Top 4 Must Have Men’s Shoes This Year

Gentlemen, listen up. It is time that we talked about men’s shoes at Spendless. Specifically, the four styles you should be getting for your wardrobe this year. When it comes to men’s shoes, there are an awful lot of directions and takes to choose from, which is why we are going for a more encompassing take on some of our favourite men’s shoes.

1) Sneakers

These men’s shoes are perfect for flitting between casual and semi-formal. If you are a regular at the gym or love wearing comfy exercise gear on the weekends or out and about, then you will love sneaker and trainers from Spendless. Our recommendation this season is all-white, as they have maintained steady popularity in men’s shoes over the colder months, and should pick up even more during the warmer seasons. We also have lightweight men’s shoes with thick bases; these are going to be a reoccurring theme in a lot of sporty men’s shoes this year.

2) Woven

This year, men’s shoes seem to be looking for more exciting detailing and finishes. One significant look that has hit our men’s shoes at Spendless is in the loafer range. These men’s shoes come with woven, leather-look detailing on the uppers and the sides. With a burnished tan and beige colouring, they also have a youthful spirit and modern feel. Men’s shoes like these can switch from casual to formal with ease, so you can wear what you like and slide these on as an afterthought.

Stylistically, if you are looking to wear these in tan for a formal or semi-formal event, we recommend greys and blues. These shades provide a less aggressive contrast than black and tan would, expresses confidence, and puts a bit of a spin on classic formal wear.

3) Sandals

Every guy should have a good pair of sandals about the place. These are quintessential men’s shoes during the warmer weather and are effortless to slide on and off as you want. You can wear them down to the beach, out in the yard or shed, or down the shops. The best men’s shoes in our sandal range have sporty treads for traction and excellent grip on slippery surfaces, as well as a little water resistance.

When it comes to the styles, you get your pick of velcro or slides. Sandals and men’s shoes with velcro fastenings are excellent for keeping feet secure inside, and for adjusting the fit to better suit your foot. Slides or slip-on men’s shoes are perfect for a quick getaway, as well as for providing more air and breathability to your feet.

4) Pull-on boots

It may seem an odd choice for the top men’s shoes with summer right around the corner, but pull-on boots are still a big hit. Versatility is a big part of this. You can have your suave Chelsea boots for a day with the boys, a run to the shops, or out and about on the weekends. If you work in a reasonable casual setting, these are also great men’s shoes. The best of our pull-on styles have shiny finishes in black or tan, but dark brown is making a statement this summer too. Perfect for a guy who is often late in the morning, as you never need to struggle with laces or buckles, and the elastic side creates an instantly comfortable fit.

Which of the four will you be seeking out?

At Spendless, you can find the best men’s shoes this year for less. Shop for sneakers, woven styles, boots, and sandals when you visit us online or in one of our stores. Whether it is in person or over LiveChat, our friendly team is always ready to help you find the perfect pair.