Need Flats? Follow Our Flats Buying Guide!

Do you feel like you are constantly under immense pressure to wear heels all the time? Not just events, but to work, to birthdays and other weekend events? We know the feeling! There is a whole lot of pressure on ladies constantly feeling the need to dress to impress! That’s why we are here to show you how you can wear women’s flats to events and still look just as dressed up as you did in your high heels. 


Follow our buying guide, and we will show you the perfect women’s flats for any occasion, and we promise you won’t be reaching for those high heels anytime soon! 


So, Where Do We Start? 


Let's start with your work shoes.


Work Shoes


If you have an office or corporate job where almost all the ladies are wearing heels. Well, don’t feel that kind of pressure anymore with Spendless Shoes’ women’s flats that will get you through the workday comfortably. 

Unless it's part of your work uniform, there usually isn’t any rule about having to wear heels into the office, so why follow the status quo? Take a look at our classy women’s flats, and we guarantee you won’t slip into another pair of high heels for the office ever again! 


Ballet Women’s Flats


Why not opt for a pair of classy ballet styles? These women’s flats are timeless and never seem to go out of style. These styles have recently had a facelift, although you can still find the classic round toe slip-on styles in store in a range of trendy colours and designs. 


However, since these shoes have been revamped, we guarantee you will be purchasing a pair in every style and colour! If you are looking for something a little different and dressier for the office, then stray away from classic round toe women’s flats and opt for a newer model! These newer styles encompass pointed toes (the perfect style for the office!), open designs, enclosed backs, delicate ankle straps or classic slingback styles and all with flat soles. 


Find your perfect pair for work. Choose from smooth leather-look fabrics in black, brown or nude shades, or trendy woven textures, hole punched details or stylish cut-outs. Spendless Shoes has the perfect fit for you! 


Lace-Up Loafers


Another classic work shoe that can usually be underrated is the lace-up loafer! These elegant lace-ups look fantastic when worn with your classy work attire. Pair the lace-ups with your slim leg work pants, skirts and dresses. Show off some ankles when showcasing these babies. They look fantastic with slim leg cropped pants and flowy blouses. Effortlessly dress up your tired work outfits with these women’s flats.

Like ballet styles, our lace-up loafers come in a range of styles that show off smooth, woven, hole punched or patterned textures and edgy cut-outs. Choose your favourite style that will keep you comfortable throughout the day and, of course, keep you looking trendy as ever, without heels! 


So That Covers Work Wear, So What About Weekend Styles? 


We’ve got you covered! 


With comfort in mind, we have the perfect women’s flats that will get you through your weekends! 




A pair of casual sneakers is the perfect weekend shoe! They are comfortable enough to get you through family catch-ups, grocery shopping, school sports and everything in between. They will also seamlessly take you to nights out and dressy brunches with the girls. How? You ask. We will show you some great ways to style these women’s flats with your dressier outfits that will make them dressy enough as a pair of heels! 


Our trendy sports-luxe sneakers make the perfect women’s flats for weekend wear. In a range of trendy colours like crisp white, pastel pink, black, tan and features like animal print, metallic and stripes, then you can’t go past a pair of Spendless Shoes' sneakers. These trendy women’s flats look great when paired with your jeans or drop crotch pants or cargos with tee’s and lightweight knits for laid-back weekends.


But don’t be afraid to take these sneakers to the next level and pair them with your dressier outfits for nights out. We recommend wearing these sports-luxe styles with tailored miniskirts or dresses or with flowy midi skirts or dresses, you can even pair these styles with tailored shorts, jumpsuits, wide-leg pants, cutoff jeans, and the list goes on! 


The options are endless! There are no rules when it comes to these women’s flats. Wear them however you like with whatever you like. 


Slip-On Loafers


These women’s flats are completely different from lace-up loafers. They are much more similar in style to a sports-luxe sneaker. The only difference is that these shoes are much more lightweight and open, and their slip-on features mean you can ditch the shoelace tying! 


These slip-on styles come in a range of colours, textures and fabrics and their easy slip-on designs mean you will have no trouble slipping these shoes on and heading out the door. Just like our sneakers, the simple nature of the shoe means you can pair these women’s flats with absolutely anything in your wardrobe.




These shoes need a little introduction! 


With the warm weather still lingering around in the autumn months, slides are the perfect women’s flats for weekend wearing. Another versatile style means you can slip these on with any outfit. Whether you have a casual barbeque or a Sunday afternoon engagement party, then these women’s flats are the perfect shoes! Instantly dress up any outfit with our slides without having to wear heels, bonus! These slip-on styles come in a range of colours and styles, so you will be sure to find the perfect pair for your next event.


Every girl needs a pair or two of slides in their wardrobes, and these babies make the perfect women’s flats! 


Now that we’ve covered a range of women’s flats and shown you several ways to style these shoes, we hope we’ve inspired you to ditch the heels. Style any outfit in comfort with a pair of women’s flats!

What Are You Waiting For?


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