Men's Sneakers Are Back In… Check Out These Best-Selling Styles

It's time to wear your gorgeous pair of Spendless men's sneakers and enter the world in style. Unsurprisingly, these shoes are the most sought-after by men, and the sneakerhead community is growing daily.


It's easy to see why men's runners are a primary choice. They are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. 


And since you deserve to get more than one pair of men's runners for your various needs, you should. Buying from Spendless will not break your budget because all the shoes are affordable.


More importantly, Spendless men's sneakers rank for their functionality—the various styles suit guys' typical activities, like errands, workouts, or even specific sports. Look at the best-selling styles that deserve a spot in your shoe closet.


1. White Low Top


The popularity of white low-top men's runners is continually rising. You'll find someone wearing a pair everywhere, and it's easy to see why. These men's runners offer a clean and timeless aesthetic that matches most of your wardrobe's clothes.


Versatility makes these shoes suitable for most occasions, with some grooms wearing them on their wedding day. Expect this footwear to make the rounds at your activities, from suits to jeans. 


Unlike other styles, white low-top shoes remain trendy throughout the year. You will see these shoes in all four seasons, whether with shorts or coats.


Henley is a white low-top shoe from Spendless that you should add to your daily wardrobe. These men's runners offer breathability for an all-day, sweat-free experience. 


Since Spendless aims for unparalleled comfort, Henley ensures a seamless experience for the wearer with its round-toe design, ankle padding, flat soles, and adjustable lace fit.


2. High Top


Protect your feet to your ankles with these popular street shoes, the high-top men's runners. These shoes are a standout from a kilometre away, thanks to their unique silhouette. 


Not only are these men's trainers stylish and attractive, but they also offer added support and protection for the ankles. If you're not much of a boot fan, you can always choose high-top shoes for more warmth and coverage during the winter.


Guys who choose these sneaks are likely into street fashion, popularised by skaters. The flat soles and oversized tongue ensure skaters do not fall from their skateboards. 


It's impressive to see how something that was once just a functional style for a specific group of people has grown in popularity and gained a bigger market. 


It's not just for skaters anymore - even non-skaters became fans of these high-top men's trainers.


Arnold is a Spendless high-top shoe that will match well with your skinny jeans and round-neck loose shirts. 


These tall men's trainers have a lace-up design, a slim shape, and trendy contrasting stitches. Wear them while hanging out with friends for a relaxed and casual vibe.


3. Football 


The popularity of football and soccer across the globe gave rise to more fans and avid players. 


Since this sport requires particular support, Spendless has sports-specific men's runners. This specialised footwear provides features that enhance performance and comfort in the field.


Cleats are the most common feature of these shoes because they maintain the player's stability while making quick movements, direction changes, and rapid acceleration on surfaces like turf and grass.


Tournament is Spendless' aptly named sports-specific men's trainers for football and soccer. Apart from the cleats, these shoes come with breathable material that keeps your feet fresh even when playing intense sports. 


Tournament combines fashion with function, with its bright burst of orange colour against black. Keep safe while having the best time during games with these men's trainers.


4. Hiking


Men's hiking sneakers are best-selling at Spendless because of the growing interest in taking long scenic walks, hikes, and bushwalks. With the country's lush locations, it is no surprise why more people are into this strenuous sport. 


Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you will need these sports-specific men's runners to ensure you get the comfort and support you need to get through the rugged terrain and potentially challenging conditions.


Hiking shoes support the arches of the feet and provide the ankle protection necessary to reduce ankle injuries. These men's trainers have gripped soles that offer soft and uneven ground traction.


More importantly, the robust materials ensure your feet are safe from sharp and hazardous elements you will encounter along the way, such as rocks, thorns, and twigs.


Spendless Border will challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone. 


These men's trainers will keep you safe and your feet stable thanks to extra padding around the ankle, sturdy soles, and a durable design. Ensure you're ready for your next adventure with Border on your feet!


5. Trainers


You need a pair of trainers in your shoe closet if you spend more time at the gym than at home. These men's sneakers have cushioning and arch support essential for absorbing high-intensity workouts' impact. 


You likely do jumps, squats, burpees, and other HIIT or CrossFit activities that can harm your feet if you do not wear the proper shoes. 


These men's sneaks absorb the shock and reduce the force that travels to your joints, preventing injuries to your knees, hips, and back.


You must replace your trainers every six months, even when there's no visible sign of wear and tear, as their performance diminishes with constant use. Investing in these men's sneakers is better than spending money on expensive treatment costs.


Please take Spendless Gridlock to the gym with you. These men's trainers have a customisable lace-up fit, excellent traction, and a comfy feel to ensure you remain protected while getting fit.


Get Your Hands on the Best-Selling Styles of Mens Sneakers at Spendless!


Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas men's sneakers, New Balance, Converse All-Star, Puma, Vans, Asics, Adidas Originals, and Nike are just a few of the top fusion brands in men's footwear—the Spendless collection, however, provides the best running shoes a man could want at a price that won't break the bank without sacrificing quality or comfort.


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