Men’s Casual Shoes That Are Perfect for Work and Play

What’s the most essential characteristic that you look for in a pair of casual men’s casual shoes?


Because men are creatures of habit, you’d likely answer with versatility or comfort. These two are essential if you want to find men’s casual footwear you can wear for all occasions, whether work or play.


Do you have a style in mind? If you’re trying to live a minimalist lifestyle with a capsule wardrobe to boot, it’s essential to find footwear that you can wear everywhere. These men’s casual shoes should match most, if not all, of your wardrobe, so you can keep everything simple and minimal.


Our team at Spendless is here to describe the different kinds of casual footwear that are perfect for work and play. We will also share a few styling tips for work and play, so you know how to mix your clothes and create new looks. So let’s give it a go, shall we?


Style 1—Slip-on Sneakers


Slip-on sneakers are one of the best styles of casual footwear to add to your wardrobe. This style is a chameleon because it can look laidback when you wear it for informal occasions, yet it also looks businesslike for days at work.


These casual shoes are the best for workdays when you're running late because wearing them takes a few seconds. Then, without fastenings, you slide your feet in, then head out the door!


Looking good is easy when wearing these stylish casual shoes, highlighting the smooth leather-look material. 


Please take a moment to notice the grooved grip of these casual shoes because they will keep you steady and stable when you rush between meetings or when walking around sightseeing.


To style slip-on sneakers for work, wear them with business trousers and a button-down shirt with a blazer for a professional yet relaxed look. Choose black casual shoes because the colour is closer to formal work footwear.


On the one hand, styling slip-on sneakers for play is easy. On the other hand, wear these casual shoes with denim jeans, a black cardigan, or a black round-neck shirt.


Style 2—Laced Ankle Boots


In building a capsule wardrobe, you need shoes ideal for all seasons, especially winter. 


Laced ankle boots will do the trick. These casual shoes provide coverage and warmth until the ankles. While boots are trendy during the colder months, wearing them in other parts of the year is still appropriate.


The lace fastening of these casual shoes provides the wearer with adjustability. However, some people get turned off by tying laces because of the time it adds to their routine. 


If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like laces on their men’s casual shoes, you’re in for a treat. The laced ankle boots have a functional side zipper that secures you in the footwear within seconds. You only need to touch the laces to tighten or loosen the fit.


You can wear the boots for work and play. Aside from the functional side zipper, these casual shoes have a smooth, shiny finish, which can pass off as formal office footwear. At the same time, these boots elevate a relaxed look, adding more points to your appeal.


Pair this casual footwear for work with trousers and a button-up shirt or sweater; it's better if you have slim-leg trousers. Layer on a coat when the weather (or air-conditioning) is cold.


Meanwhile, styling these casual footwear for play is easy because they pair well with anything. For example, a pair of jeans and a collared shirt will look good with boots. Complete the look with sunglasses.


Style 3—Boat Shoes


Men’s casual boat shoes have always been a curiosity. So how do you classify this range? Is it more laidback than formal?


The boat, which others call deck or topsiders, was initially for sailors and boatmen who needed stability when working on the slippery, wet deck. 


Over time, more guys have realised its appeal and have taken them from sea to land. But until now, these men’s shoes have remained popular for nautical or water-related activities.


The Spendless collection is incredible! First, choose the men’s footwear that calls out to you! Some of them have a smooth material, while others have mesh. 


This men’s casual footwear comes in laced or slip-on, but the common thing about them is the laces that wrap around the entire footwear—a trait unique to topsiders.


While the slip-on sneakers and boots can easily pass on any workday, the men’s casual boat shoes are best for laidback Fridays. 


But if your workplace isn’t strict with the dress code, you can wear them in various colours any day. These men’s pairs look their best when the entire footwear is on view, so wear them with tapered trousers, long-sleeved shirts, and a blazer.


As for play, they are best for nautical and water activities, so think cruise or yachting. Chino shorts with a striped t-shirt is the best nautical combo with these men’s footwear.


While guys usually wear the boat without any socks, we suggest you get a pair of invisible socks from Spendless and wear them. Doing this will protect your feet from direct rubbing with the footwear, which can irritate them.


Spice Up Your Closet with Help from Spendless!


If you aim to find a perfect pair of men’s casual shoes you can wear for most activities, choose any of the ones we mentioned. They’re sleek and easy to dress up or down, and you can wear them to work and play. 


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Australia uses a different shoe size system than the US, UK, and EU (cm). When buying shoes online or overseas, you may need a different size than you wear at home. 


Use our size chart to double-check conversions. Discover one in-store or online shop before you checkout your new casual shoes!