Men's Casual Shoes Perfect for Work and Play

Versatility is crucial when looking for a pair of men's casual shoes. Guys are more practical when they shop and want shoes that can go from one event to the next.


Why choose men's shoes with several uses?


Guys opt for footwear that will help them appear excellent in every situation, particularly at work and play, where they spend most of their time. So it would be fantastic if they could get their hands on these men's shoes capable of transforming looks without spending a lot of money or having to collect multiple pairs.


Hey, if you can live a minimalist life, do it!


So rather than spending your hard-earned money on numerous pairs for work and play, choose a few that you can use for both! Spendless has styles perfect for multiple occasions.


There is no need to bring an extra pair to change into because our footwear is stylish enough for both work and play. Also, our men's shoes are cheap, comfortable, and perfect for breakfast dates, work, dinners after work, and drinks late at night.


Given a choice, which two styles would you get and keep in your wardrobe rotation?


Please allow our team to give you a crash course on the men's casual shoes available at Spendless and how you can make them suitable for all your events.


Let's touch on the available colours, as this is an essential characteristic to consider. What do you like most among black, blue, brown, natural, tan, and white? All of these go well with most of your corporate wear. With a few changes to your outfit and footwear, and you're ready to party!


 Style 1 - Loafers


A laid-back workday is ideal for wearing loafers, which are lace-up cousins of boat shoes. Match these men's shoes with button-down shirts, trousers, and even suits!


Remove your coat, unbutton your collar, and you're all set for drinks with the guys. This men's footwear is recommended for spring and summer when your feet need more breathability to last through warmer days.


Another workday styling tip is to match these styles with chinos.


When talking about loafers, the question of whether or not men should wear socks with them always comes up.


While our usual answer is not to wear socks, some people prefer to wear them and not be in direct contact with footwear. These men's shoes have closed toes, which create a warm, dark, and damp environment ideal for bacterial growth.


The preference for wearing socks is more hygienic than fashionable. And that's okay because there are invisible socks you can wear with these men's footwear, which are available on Spendless' socks and laces page.


You get the best of both worlds!


 Style 2 - Boots


Boots are your men's casual shoes, ideal for colder days and seasons. The coverage of this footwear will protect your feet from getting wet and cold on rainy days and in the winter months.


No one can concentrate on work or have fun at parties with wet feet. So to avoid such an ugly scenario, get yourself a pair of boots!


These men's styles are for you if you want something versatile. Spendless offers ankle boots in a relaxed style. These boots cover the ankles or above, as implied by their name.


Look at these men's footwear, and you'll notice how they can look relaxed and professional simultaneously. Your sense of style will determine how they change from one to the other.


A styling option you can consider for a relaxed event with friends is to style these men's shoes with denim jeans and a sweater or a button-down shirt.


If the weather becomes colder, add a coat or scarf. Wear these men's fashions all year, especially in the winter when you need extra warmth.


They make you look good and provide your feet with the comfort, support, and stability necessary to get you through your scheduled work and play activities. In addition, the functional side zipper makes it easier for you to wear them.


What more can you ask?


 Style 3 - Slip-On


 Slip-on shoes are men's shoes that got their name from how easy they are to put on and take off. Guys gravitated toward this footwear because of its no-fuss ease of use.


Are they the perfect men's shoes when you are running late for work or an event? Without laces, you can put these on in less than 10 seconds. As we've already said, men's casual styles are versatile enough to be worn on various occasions.


Slip-on shoes are not an exception. However, because they provide less coverage than boots, they are perfect for work and play during warmer seasons like spring and summer.


They are breathable, light, and engineered for enhanced air circulation, allowing moisture to escape. Can you picture wearing this on a Friday to work, going out for drinks after work, and having a picnic on Saturday?


We did too. These inexpensive men's shoes will keep you comfortable during the warmer weather.


How to Care for Your Mens Casual Shoes


 Men's shoes from Spendless are durable and versatile. But, much like top brands like Hush Puppies, Wild Rhino, etc., they will only last for a while if you do not do your part in extending the footwear's life span. Unfortunately, it's rare to find a pair in this range that can get you through most of your activities, so make sure you care for those that can.


We made it easier for you by gathering the information you need to give your men's shoes the proper care.


  • Keep them away from dust. Men's shoes may lose their original colour and appear worn out because of dust collection. To keep your footwear looking new, you should regularly clean and polish it.
  • Prevent moisture buildup in your footwear. Bacteria that erode the material of your men's shoes might grow in moist environments.
  • Properly store them. Keep your men's shoes away from cardboard or plastic boxes because they impede airflow. Instead, we advise using breathable fabric-made totes.


 Make yourself work-and-play-ready without breaking the bank!


You can find a vast selection of new styles of functional men's shoes at Spendless! Choose the choice that best suits your lifestyle after weighing your possibilities.


Head to the Spendless online shop or the stockist nearest you. We're excited about how you can maximise this versatile pair of footwear!