Men's Sneakers that are Cool and Comfortable

If you want to update your shoe collection, you have come to the right place. Finding men's sneakers that are cool and comfortable is easy because you have Spendless. 


The brand has been providing different exciting styles that sneakerheads cannot wait to get their hands on.


While the entireSpendless men's sneakers catalogue is a must-have, let's focus on two styles that elevate your casual look. 


If you're tired of wearing the same old shoes when you go out on weekends or vacations, this is the perfect time to get acquainted with these sneakers. 


You'll feel a massive difference when you change some things in your wardrobe. We've all gone through days when opening our closets felt meh. It's like a never-ending routine you must live through, which can get boring. 


But by adding any of these two kinds of mens sneakers, you're changing the juju and transforming drab into fab.


Are you curious about which styles deserve a spot in your closet?


Let's hear it straight from the experts. The team from Spendless will shed light on this footwear, what it is, and how to style it. If you're ready, let's start!


Style 1 – High-Top


If you've never tried high-top sneakers, it's time you did now. Every sneakerhead on the planet probably has one or two pairs of these in their collection. 


From the name, you can conclude that these reach higher than the usual styles. The collar of these shoes goes a bit above the ankles, reducing the risk of ankle injury for the wearer.


High tops work because they make your feet pop by drawing attention to your ankle. These make your ankles appear smaller, especially if you tie them at the top.




High-tops are running shoes that came out decades ago for basketball players. Basketball requires a lot of pivots and direction changes that increase the risk of twisted ankles. 


From there, high tops evolved and altered the shoe landscape. Various brands like Nike, Reebok, Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas Men's Sneakers/Adidas Originals, Puma, Converse All-Star, New Balance, Vans, and Asics agreed and recognised the potential, especially when popularity and interest kept gaining momentum. 


Aside from protecting your ankles, these ankle boots provide coverage and warmth until the ankles. 


As such, these are an excellent alternative for winter, when you need to retain as much heat as possible. Moreover, they are comfortable. Current styles fall under the skate/casual category at Spendless. 


Spendless Product


Skateboarders also recognised the comfort and protection these shoes can give them while performing stunts and tricks, so these became a trend in skateboarding. Check out Arnold, the high-tops at Spendless. 


It has a lace-up slim shape and stylish contrasting stitches. These shoes are trendy, which your friends will appreciate when you wear them on a weekend outing.




In styling these, always remember never to tuck the end of your pants inside the shoes. Avoid baggy and loose clothes too, because they cover the high tops. These must remain visible, and rightfully so. 


Wear slim-fit jeans and a loose round-neck shirt when you wear these shoes. Ensure you're not covering the shoes by rolling the cuffs high, above the tongue of the shoes.


Style 2 – Slip-on


While the high-tops are stylish and provide a rugged vibe, some guys prefer sneakers that are lower maintenance. 


It means they want shoes that allow them to get up and go at a moment's notice. Tying laces is only for some, mainly because it takes time. 




We recommend slip-ons if you feel the same way. From the name, you slip your feet inside these shoes and head straight out the door. 


Devoid of any fastenings, there's no additional step required when wearing these. It is the reason why travellers love wearing slip-on shoes.


You'll relate to this significant point if you've been through airport security checks. Some airports require passengers to remove their shoes while going through X-rays. Wearing slip-ons makes this task a breeze. 


You'll be in and out of the line in a snap. Imagine the hassle if the airport had no nearby chairs and you had to tie laces under time pressure.


Slip-ons have been around for decades because guys recognise their benefits. Even if the materials and colours change, the benefits remain the same. Aside from ease of wear, these shoes do not take up luggage space or weight. 


So, you can take extra pairs on the trip with you, in various colours, without worrying about going over the weight limit. 


Spendless Product


Check out Response, a pair of slip-ons at Spendless that comes in black or white. Either colour elevates whatever outfit you have on. 


The versatility of these makes them appropriate for different occasions. Response features stitch detailing on the upper, along with multiple elastic straps. 


These straps serve two purposes: to add aesthetic appeal and to expand to accommodate any foot shape. 




Please remember that when you wear slip-on shoes, you must leave a space between the clothes and the footwear. 


You can fold the hem of your jeans or choose those that reach your ankles to keep them visible. Don't let them go to waste by hiding them under your pants. 


We mentioned versatility earlier and noted that you can wear slip-ons on formal occasions because they look amazing with suits. 


If you choose Response in white, you can pair them with a navy-blue or orange outfit for an outdoor wedding. On the one hand, choose black slip-ons you can wear to work!


Transform Your Closet with Spendless!


Elevate your wardrobe by adding these cool and comfortable men's sneakers. If you love laces, go for high tops; if you don't, choose slip-on shoes. 


Head to the nearest retailer or online shop app and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. 


Ensure your men's sneakers last longer by adding awater and stain protection spray before checking out!


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