by sharing our top picks of the season. We'll explain why these kids' school shoes deserve a spot in your child's shoe closet. Let's start!


For Boys


Spendless has several styles of kids' school shoes boys will appreciate. Some are exclusive, while others are unisex.


Pull-On Ankle Boots


Of all the styles, we recommend the pull-on ankle boots for your son. These kids' school shoes are effortless, mainly because they lack fastenings. 


Instead, the footwear has elastic side gussets or panels that expand to accommodate any foot shape. Once your child's foot is inside, the gussets revert to a snug fit.


Guys of all ages, from young boys to adult males, have a pair of boots in their closet because of their timelessness. Choosing these kids' school shoes has many benefits, and the top would be versatility. 


While boots are generally a winter style, they are transseasonal, and people can use them all year. The versatility of these kids' school shoes will allow your child to explore different occasions while staying protected and supported.


Apart from boots passing the uniform dress code requirements, they also match well with suits for weekend occasions. 


No wonder even adult males use a slightly more mature version of these kids' school shoes when they party or attend formal events. Why wait for them to get older to enjoy boots when they can start young?


Essential Features


These kids' school shoes offer various features to ensure your son remains comfortable, supported, and steady. The child will wear these boots for most of the week, so it's also critical that they stay durable against wear and tear. 


Let's look at the features of Benson, a Spendless pull-on ankle boot.


Pull tabs 


Pull tabs make it easier for your child to wear their school shoes. Devoid of fastenings, your child can pull the boots on and head out the door within seconds.


Leather material 


The material of kids' school shoes determines their durability. Leather is an excellent material, especially against the natural elements. With its breathable and insulation properties, your child can remain comfortable despite the changing weather. 


Breathability is essential during warmer days. It allows air to circulate, keeping their feet sweat-free all day. Insulation in kids' school shoes keeps the heat in longer, so your child remains warm during colder temperatures.


Ankle boots 


Boots cover the feet to the ankles, keeping your child warm and snug. Pebbles, stones, twigs, and other sharp things they can encounter outdoors cannot enter these kids' school shoes.


Side gussets 


As mentioned, elastic side gussets expand and retract to provide a comfortable fit. The kids' school shoes won't come flying off during gameplay.


Round toe design 


A roomy toe box will keep your child comfortable because it won't squeeze their toes. Most Spendless footwear has a rounded design so the toes can spread naturally.


For Girls


Spendless has several styles of kids' schools shoes available for girls. Some are exclusive, while others are unisex.


Mary Janes


These kids' school shoes for girls are a classic style that has stood the test of time. Different generations of girls have used this, and more will. 


Others call these kids' school shoes baby doll footwear, which is famous for their rounded-toe, open-top design, with a single strap across the in-step that holds them in place.


Girls of all ages will love this style because of its effortless wear, which involves pressing two nylon strips together. The single touch-fastening strap keeps the kids' school shoes on your daughter's feet, ensuring they won't come off accidentally.


Mary Janes are typically ideal for warmer months because of their open-top design, which allows for breathability. Air can enter and circulate, keeping moisture and sweat out. 


However, your daughter can still use these kids' school shoes during the winter with the help of tights. Tights and thick socks will add warmth to the open-top design.


Like the boots, Mary Janes are versatile, which your daughter can wear with dresses on weekends. She can attend playdates and parties wearing this style. Any kids' school shoes you can use on multiple occasions are a worthy investment.


Essential Features


These kids' school shoes offer various features to ensure your daughter remains comfortable, supported, and steady. 


The child will wear these boots for most of the week, so it's also critical that they stay durable against wear and tear. Let's look at the features of Lacey, a Spendless Mary Jane.


Touch-fastening strap 


Apart from securing the kids' school shoes, the single touch-fastening strap on your daughter's in-step provides adjustability for a comfortable fit. Your daughter can control how tight they will be.


Leather material


Leather can withstand the wear and tear of nature. Leather kids' school shoes are durable, so you can sleep at night knowing your child's footwear won't give in suddenly. 


Gripped soles 


Your active child can remain steady on her feet with the help of gripped soles, which provide traction. 


Stability is essential, especially with changing weather and a slippery floor. The kids' school shoes can support your child and provide stability while they participate in classroom and playground activities.


Round toe design 


Mary Janes are notable for having round toes to keep your child comfortable. Since these kids' school shoes do not squeeze their toes, they are safe from blisters and other foot deformities caused by constant rubbing. 


Give Your Child What They Deserve!


To find the right pair of shoes, you need to study and look at several styles from top brands like Skechers, Asics, Harrison, Clarks, Roc, and Nike. Everflex doesn't sell these names because our brand has all the features you need. 


We've got you covered, whether you want something that looks nice with their uniform, is durable, or is supportive.


Your child deserves only the best, so get them a pair of Spendless Kids' school shoes. Head to the nearest store or online shop to grab one!


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