Men's Casual Shoes Are a Staple for Any Winter Wardrobe!

Planning what to use during the winter involves clothes that provide warmth and coverage. You choose each item according to how they look, how they fit together, and their capacity to protect you from the freezing natural elements. 


So apart from the jackets, coats, and scarves, let's be smart and pick the men's casual shoes that best tick the requirements.


Based on warmth and coverage, the first style you must hide in the shoe closet is the gorgeous topsiders, or men's casual boat shoes, which are ideal for nautical activities and suitable for spring and summer.


What style remains?


Don't worry; other men's casual shoes in the Spendless collection can elevate your winter wardrobe (and temperature). Again, it would help if you had warmth and coverage, as well as durability that could withstand the wear and tear of winter. 


Get to know the different men's casual footwear that deserves a spot in your winter day collection rotation. 


With help from the Spendless team, you can get a briefer on each, including why they are best for the cold season and ways to achieve new styles with them. If you're ready, let's do it!


Why do you need the proper footwear for winter?


Before considering different footwear for your winter wardrobe, you need to understand the significance of the correct footwear, aside from looking stylish.


Your footwear can keep your feet warm, which keeps you healthy. There's a correlation between proper men's casual footwear and staying healthy. 


Warm feet keep your blood vessels open for better blood flow, protecting your immune system and boosting your energy.


Maintaining dry feet is critical for hygiene. Bacterial and fungal infections are possible if your men's casual footwear can't keep your feet dry. 


Not only will moisture weaken the material of your footwear, but it can also cause infections and foul smells on your feet.


Keeping you steady amidst safety concerns like icy pathways and wet sidewalks is a factor to consider. Men's casual footwear should provide the correct traction and grip to save you from slips and accidents.


Footwear with a firm structure, padding, and fastening is preferable during the winter to ensure you can do your usual stuff comfortably and safely. Men's casual pairs must exhibit characteristics beyond aesthetics. They should also protect you.


Style 1—Lace-up Ankle Boots


Boots are the most famous shoes during the winter because of their coverage and warmth. As mentioned earlier, the footwear must exhibit properties that will protect you from the natural elements. 


What will your stylish footwear be when you get sick?


Spendless offers lace-ups ankle boots in black and brown, colours embroiled in a long-standing debate. Which would you choose from the two?


Black footwear is perfect for all occasions as it matches different shades, meaning a wardrobe won't be a problem. You can use the boots to work or play without a glitch. Choosing brown will give you the same benefits; the only difference is the pop of colour.


Patrol is a smooth and shiny shoe with the following characteristics: a functional side zipper, a laced upper, and a handy heel tab. While there are lace fastenings, you will only touch them when you need to adjust the fit. 


The functional side zipper will secure you inside the footwear within seconds.


Here are some easy styling suggestions:


  • Wear your brown pair with navy chinos, a white long-sleeved button-down, and a camel overcoat—layer on a printed scarf to complete the look.

  • Wear denim jeans with your black pair to channel your inner winter fashion icon. Add a quilted bomber jacket and a beanie for warmth.


Style 2—Laced Sneakers


While sneakers provide less coverage than boots, these can still hold their own regarding winter fashion features. For instance, sneakers have fastenings and grip that keep you steady against icy pathways and sidewalks. 


You can always choose appropriate winter clothing and accessories to produce more warmth since your footwear cannot provide it. There's also the option to use thicker socks to warm your feet.


While Spendless has two kinds of sneakers available, keeping your slip-on sneakers hidden for now is best. Laces provide adjustability, allowing you to loosen and accommodate thicker socks or tighten them for more warmth and security. 


As mentioned earlier, padding, fastenings, and cushioned soles are essential in a pair of shoes for winter to keep your feet cosy. Spendless ticks all these boxes with its Nelson sneaker.


Nelson is a skate shoe with slight ankle padding and cushioned soles to ensure your feet remain comfortable in extreme weather conditions. These will absorb impact and protect your ankle from constant rubbing and stress.


The brown is a perfect pop amidst winter's dull, gloomy grey vibe. If this is the first time that you'll consider getting this colour, here are some styling tips to follow:


  • A pair of brown shoes and navy jeans, like cookies and milk, are indeed a perfect pair. Throw in an olive shearling jacket and beanie to keep warm. Always look your best, even when the weather outside is frightful.

  • Stay within the brown palette with outfits in different shades. Use a dark brown shearling jacket and light blue jeans with your brown sneakers from Spendless.


How do I care for my footwear this winter?


Since your footwear cares for you and ensures you stay safe, toasty, and stylish during the winter, you must reciprocate it. Here are some things to remember:


  • Always apply a fresh coat of water and stain protection sprayto keep dirt and fluids from seeping through the material of your shoes.

  • It holds them until you have the time to wipe them off. The use of this spray starts upon unboxing the footwear at home.

  • Keep them dry. Ensure you dry your footwear before storing it since you expose it to the natural elements.

  • As mentioned, moisture can ruin the material and cause infection. Dry your footwear naturally, away from direct heat sources. Hasten the drying process with the help of scrunched-up newspapers.

  • Store your men's casual shoes in closets or racks to prevent floating dust from settling on them.


Following these steps can ensure that your footwear will last longer.


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