On-Trend Sneakers for Men at Spendless!

Several factors explain the rising popularity of men's sneakers. Of course, reasons such as versatility, style, and comfort are at the top. However, did you know that their status as a sign of athleticism was the real driver of their popularity?


With men's sneakers at Spendless, you are always one step ahead of the latest trend. Performance represents that additional level of motivation and achievement. Beloved classics and innovations came together under the umbrella of creativity.


Likewise, we offer Adidas Originals and Adidas men's sneakers made from leather, synthetic uppers, and textile uppers. Adidas brands—classic and trendy street and field sportswear. With sneaker collections like Sport Inspired, Originals, and Performance, you are constantly one step ahead of the latest trend.


These favourite brands, like Polo Ralph Lauren, New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Vans, Converse, Puma, etc., are iconic and have a wide range of running shoes from your favourite fitness brands, including limited edition collections and collaborations.


Look for streamlined silhouettes and minimalist designs. If you're after a comfortable yet classic choice for the office, opt for a leather lace-up design.


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They were the best footwear to play sports in, and from there, men's sneakers transcended to become fashionable objects of desire. Likewise, they have become a wardrobe staple for guys.


So, before you get a headache trying to figure out the best men's sneakers for you, allow our team at Spendless to give you a rundown of the available styles!


Style 1 - Skate/Casual


You can attribute the rising popularity of skate/casual men's sneakers to the pair's flat soles and huge tongue look. Because of this, the style's original audience of skaters grew to include anyone who liked how the shoes looked.


As a result, more men are becoming obsessed with this fashion essential and adding it to their rotation of outfits, as this style has become coveted across the globe.


Why do you think these shoes are on-trend? Let's look at their features to comprehend why almost everyone is going insane in their attempt to get their hands on a pair. Did you notice how the soles of these men's sneakers are thick and flat?


The purpose of the design is to make it easier for the intended target, the skaters, to feel the board beneath them. These men's sneakers also stand out for their large tongue, shielding skaters from harm while performing tricks. We suggest pairing your skate shoes with jeans and shorts.


You can choose from the four colours available at Spendless Shoes: black, brown, grey, and white. All these colours can match any outfit you feel like wearing from your closet.


Style 2 - The Minimalist White Shoes


A men's sneaker collection won't be complete without the presence of famous white men's sneakers. These shoes are on-trend because they make everything look fresh. Aside from that, white does not clash with anything.


Having a pair of white men's sneakers in your wardrobe guarantees you will never run out of anything to wear. These shoes go with anything, whatever the outfit or the event! The pair's versatility allows them to be casual one day and dressy the next.


Some even wear suits and these white shoes. Choose this pair of shoes if you can only buy one pair with your money. Spendless Shoes has four different white men's sneakers available.


You can take your pick from lace-ups, slip-ons, and even high-tops. The key is to keep them spotless and go for styles with a thin sole, little decoration, and an appearance unfitting for the gym. Want to learn a style hack?


Wear these men's sneakers with a polo, chinos, and preferably without socks. However, if you must wear socks, opt for the invisible ones. We have available pairs on the socks and laces page of Spendless Shoes.


Style 3 - Trainers


Anyone who has not seen or heard of trainers must live under a rock. These men's sneakers will never go out of style because men lead busy lifestyles and enjoy working out. When you do activities that require you to move from side to side, training shoes also help you keep your stability and balance.


They make an excellent cushion for your feet for jumping exercises. Given all the exercises we listed, these men's sneakers are the best choice for HIIT workouts at the gym. Whether black, blue, grey, or white, any of our four colours will fit your personality like a glove.


As a gym addict, your future self will thank you for investing in a pair of these men's sneakers from Spendless Shoes.


Here are additional tips when purchasing a pair of men's training sneakers:


  • It's crucial that your heel doesn't slip and that your toes have enough space to spread out.
  • Choose men's sneakers with padding to help support your arch.
  • Verify that the shoes have thick, wide outsoles that can hold your foot in place while you move


Style 4 - Sports Specific


Australians love sports! Do you know anyone who has not watched or played sports all their life? Spendless Shoes knows that hiking and football are two sports that Australian men love, so they have made shoes for those sports. No one can dispute the popularity of these two sports in the country.


So it's no surprise why these men's sneakers are on trend. Whether as a spectator or a participating athlete, you can buy a pair from Spendless Shoes. Given the physical demands of these sports, proper foot support is crucial.


Australia has a hiking group that goes out almost every week, and we encourage you to try it if you haven't. The beautiful outdoors always entices individuals to hike and be more active. But, of course, you must wear the appropriate men's sneakers to achieve such a feat.


We want to protect the health of your feet as you complete your 10,000 steps. So the second pair of sports-specific men's sneakers have cleats, so the players can sprint more quickly and maintain their balance.


Football requires swift direction changes, so buying these sports-specific men's sneakers is necessary.


Bad things can happen if you don't wear the right shoes, especially to your ankle and knee joints.


How to Care for Your Prized Pair of Shoes


Find a store and pick up your orders. You can follow us through our website.


Any sneakerhead will likely tell you how much effort (and money) they've invested in making sure their men's sneakers last longer than ordinary shoes.


Here are some quick actions you should take now and then.


  • For light cleaning, use soft towels and warm water.
  • Never soak men's sneakers in water.
  • Dry your shoes at room temperature.
  • Keep men's sneakers in a dry and cool place at all times.
  • Wash the laces with soapy water, then give them a thorough washing. Finally, hang them up to dry.
  • Use a brush and warm, soapy water to clean the insoles.


You Deserve Your Own On-Trend Men's Sneakers!


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