Our Top Picks for Men’s Sneakers!

Sneakerheads across the globe are in top spirits because excellent styles keep coming out. Guys are going gaga over the constant new releases and willingly queue for hours to be one of the first to get their hands on the latest men’s sneakers. As if sacrificing their time wasn’t enough, some go the extra mile by paying for these expensive shoes. We understand the hype because they’re good, and the thrill of adding something new to the collection is incomparable.


But what about those guys who want to get equally excellent men’s running shoes without exceeding their budget? Are there options they can consider for their shoe collections?


The answer to that is a resounding yes. At Spendless, you can access an excellent variety of budget-friendly luxury. Spendless men’s sneakers can give designer brands a run for their money without the hefty price tag. If these shoes serve the same purpose of keeping you comfortable, elevating your fashion, and supporting your lifestyle, it’s a winner’s choice.


Spendless men's sneakers provide quality and cost a fraction of the price of top brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas Originals, New Balance, Nike, Vans, Asics, Puma, and Converse.


Please get to know our top picks for men’s footwear so that you can decide which one deserves a spot in your exclusive shoe closet. If you’re ready, let’s start!


High Tops


Every sneakerhead needs men’s high-top shoes in their closet. With the collar reaching just around or above the ankle, these shoes attract attention from a kilometre away. These shoes stand out and take centre stage, even with casual streetwear.


Initially, men’s high-top shoes were for basketball players, protecting them from ankle injuries. While basketball shoes changed over time, high-tops embarked on a different path and became part of streetwear fashion. The style’s popularity rose as more brands created unique types and versions.


Apart from their unique aesthetics, these men’s shoes provide comfort, making them ideal for active guys who need to be somewhere always. We highly recommend Arnold from the Spendless collection. These men’s high-top shoes come in two variants: black or green. However, if you want exclusivity, get the green one, as it’s an online-exclusive option.


Arnold possesses the typical features of a high top. These men’s shoes have a lace-up design, slim shape, and stylish contrasting stitches. Pair Arnold with skinny jeans and any shirt, and you’re ready to rock the streets!




White men’s shoes are an icon of guys’ fashion. They reign supreme in versatility, making them an optimal choice for all-day and night comfort. These men’s footwear can effortlessly transition from low-key to scene-stealer, depending on how you style them. Since most guys prefer to take as little prep time as possible, it’s comforting that every wardrobe item you have can match.


What draws guys to white men’s sneakers is their subtle elegance. You instantly elevate your look by wearing them, adding clean and modern vibes. Pair them with your joggers or sweatpants for those lazy days. But if you feel like boosting your dapper look, wear your white men’s sneakers with a modern, slim-cut suit in navy. Showing up on a special occasion in this ensemble will turn heads for all the right reasons.


While Spendless has notable white men’s sneakers, you should add Response to your shoe collection. This option remains timeless and offers ease of wear. Response takes seconds to wear as a slip-on, ideal for on-the-go guys who can’t be bothered with laces. It’s not an all-white shoe, which adds visual interest. 


In contrast, these men’s sneakers have stitch detailing on the upper and multiple elastic straps, which provide design and expandability so that you can wear these shoes quickly.




We all know guys love a good workout. Gym sessions are safer and more comfortable with trainers. These men’s sneakers are a priority when you love getting fit, especially around women. Exercises like jumping, running, burpees, and all other high-intensity movements can impact your feet. It would help if you had men’s sneakers that absorb the force, reducing it to protect your knees, joints, and other body parts. 


Besides the love for a good sweat session, guys love having trainers around because they can also use them for other purposes. 


These men’s sneakers are primarily for the gym but versatile enough for errands and casual gatherings. The best clothes to wear them with are athleisure outfits, joggers, and shorts. While visible socks are ideal for the gym, let’s leave them there. Use invisible socks for a cleaner look when using these men’s sneakers beyond the gym.


The collection of trainers at Spendless is a cut above the rest. Choose from five colours that match well with usual gym wear. You can wear black, blue, brown, grey, and white. The universe would look perfect in your shoe closet. These men’s sneakers feature treads for excellent traction, laces for adjustability, and attractive colours for style. What more can you ask for?




Who doesn’t love sports? The country comes alive when football games start. With the number of star players and football and soccer fans increasing daily, Spendless ensures it has men’s sneakers specific to sports. We don’t want our guys to get injured in the field, do we?


These men’s sports-specific sneakers ensure you can execute the moves that can be made in the game. Lateral movements, quick direction changes, and sudden stops can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper shoes. 


Men’s footwear for football or soccer has one feature that ensures you can do these movements safely: cleats or spikes. Cleats provide excellent grip on surfaces like grass, turf, or dirt. They ensure players remain stable during gameplay. Playing sports is fun until you get injured, so protect yourself with the proper men’s footwear.


Spendless only has one option in its collection: Tournament. The burst of orange in its design is an excellent contrast. You can liken it to the surge of energy you get when you run across the field and finally score that goal. Aside from the superb aesthetic, these men’s sneakers have breathable materials to keep your feet fresh despite hours of playing outdoors.


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