Not Comfortable Wearing Heels? Sandals May Be The Perfect Solution!

High heels can always take your look to the next level. Still, that doesn’t mean that your sky-high stilettos and pumps are the only shoes for special occasions. Women’s sandals might not work the same wonders for your height as heels, but they’re still a gorgeous option, especially if comfort is a must for you. Let us help you pick out a new pair this season! Our women’s sandals come in all sorts of designs, from much-loved classics to 2020’s latest and greatest looks. Are you ready to get a look at our top trending styles? Here are the women’s sandals to add to your shopping list!

First, you should consider flatforms

Flatform women’s sandals are an excellent starting point for ladies who love the look of heels but prefer comfy shoes. Cushioned soles support your feet, providing hours of uninterrupted comfort. The platform base will give you a few centimetres of height, but since there’s no incline, you won’t get any aches or pains when your next party drags on for hours and hours. Some of our favourite women’s sandals this season come with slim bands across the top. While most have buckled ankle bands, others come in a stylish self-tie design. If your collection needs a fashion update, then flatforms are the women’s sandals to choose! 

Do you have any mules in your 2020 wardrobe?

Because if you don’t, you’ll want to remedy that situation pretty soon! Lucky for you, Spendless has plenty of mule-look women’s sandals for you to try out this year. These lovely peep-toe styles have the same fashionable vibe that they did when they were flats, and now they’ve even got a flattering platform base as well. The open-backed heels on mule women’s sandals will make your ankles and calves look slimmer. You can show that feature off best with shorts and jumpsuits or take advantage of the lack of an ankle band by wearing maxi-dresses and long skirts. Whichever way you chose to style your mule, these women’s sandals will be a stunning finishing touch to your ensemble. 

Self-tie shoes are fashionable and comfortable

Are you a fan of strappy lace-up heels? Well, we’ve got a gorgeous version of this favourite look this season, but now they’re women’s sandals! The faux suede material feels soft against your skin and will add a fashionable feel to any outfit. You can lace these women’s sandals high up your calves or low around your ankles, which means you can change them around until they fit your ensemble perfectly. Not to mention, you can alter the looseness or tightness of the ties. Self-tie women’s sandals will always fit well. 

What about something minimalistic? 

Less is more with these women’s sandals! If you aren’t searching for anything flashy, then give our toe-strap shoes a try. These sweet women’s sandals have a single strap over the big toe and a dainty band that loops around the back of your heel. Like the other shoes we’ve recommended, toe-strap flats are as cosy as they are stylish. Not to mention, since these women’s sandals come in black and tan versions, you should have no trouble pairing them up with your favourite ensembles in 2020. 

Have any of these designs taken your interest? 

What do you think of our flatforms, self-ties styles, and toe-strap women’s sandals? Any of these designs would be a great alternative to your classic heels this year. So, if you want to liven up your wardrobe, then a new pair of women’s sandals will do the trick easily! Hop across to the Spendless website and search through some of our top styles today. We’re sure that you’ll find something that takes your fancy, so come and have a browse