Men's Casual Shoes Don't Have to be Daggy. Check Out Our Smart Relaxed Style Options for Men!

Does your wardrobe need a seasonal refresh? If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place. Here at Spendless Shoes, we pride ourselves on offering males the perfect range of footwear that is sure to suit their style. Step up your fashion style with these men's casual shoes and shop until you drop with our wide range of kicks. Discover new styles to match your everyday outfit. These kicks have a relaxed style that makes you feel cozy and look confident.


You can never go wrong with a new pair of men's casual footwear right here with us. There is nothing better than getting your hands on a comfortable and stylish set of casual shoes for your everyday outfit. The best part about our range of kicks is that they do not have to be daggy. You will love our smart-casual options of men's shoes. We have various colours you can choose from, which come in brown, tan, grey, black, etc.


So if you are ready to level up your look, take a read below. Feel free to scan the product information below and add it to your wishlist. You will discover your new favourite set of men's casual footwear in no time! 


Style 1 – Boat


This style of boat shoes is a must-have for every guy's wardrobe. For those who love comfort over style, this one is for you. Get the best of both worlds with the casual look of men's footwear – the boat shoe! Now you might be wondering, why is it called a boat shoe? 


This style of men's casual footwear is similar to the general boat men's footwear, which features flat soles, easy to wear, and super comfortable features. Taking this into an everyday men's footwear look is why the boat style is so popular. These kicks or sports kicks are a definite must-have in every guy's shoe collection, so let us tell you why. 


This style of boat shoes is perfect to wear on an everyday basis or on your way to work, or it can get dressed up to suit a special event. In summer, this style of men's footwear pairs well with chino shorts and a button-up shirt. This style offers chill yet neat-dressy vibes. 


If you wear these during the cooler months of the year, discover a partner of long chino pants or loose jeans paired with a t-shirt, men's accessories and denim jacket or a coat with a long-sleeve jumper. The options are endless when wearing these boat shoes, but we love every outfit option. 


Generally, these feature a mesh detailing around the outer material, woven lace looped through the sides and made with a flexible sole for maximum comfort. You no longer have to search in other shops. Search everything you're looking for in these men's casual shoes!


Style 2 – Canvas


A pair of men's casual shoes can take your day-to-day look to the next level. That's right; we are talking about canvas shoes! So if you ever need a new set of kicks but want to ensure they are comfortable for a long day on your feet, try to reach for some canvas shoes. 


These kicks suit a laidback look or a more sophisticated outfit depending on the occasion. For example, if you are dressing for a laidback day with some men's accessories, then a pair of canvas shoes with some chinos and an oversized shirt or jumper will look perfect. 


This look can get styled with various colours and patterns on your canvas shoes, making them ideal for flaunting. On the other hand, if you have a more formal event to attend, you can get away with a set of kicks, and then canvas shoes will help you achieve that look. Every fashion style will surely match these men's casual kicks. This footwear are an overall great style, so rock the set you are wearing during the day and night!


Style 3 – High-tops


There is no better feeling than wearing a pair of men's casual shoes that can easily take you from morning until night. Our current favourite set of kicks is a set of high-tops. These sneakers are the perfect set of men's casual footwear because you can wear them every day. With high-tops sneakers, it instantly styles up your current outfit of the day.


High-top sneakers are popular in the world of fashion. Every guy needs a set of these kicks in their wardrobe as soon as possible. You will find that a set of high-tops can add a unique touch to your everyday attire. 


This footwear is sure to be the one that ties your look together. Whether you style these with some denim jeans or chino pants, we can trust that your outfit will be a ten out of ten. So take this as a sign to invest in one!  


Style 4 – Trainers


Do you love to put on a partner of comfortable kicks with your activewear? If you are nodding yes, you are in the right place. We have the perfect set of men's casual kicks that can take your workout to a new level. 


There is no better feeling than wearing a set of cozy and stylish kicks to your next gym workout. In addition, we recommend investing in a set of trainers for your activewear collection. This footwear style offers plenty of comfort and support for your feet throughout a workout. 


The best thing about this footwear is that they can get work outside of the gym. Your set of trainers will take you to a sweaty workout at the gym and straight to a local café straight after. You will love what these men's casual footwear can do for your next look. So take this as a sign to invest in one! We're sure you have found your favourites here.


Style 5 – Woven loafers 


Treat yourself to new casual footwear with our selection of woven loafers. These are the perfect set of kicks for every guy to have in his life. You will love how cozy and wearable these woven loafers are. These are the type of kicks that can get paired with just about every outfit. 


These kicks are perfect to put on during the warmer months of the year. In addition, you will find that woven loafers offer a unique design, with geometric cut-outs on the outer material. This feature will help you stand out from the crowd with these kicks on your feet. 


Woven loafers are super stylish and breathable, so you will love wearing these kicks all day and night. So, why not give TWISTER a try for your next go-to footwear. Trust us; you will love what this casual footwear can do for you.  Our brand's shop has offers for you that we know you will love.


Do our men's casual shoes tick all the right boxes?


If our range of footwear suits your style, then that is your sign to invest in a new pair of men's casual shoes ASAP. Our range of footwear is super comfortable and versatile for your everyday wear. Head to the Spendless Shoes website today to find out more!