Men's Casual Shoes Perfect for Weekend Catch-Ups

What do guys typically do in their free time during the weekends? 

Most likely, answers would fall into the following activities, in no particular order of preference: working out, sleeping in, doing chores, spending time with partners, visiting family, playing sports, and going on catch-ups. 


Though it's not always obvious, guys also fuss over what they should wear on specific occasions. But, of course, we all want to look our best, even if the event is not formal. Your best bet? Men's casual shoes


Men's casual shoes are easy to use on all occasions. From men's boat shoes to men's casual slip-on shoes, we offer contemporary designs, colours, and materials for the modern man on the move who's looking for the best men's casual shoes.


In addition, boat shoes and wild rhino both have a relaxed style. Finally, wearing a pair of men's casual shoes, whatever the occasion is, elevates your overall look. Whether you are wearing shorts, joggers, jeans, or trousers, your out-of-bed look improves about ten times when you throw a pair of men's casual shoes into the mix.


But the more important question is, do you currently own one? What if a pal, partner, or cousin calls you randomly and invites you for a catch-up over the weekend? Are you prepared fashion-wise to meet them?


Do not fret because our team at Spendless is here to give you a quick rundown of all our available men's casual shoe ideal for a weekend catch-up. Let's go! Visit the brand's shop for more new and relaxed styles to choose from.


Style 1 - Boat


Boat footwear is what you'd call an elusive trend that leaves people wondering about the correct way to wear them. Some would ask if they should wear socks with them. Others would ask if the only appropriate location to wear them is on boats.


You can choose various men's boat shoes colours, like brown, black, grey, and tan. So what are they? These men's casual shoes are nautical-inspired perfect for the summer and spring seasons. They go well with jeans, chinos, or shorts and matched with a white shirt.


Are you having drinks on a yacht, by the beach, or on a dock? If yes, then wear these men's casual shoes. Flaunt them, even! The collection at Spendless comes in colours that are easy to match. Please ditch the socks, but if you need to wear them, try one of our invisible socks found in our socks and laces section.


Style 2 - Boots


Laced ankle boots are the type of boots we provide in our selection of men's casual shoes at Spendless. These boots reach as high as or just a bit above the ankles from their name. We highly recommend that guys invest in a pair of these men's casual shoes because they should be a wardrobe staple.


Go to Bag Go to Checkout Men's Casual Shoes. Take your pick from boat shoes to desert boots, high tops, and lace-ups with our great selection of men's casual footwear. Wild rhino boots with lace-ups look stunning. You can style this for all occasions.


Are you hanging out with your friends at a bar or having brunch with your partner? If you said yes to either, this footwear should be your go-to. Match them with a pair of denim jeans and a button-down or sweater. Layer on a scarf or coat if the weather is a bit chilly.


Unlike the boat, these men's casual shoes are suitable for all seasons, especially during winter. Because they cover your feet until the ankles, you get the warmth and support to get you through the cold season.


At Spendless, we guarantee you will find a pair of men's casual shoes in your size. Yes! Because at Spendless they have a wide range of different sizes. New styles are coming to the brand's shop.


If you are unsure of your size, do check our size guide. Our sizing system goes by Australian standards. In addition, you can compare Spendless sizes with their US, UK, and EU counterparts to affirm the size that suits you best. 


Style 3 - High-Tops


Are you aiming for the classic vibe when you finally meet with friends you haven't seen for a long time? Because if you are, you might be interested in our men's casual shoes at Spendless. This footwear works well with jeans, making it a foolproof option for grabbing coffee or even a quick weekend wander.


If you are going on a brunch date, the best combination to impress your partner is wearing these men's casual shoes with beige or navy chinos paired with an untucked polo shirt. For a quick hang with the guys, we suggest pairing your high tops with baggy shorts and loose tees.


You may want to check out the white high-tops men's casual shoes at Spendless. The pair are a sight to behold and would be a great addition to your wardrobe. At Spendless, you can discover more styles in stores and online shops. 


Style 4 - Skate 


Men's skate casual shoes have grown in popularity over time. While skateboarders and punk rockers were the initial target demographics, they have since expanded and attracted a larger audience.


These men's casual shoes are a must-have item for every guy's closet. Skate shoes are comfortable to use for day-to-day work. The black colour can be worn for any occasion. Like any other sneakers, these brands also have many new styles. 


Now is the perfect time to invest if you have not got a pair of these shoes in your wardrobe. They are aesthetically attractive and lean towards the rugged style spectrum. In addition, guys love these men's casual shoes because of their flat, soft, and thick soles. 


The purpose of its design was for skaters to feel the boards under their feet. Take a closer look at the design, and you will notice that these men's casual shoes have oversized tongues to keep your feet from harm.


Are you ready to own a pair of men's casual shoes that go well with jeans or shorts for a chill catch-up on weekends? So what are you waiting for? Search our clear brand filters for more styles and lace.


We hear a resounding yes, so please get your men's casual shoes from Spendless. They are so affordable that you will not feel guilty about buying more than one pair.


Style 5 - Slip-On


One of Spendless' more stylish men's casual shoes is the slip-on. 

The name comes from the ease with which you wear this footwear. You can quickly slide them on and off because they do not have laces.


Are you running late for your catch-up? No problem, since you can quickly put your feet in and run. The versatility of these men's casual shoes provides you with more outfit options. You can match them with anything.


In addition, this footwear is lightweight, putting less strain on your feet.

Come on, you need each step to carry less weight, so you can walk faster and try to be on time for your catch-up.


The available pairs of these men's casual shoes at Spendless are charming and eye-catching. We suggest you grab a pair and go to your weekend catch-up prepared, stylish and comfortable. So you can ditch your old Hush Puppies pair and invest with those kicks. 


These types of brand shoes, like slip-on shoes, differ from any brands like Skechers and hush puppies. They are all comfortable shoes, but the materials used are different. You can use this for all occasions.


One Last Step!


Grab yours now! Visit the nearest store. Select and collect all these brands that you can use for all occasions. The price range is not too high. Shop our range of men's casual shoes today! It is more of the last reminder. 


So head to the online shop of Spendless or the stockist nearest you to grab a pair! We assure you that all our men's casual shoes, like the Wild Rhino, are the perfect choice for your meet-up! Add this to your wishlist and fill your empty cart with beautiful styles and lace.


Check it out and shop online! Clear filters allow you to view any style and easily find your favourite colours and brands. 


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