New Season Women’s Sandals You’ll Love!

Start the season off the right way with some brand new women’s sandals! Are you looking to update your collection? Spendless Shoes has got the perfect pair for you at the best possible price. We pride ourselves on offering customers the most affordable women’s sandals in the top designs of the season, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in our 2020 range. Do you want help to find something new?


To give you a better idea of what’s available at the moment, and get you inspired for your next shopping trip, we’ll talk you through some of our favourite women’s sandals this season. Get comfortable, because we’re getting started now!

Self-tie women’s sandals are a huge hit already!


Do you have a pair of these faux suede shoes on your shopping list? If not, then we recommend that you add them as soon as possible! What’s so wonderful about self-tie women’s sandals, you ask? Well, like most of our other styles, their flat soles offer steady comfort suited to long and busy days up on your feet. But, the long self-tie laces are the centrepiece of these women’s sandals.


You have full control over how high or low that you crisscross the laces, which means you can rework them until they match your outfit flawlessly. Also, you’re free to adjust how tightly you tie these women’s sandals, so you’ll never have to be uncomfortable while you’re wearing them. Honestly, why wouldn’t you want these gorgeous self-tie shoes? 

Get stylish with shiny décors like beads or diamantes! 


Are you looking for women’s sandals that you could wear to a fancy venue? Flats work better at outdoor parties, beach weddings, and similar settings than heels do, so it pays to have a dressy pair in your warm-weather wardrobe. This season, we recommend looking for women’s sandals with trendy beading or sparkling diamantes.


No matter how minimalist the style of your shoes is, these glittery embellishments guarantee that they will look good with your formal attire. Do you have a dressy event coming up in your 2020 calendar? Ditch your heels, and take our stunning, sparkly women’s sandals along instead!

Flatform shoes are the ones to try! 


We can’t resist recommending these thick-based women’s sandals. If you love shoes with a height boost but struggle to wear heels outdoors (or for long durations), then flatforms will be your idea of pure perfection! The flat platform base on these shoes will keep you standing tall, while also safeguarding your comfort for hours and hours. You can go all day and all night with these trendy flats on your feet. Plus, flatform women’s sandals come in heaps of versions, so you’re sure to find something you love! 

Enjoy our beautiful buckled women’s sandals!


Decorative buckles appear on countless styles at Spendless Shoes. We have stunning slides with oversized metallic buckles on top, which help make these casual women’s sandals glamorous enough for formal settings. But, do you want to know which are popular in 2020?


Some of our all-time favourites are Birkenstock-inspired women’s sandals with two trendy buckled top straps and cosy contoured innersoles. These classic slides come with more padding than your average flats, so they provide long-lasting support and great longevity too. Women’s sandals in this look are great for lunch dates by the beach, picnics out in the sunshine, and casual catch-ups with friends or family. Of course, you could also dress them up with a colourful summer dress or printed jumpsuit and wear them to a party! 

You’ll be spoiled for choice shopping at Spendless Shoes!


These women’s sandals were only the beginning! Visit us online or in-store to see the rest!