Men's Casual Shoe Styles You Can't Go Wrong With!

Every guy needs some go-to footwear staples in his wardrobe, right? Well, at Spendless, we will show you some great key pieces that you will shortly discover that you cannot live without!


So read on, and we'll show you some great men's casual shoes that will take you through each season, and we guarantee you won't take another step again in the wrong footwear. 


So, what are you waiting for? 


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Looking for the perfect everyday men's casual shoes that will take you from day to night and every occasion? No problem, we will take you through some iconic men's casual shoes that you will fall in love with. 




Boots are perfect men's casual shoes for the cooler winter months. Our boots come in a range of styles and heights, so we are sure you will find the perfect fit just for you. Boots look great when paired with cuffed jeans or chinos. Add a shirt and sweater thrown on top for a flawless work look. But don't save this look for the office only. This look can seamlessly be taken to your local for after-work drinks and weekend dinners. Or for a dressier look, pair your boots with jeans, a shirt or sweater and a stylish winter coat. This outfit look is perfect for those chilly winter months! 


Our boots come in a range of colours and styles. Whether you are looking for lace-up or pull-on styles in leather or synthetic fabrics, we have the perfect men's casual shoes. Find your stylish pull-on work boots, going out lace-up boots, dress boots and rugged combat boots at Spendless.




Loafers are the perfect men's casual shoes. They are a style statement, and their versatility means they can be worn with anything any time of the year. Loafers will be your next favourite go-to footwear staple. Now, give our loafer styles a try, and we guarantee you won't wear any other styles in your wardrobe again! 


Like boots, loafers are very versatile, meaning they are a great staple for the office, weekend wear and even evening wear. Find a style that works best for you. Whether lace-up or slip-on, both have great stylish looks about them. Loafers look best when worn with cuffed or cropped chinos or dark jeans, but they're not limited to other things in your wardrobe. They also look fantastic with chino style shorts for the warmer months, and when paired with linen shirts, you have the perfect relaxed but smart look. 


Get yourself a cool woven style for something different, or keep up the tradition with a sleek leather or leather-look, that are vegan friendly! Our loafers come in the popular neutral tones of tans and blacks, so you can find the perfect shade for your outfit. 


Whether you are flashing some ankle or showing off your favourite printed socks, your new men's casual shoes will keep you looking trendy. So, the big question is, socks or no socks? 




Sporty styles are slowly creeping into our everyday wardrobes, and we love it! So why not embrace the sports luxe trend? Sports luxe is a magical mix of practicality and style, take an item that has an athletic purpose and add a fashionable twist. For example, throw on a trendy pair of crisp white sneakers with your jeans or chino shorts. Let's be honest, sneakers are the perfect example of men's casual shoes. 


We think every guy should have a pair or two of these men's casual shoes in their wardrobes. They are a true up-and-coming stylish footwear icon that just keeps getting better! 


What's great about wearing sneakers outside of the gym is comfort; these footwear staples are comfortable and look fantastic. However, you choose to wear them. Their streamlined design will take your outfit to new heights. We think crisp white styles work best when worn with cuffed or cropped jeans or chino shorts teamed up with your favoured tees and relaxed shirts. Perfect attire for weekend barbeques and winery visits! 


These men's casual shoes are a far cry from the daggy dad' sneans' look! Trust us when we say this trendy style has a big tick of approval from us that will have your typical jeans and tee ensembles going from dag to fab! 


Boat Styles


Boat styles make great men's casual shoes. They are very similar to loafers but give off a slightly more relaxed vibe. Unlike loafers, boat styles are perfect for the summer months. Worn without socks with your shorts and lightweight chinos and a relaxed linen shirt is perfect for weekends spent by the beach. But don't be fooled. These styles are just as versatile. Wear them with your chinos or jeans to work too. They're super comfortable and can effortlessly be worn all day. These men's casual shoes come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so we are sure you will find the perfect fit just for you. 


This classic relaxed footwear staple is another must-have in any guy's wardrobe! Add some fun to your weekend wear and add some colour with our boat styles, like sailor navy and warm tans. 


Men's casual shoes should be comfortable, effortless and easy to throw on with any outfit for any occasion. Our boat styles will do the trick, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair today! 


Our men's casual shoes are footwear staples that we guarantee you won't be able to live without. Our boots, sneakers, loafers and boat styles are fantastic year-round staples. You'll find that you won't need any other styles since they will be on high rotation. Do yourself a favour and get yourself down to Spendless to find your perfect fit. Why settle for the second best when you have super stylish footwear at the most affordable prices. 


Don't take another step in the wrong footwear again; find the best styles, trends, colours, textures and fabrics at Spendless.


We guarantee you will fall in love with our men's casual shoes!