Men's Casual Shoes You Can Wear from the Office to the Bar!

Are stressful days at work becoming more frequent, making you want to unwind at the bar afterwards?


Finding ways to relax after a long day's work is typical, but some guys worry about what they wear. Their usual concerns include their men's casual shoes and clothes, prompting them to go home and change. 


But once you get home, laziness keeps you from going out again. Don't let your shoes hinder you from having a few drinks with friends. Choose one from Spendless.


Spendless men's casual shoes have graced the closets of guys for years. The collection has various styles available in different, easy-to-match colours. 


While each kind of men's casual shoe caters to various occasions and lifestyles, not all are appropriate for the workplace or bars. These places have dress codes that require a specific kind of attire.


With the help of the team from Spendless, we'll highlight which one deserves to be in your shoe closet if you like to have some fun after work. Let's start so that you can unwind in style!


What are laced ankle boots?


While Spendless has several boots for guys, only the laced ankle boots made it to the brand's collection of casual shoes. 


The boots have a large tongue and six pairs of eyelets through which laces go. And while guys get turned off by tying laces, especially those that go to the ankles, Spendless has your back!


The brand wants you to have it easy, so these have a functional side zipper that secures you within seconds. Even if you had a late night at the bar, you would still make it in time for work the next day.


Moreover, these casual shoes have round toes, keeping your feet comfortable for hours. The relaxed style all day and most of the night won't affect your cosiness.


What are the features?


Add Patrol to your daily wardrobe. These Spendless laced ankle boots come in black or brown, which are appropriate for the office and the bar. It's effortless to pair casual shoes in black with any outfit because of their timelessness and class.


On the one hand, brown adds an earthy vibe to the look. Men can look professional and put together by wearing brown casual shoes, navy blue pants, and white collared long sleeves. 


As mentioned, the laced ankle boots come with a functional side zipper. As such, you only need to touch the laces when you want to adjust the fit of your casual shoes.


Patrol is a pair of laced ankle boots that uses synthetic or vegan-friendly materials, which are durable and can withstand the natural elements. There are several benefits to using vegan-friendly shoes. Here are some:


Cruelty-free. Vegan-friendly shoes do not harm any animal during production.


Environmentfriendly. Producing vegan-friendly footwear takes fewer steps and resources, leaving a minimal carbon footprint.


More affordable. The boots are more affordable since producing vegan-friendly men's shoes takes fewer steps and resources.


How are they suitable for work?


The laced ankle boots suit the office because they convey a professional and polished look. These men's shoes elevate a typical workplace wardrobe. 


Since these boots reach the ankle area, they provide better ankle support for extended periods on your feet. You can stand, walk, and rush to meetings all day without strain.


More importantly, they are transeasonal, meaning you can wear them to work during cold AND warm months. You don't have to buy new footwear each time because these are enough to suit the changing seasons.


How are they suitable for bars?


Guys go to bars to unwind and meet new people. Because these men's shoes from Spendless are top-tier in style, expect that you'll stand out from the crowd. You don't have to exert effort because people will flock to you.


These are incomparable in comfort. In bars, you're either sitting or moving around. With the Spendless boots, you can walk around the room and mingle confidently. 


And since these casual shoes are famous for their versatility, going straight to bars from the office is fine. You won't have to go out of your way to change into something different.


How to wear them?


After explaining why these shoes are best for the office and work, we'll share some tips on maximising the use of these laced boots.


  • Wear classic office attire consisting of a white button-down shirt and dark trousers.

  • Look sleek in these with grey pants, a striped button-down shirt, and a modern-fit black jacket.

  • Wear them with jeans or chinos and a collared shirt on dress-down Fridays.


How to care for them


Now that you've found the best casual shoes you can wear from the office to the bar, the next step is to ensure they last. 


Their longevity will depend on how good you are with their maintenance. Here are a couple of tips for maintaining your shoes:


  • Use water and stain protection spray at the onset. You must add a layer of protection to your casual shoes before wearing them for the first time. The spray prevents water and stains from seeping through the material. Please reapply weekly.

  • Maintain the shape of the boots with boot trees. Ensure you get the same height. However, if you have wine bottles at home, you can use those and scrunched-up newspapers as alternatives.

  • With possible exposure to wet weather, you must dry your shoes properly before storing them. Never put them near direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. Instead, leave your casual shoes to dry naturally. And add scrunched-up newspapers if you wish to hasten the process.

  • Storage is essential to keeping your boots from collecting dust. Invest in shoe cabinets or bags.


Make the Transition from Work to Play Easy with Spendless Men's Casual Shoes!


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