Men's Casual Shoes That Are Flying Off the Shelf!

Are you looking to upgrade your current wardrobe by adding a new pair of men's casual shoes? Because if you are, you came to the right place.Spendless has various men's casual shoe styles; the team can tell you which are flying off the shelf. 


So which of all these fabulous styles are guys flocking to? You'd see sneakers, slip-ons, and loafers among the range of choices and realise they all have a unique appeal. But only one relaxed style is flying off the shelf now.


More guys are adding this footwear to their collections because it's the one-style-fits-all shoe for the season. Are you dying to know which one?


Let's bring in the team from Spendless to enlighten everyone about the lace-up ankle boots and why they are currently popular.


Why are boots the best footwear for winter?


Winter is approaching, and more guys are preparing for its arrival. Of all the shoes at Spendless, the lace-up ankle boots can provide the most warmth and coverage during the cold months. 


Loafers, boat shoes, desert boots, and slip-ons are ideal casual shoes for the warmer months of spring and summer, which leaves us with the one style that will help you survive the cold.


Since we live in a country with four seasons, common sense should dictate that you need shoes capable of keeping your feet warm, dry, and planted on the ground as you navigate cold and wet conditions. 


These boots at Spendless are great for everyday winter wear, commuting, hanging out, and light outdoor use—other people know this too, hence why these new styles of shoes are flying off the shelf.


The question is, will you join the trend?


Should you join the trend like everyone else?


The answer to this question is a resounding yes. These ankle boots provide many features that feel like hitting the jackpot. Where else can you find footwear that gets the job done at an affordable price?


Sorting out your winter style means adding these stylish, comfortable, and versatile men's shoes to your wardrobe. We guarantee the boots will be the first fashion item you pull out of hiding at every opportunity.


How do you style the Spendless lace-up ankle boots?


Before discussing styling tips, let's check out these features first. The lace-ups from the collection come in black or brown. Wearing them is a breeze despite having laces because of the functional side zipper that zips you inside within seconds.


Use the heel tab found at the back of the shoes to assist you in wearing or taking them off quickly. The smooth, shiny finish will stand out against winter's grey and gloomy weather. 


At a time when people feel lazy to dress up or have no energy left to maintain their footwear lustre, your pair will look polished and well cared for.


Since Spendless only has brown or black lace-ups, which should you get? The debate over the two colours has been ongoing for a long time. But to make discussing these easier, we'll give you something to consider.


Check your closet, and if you wear a lot of colours, go for brown boots. These pop more, adding colour without going overboard. One benefit of choosing brown over black is that the lack of polish is less apparent.


Choose black casual shoes if you own several black and white outfits. Technically, black boots go with everything and are acceptable on dressier occasions. Their versatility allows these sleek casual shoes to go from the backyard to the boardroom when needed. 


However, a lack of shine is apparent and may affect people's impressions of you. So, ensure you set aside time to maintain these casual shoes.


Dressing in Spendless lace-ups is easy; wear jeans or chinos and a button-down shirt and top them with a blazer. 


Wear black and grey suits with your black casual shoes for something dressier. If you prefer navy blue or brown suits, wear brown ankle boots. Some additional styling tips to remember:


  • Ensure your pants fall just on top of the ankle boots neatly. If they are longer, fold them until you get the desired length.

  • Avoid wearing these casual shoes with baggy trousers.

  • Black boots are best for urban outfits, while brown gives more of a relaxed country vibe.


How do you care for boots in the winter?


Since these casual shoes from Spendless are vegan-friendly, we'll share tips for that kind of material.


  • Wipe your vegan-friendly ankle boots with a cloth dipped in a bowl of warm water and mild soap. Ensure you wipe all the parts.

  • Dry your casual shoes naturally, away from any direct heat source. Then, pat them dry with paper towels or a towel. Hasten the process by putting scrunched-up newspapers inside because they have excellent moisture absorption skills.

  • Store them properly in shoe cabinets or shoe bags. Please do not leave your casual shoes where dust can settle.

  • While in storage, maintain their shape. Invest in shoe trees with the same height as the boots. Maximising household items like wine bottles with scrunched-up newspapers will do the trick.


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