Men's Sneakers Perfect for Summer

Summer is warm, sometimes gruelling, and you want a wardrobe that keeps you breezy and comfortable. Guys usually try to update their clothes and shoes with pieces that ensure they remain cosy and stylish. What's the first thing you get once summer kicks in? Does it include men's sneakers from Spendless?

The brand understands what guys need to keep them relaxed despite the heat. The Spendless collection is a delight for various sneakerheads because the options are exciting, something they cannot wait to add to their collection. The brand thought of highlighting men's sneakers that enable guys to continue their lifestyles, whether they're into sports, hiking, or the boy next door who loves to hang out with everyone.

Adding these men's sneakers to your collection will change how you spend your summer. Are you ready for a memorable season? If yes, let's start combing through various shoe styles, without which you won't have the best summer day.


Style 1—Mesh Slip-On


You usually prioritise lightweight and breezy during the summer because you don't want to exert too much effort on heavy shoes that make you work extra hard for every step—the less exertion, the better. Here's where you'll love a pair of mesh slip-on men's sneakers from Spendless. Mesh is a lightweight and breathable material that makes movement cosy and airy. Air circulation ensures your feet remain well-ventilated, keeping them dry, fresh, and sweat-free.

Besides these, you'd love a pair of these men's runners because of their ease of wear. You can slip your feet inside within seconds without laces or straps to fuss with. You can head out the door and go to your next stop hassle-free. These men's runners are perfect for spending hot days out because you can quickly jump in the shower when you get home.

Perform from the Spendless collection deserves a spot in your summer wardrobe. This footwear features a padded mesh material on the outer sole for maximum breathability, a thick sole on the bottom for added support and shock absorption to keep you cosy while doing your thing, and vegan-friendly materials that are durable against wear and tear and natural elements.


Style 2—High-Tops 


High-top men's sneakers have mixed reactions—some people love them, some don't, and some haven't decided. But before you pass on this exquisite style, hear us out. These shoes are transeasonal, making them ideal all year. Since high-top men's sneakers reach the ankle, guys love wearing them casually in winter for warmth and coverage. But despite their high reach, these shoes are also perfect for summer.

The versatility of this footwear enables it to match with most clothes. Pair them with cargo shorts and a loose shirt when it's hot outside. Complete this look with sunglasses. The in-demand skate shoe can effortlessly boost your style, making summer grocery runs feel like a runway show. The best part about these shoes is the customisable fit. You can loosen the laces to ensure air can circulate and keep your feet moisture-free. It saves you the hassle of dealing with odour and infection.

Check out Arnold from the Spendless collection. These high-top men's runners have a slim shape and stylish contrasting stitches for an excellent aesthetic. Choose Arnold and have a blast cruising around with the car windows down.


Style 3—Hiking


Hiking is a sport guys love, some even during wet and cold seasons. Whether on a trail in the summer or winter, you must wear the right men's sneakers. Hiking is a challenging activity that requires specific support, especially since your feet overexert to keep your balance and footing.

The sturdy outsoles of these shoes offer superior traction and grip on a wide range of surfaces, including smooth, uneven, and slick ones. It also protects your feet from sharp objects like rocks, roots, and other obstacles you might encounter along the way. More importantly, these shoes have incredible durability. Because they can withstand wear and tear, natural elements, and inclement weather, you can finish the hike safely without worrying that the shoe might break during the trip.

Lucas is an excellent option from the Spendless collection. These men's sneakers feature a robust, durable sole providing superior grip, a laced upper for a customisable fit, a padded material for shock absorption, and a thick back part to protect your feet from painful rubbing. Gear up for your next summer adventure with these excellent hiking shoes!


Caring for Your Men’s Sneakers


Your men's sneakers will take you everywhere, so they deserve some TLC. The best way to ensure your favourite footwear lasts until the following seasons (and years) is to provide the best care possible. Here are some necessary steps you should take:

  • Protect your shoes from the onset. Use the water and stain protection spray from Spendless to add an invisible layer that shields your shoes. Re-apply weekly.
  • Keep them dry. Sometimes, you take them to wet places, or there's a sudden change in weather, and you can't avoid exposing them to moisture. Dry them naturally, avoiding direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. 
  • Clean them immediately, especially the ones you use for hiking. Leaving the dirt to dry and cake on your shoes can ruin the material. A good wipe-down when you get home is best. Always ensure you reach the hard-to-reach places and crevices. As for loose dirt, you can knock your men's runners together and let them fall off.
  • Invest in a dedicated space for your men's runners. If your place has enough room, you can get a shoe closet or rack to house your shoes. Meanwhile, a shoe bag will suffice if space is a problem.


Boost Your Summer Style With Spendless!


Transform your summer experience with excellent men's sneakers from Spendless. There's nothing like keeping your feet airy and cosy against the heat. We offer amazing deals, which is a big plus. Affordable running shoes that can hold their own against popular but pricey brands like Nike, Adidas Originals, Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma, New Balance, Converse All-Star, and Adidas Men's Sneakers are part of our objective to equip runners with footwear.

Head to the nearest Spendless retailer or online store and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later.