Men's Sneaker Trends That Aren't Going Anyway

Some shoes last only a season, while trends haven't gone away and aren't going anywhere! The growing sneakerhead community proves that men's sneakers are here to stay for a long time.


The question now is, which of the trends are you seeing?


New ones keep coming in, and you'll see long lines of guys trying to be the first to get their hands on them. It's understandable why people go gaga over sneakers, given that they are stylish, comfortable, and versatile.


An additional essential characteristic of Spendless Shoes' footwear is affordability. You don't need to lose money to get a good pair of men's sneakers. You require low-cost footwear! With our flexible payment systems, you can get a pair and pay for them later!


Our team will give you a rundown of the trends that aren't going anyway to help you with the daunting task of choosing one trend (or maybe two since they're all good). So, could you read on to discover which one's for you?


Style 1 - Skate/Casual


 Skate/casual shoes are one of the most popular sneakers that have never gone out of style and will never go out of style. Initially, the design was for skaters, so they could go skating safely.


You will notice the flat soles and oversized tongue of these sneakers, which serve a purpose for skaters. For instance, the flat soles help skaters feel the boards beneath their feet better. While skaters are doing tricks, the big tongue on these men's shoes keeps them from getting hurt.


But if that's the case, what's drawing non-skaters to this trend?


The aesthetic of both characteristics is attractive to sneakerheads. And they're comfortable, a top priority for anyone who buys sneakers. Affordability is also a plus when you buy from the trending styles at Spendless Shoes.


Style 2 - Trainers (Try our version similar to Adidas men's sneakers)


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical. However, while doing so, it's equally important to protect your feet, especially since some exercises require you to jump and do lateral movements.


Here's why you must invest in a pair of trainers: sneakers are ideal for maintaining stability and balance during strenuous activities. These shoes also provide excellent cushioning for your feet.


As long as workouts exist, these sneakers will continue trending and never go away. Spendless Shoes NZ has four colours—black, blue, grey, and white—to match all your activewear while doing HIIT!


There are specific characteristics you need to check when purchasing trainers:

  • Enough room for toes to spread
  • Check that there are thick and wide outsoles in your sneakers to secure your feet while you move from side to side.
  • Ensure your heel never slips when you wear these shoes.
  • Arch support must be available.


Style 3 - Sports Specific


What are two popular activities in Australia that merit sports-specific sneakers?


If you guessed hiking and football, you got it right! There is no denying the popularity of these two sports in the country! But the physical demands of these activities mean that you need  But the physical demands of these activities mean that you need the right foot support from these shoes made for sports.


Have you ever tried hiking?


The hiking shoes available at Spendless Shoes will protect you whether you're a pro or an amateur. This footwear has extra padding around the ankle, a rugged sole for better grip, and an overall sturdy design.


In addition, the pair comes in various colours, including grey, which is suitable for the hikes you plan on taking.


The second type of sports-specific shoes is for football players. These men's shoes come complete with cleats, which are important for players because they give them grip, support, and protection. With cleats, football players can change directions and cut quickly.


More importantly, this footwear is breathable. You wouldn't want to end up with sweaty and smelly feet after a rigorous game! Your fans won't miss you on the field because these football shoes come in orange, a striking colour suitable for all the shots you make!


Style 4 - The Minimalist White Shoes


There's something about the colour white that makes an item look pristine, don't you agree?


For instance, men's white sneakers are off the charts in popularity. Most, if not all, sneakerheads have a pair or two of these shoes because they can elevate any look.


Do you ever wake up thinking you don't know what to wear?


With a pair of these men's footwear, you will never run out of options! You can wear these anywhere you wish. Their unrivalled adaptability made them a must-have for any occasion, even formal ones!


We've seen brides and grooms wear them on their wedding days! So, from dressy to casual, expect a pair to attract attention. If you only need one pair, we recommend this trendy style that isn't going anywhere!


There are six men's white sneakers at Spendless Shoes—slip-on, lace-up, and a pair of high-tops! You must maintain what keeps them popular and trending—their freshness and cleanliness.


Our team at Spendless Shoes shares a few tips to keep them white.


The first is proper storage. Never leave your shoes lying around where dust can accumulate.


Make use of shoe bags, boxes, or closets.


Another essential tip is to apply for protection at the onset of the purchase. Spray-on protectors that shield them from stains, dirt, and liquids upon unboxing.


Keep Your Men's Sneakers in Top Shape


Men's shoes are an investment because one pair can take you anywhere you wish. So to keep these running shoes around longer than the average pair of shoes, here are some quick actions you can take once in a while.

  • Clean your shoes regularly with a damp cloth, a toothbrush, and a cleaner specifically for sneakers. Never use the washer!
  • Soak the laces in a bowl or sink to brighten them with the help of laundry detergent in water. Hang them to dry. Never use bleach.
  • Fight insole odour by wearing moisture-wicking socks and letting your shoes dry completely between uses.
  • Keep your running shoes in a cool, dry place.


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