Men’s Boots Perfect For All Occasions!

Grab any pair of men’s boots from Spendless Shoes, and you’ll be able to style them however you like! Put your pair under a t-shirt and your favourite jeans to create a relaxed vibe. Dress up your men’s boots with formal pants and a collared shirt, or your best suit. Versatility is the name of the game here. 

They’re the perfect pair for the colder months

Did we mention that men’s boots are a great winter (or autumn) alternative to your typical casual and formal shoes too? Are you tired of traditional dress shoes? Swap out your go-to event set for some of our sophisticated laced styles. Are you getting sick of wearing sneaker and trainers every weekend? Well, men’s boots are just as comfortable and will protect your feet even better from the elements. No wonder guys are choosing to wear these more often during spring and summer too!

What sort of shades does Spendless have for you?

Black and tan are the most common colours for men’s boots, and we have them in spades. After all, these two shades complement other colours effortlessly, which means you never need to worry about whether your shoes match your clothes. Of course, there are scenarios where you might want to pick men’s boots in one colour instead of the other. For instance, if you’re worried about dressing too casually, then go with your glossy black ones, which look the most like traditional dress shoes. Similarly, you select your tan men’s boots to avoid overdressing at a casual get-together. No wardrobe could be complete without both a black and tan pair. So, be sure that your men’s boots cover all of your bases in 2020! 

What are the foremost designs available at Spendless?


  • Lace-up styles 


Men’s boots with laced uppers are the dressiest in our collection since they resemble classic formal shoes the most. At Spendless, we try to make getting into a pair as convenient as possible for our customers, which is why many of our laced styles have zippers on the side. You can slide these men’s boots on, zip them up quickly, and then lace your pair for the best comfort. We highly recommend wearing your lace-up pair for weddings, parties, work functions, and other special events. 


  • Pull-on men’s boots


You’ll love the side panels on these shoes! Since the side gussets get made with elastic, pull-on men’s boots can stretch to suit any foot shape with utter ease. Do you have broad feet that often cause you to have fitting issues? Well, those problems will be an inconvenience of the past when you choose stretchy men’s boots this year instead. Do you hate having to wriggle and yank on your shoes? Slide-on designs are perfect for guys who prefer shoes that can transition smoothly and quickly onto their feet. Pull-on men’s boots are a bit less formal than our laced designs, but you can still dress them up with the right formal attire.


  • Work-ready designs


We won’t spend a lot of time going over these styles, but you should know that Spendless Shoes has excellent safety shoes. If your workplace has steel-capped men’s boots as a requirement, then you should take a look at our safety range. These hard-wearing shoes will keep your feet safe around heavy machinery and other hazards around your worksite. 

Which of these three men’s boots appeals the most to you?

Get a closer look at these styles and the rest of the range in-store or online. Spendless Shoes has an excellent array of men’s boots, and we’re sure something will catch your eye. You won’t have to stress about our affordable styles blowing your budget, so, treat yourself!