Men’s Boots Just in Time for Winter

Time flies so fast that we are once again nearing the season when we must hide our summer clothes and bring out the thick ones for warmth. So we say hello again to clothes and men’s boots that will keep us cosy and toasty in the following months. Are you ready for the season?


Check your closet to see if your clothes still fit and if your shoes are in good condition because freezing in the cold is no laughing matter. But, again, preparation is critical, and you must ensure you have a capable pair of boots to save you from chills and wet weather.


Are there cracks? Do the soles still provide traction?


If you need to replace your boots, our team at Spendless Shoes will gladly help you determine which is best for you. You can wear these shoes on some of the coldest days of the year and still run errands, work, and attend a special event or a more formal occasion.


Eleven products await you in the pull-on, lace-up, combat, work, and rain categories! The team will describe the characteristics of each type of Spendless men’s boots to help you choose. So if you’re ready, let’s start!


Style 1—Pull-On (Chelsea Boots)


Are you looking for boots that won’t take forever to put on?


Pull-on ankle boots are ideal for guys who are always on the go and need footwear that is not a hassle to wear. The elastic side gussets of these shoes make them easy to put on because they stretch to fit your feet as you slide them inside. Spendless Shoes has this style in black and brown, either of which will be an excellent addition to your closet.


Spendless has a pull-on style in brown burnished leather, ideal for less formal events. Mix these classic Chelsea boots with chinos, button-down shirts, or slim-fit jeans with a basic round-neck shirt.


If your taste favours a glossy look, ideal for formal events, there’s a pull-on style for you. Look dapper in suits while wearing these black boots.


Who says you can’t attend special events in the winter because it’s too cold?


Spendless Shoes' men’s boots will ensure your life won’t change even when the seasons do. Wear this style to keep you warm and dry.


Style 2—Lace-Up Boots


Some guys think twice before getting lace-up ankle boots, but Spendless Shoes has a trick up its sleeve. These boots have a functional side zipper that makes them a breeze. This fastening takes away the extra seconds you will spend on tying laces.


These boots in black or brown will enhance your look. Winter demands layering, so here are some shoe styling ideas. Trousers, vests, and turtlenecks look best with these shoes. When it gets colder, wear a trench coat.


Seek additional warmth from your boots by tightening the laces, a simple step that brings extra comfort and protection.


Style 3—Combat


Are you looking to add character to your winter wardrobe by purchasing a pair of men's combat boots?


These shoes also have laces, going through more eyelets than the lace-up style. But that should not be a cause for concern because these boots also have a functional side zipper that makes wearing them easy.


This rugged black shoe has a sole in a contrasting colour, which adds to its character. Wear these boots during the winter with a dark colour palette and heavy-duty fabrics like leather and denim. Accessorise and complete the look with a crossbody bag and a beret hat!


The men’s combat boots come in sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Sizes vary just as favourite fusion brands like Julius Marlow, Hush Puppies, and Wild Rhino, so ensure you get the right Spendless size and check with the handy size guide.


Style 4—Work


These boots have long transcended their original purpose as protective work gear. Though it still serves its original purpose, the workplace is no longer the only location where one can find it.


These shoes are black and tan, ideal for slim-fit jeans and layering with your winter garments. In addition, their materials will provide the warmth and protection you need for winter.


For instance, the padded collar of these boots will provide support and comfort for your ankles, which work correctly to keep you upright and steady on wet surfaces. In addition, the shock-absorbing sole will protect your feet from the strain of walking through snow or hail. 


And more importantly, the steel-capped toes of these boots are essential for protecting your toes from sharp objects because you never know when you’ll slip on wet surfaces and hit things that can maim you.


Style 5—Rain


Get a pair of men’s rain boots to prepare you for the winter season. These classic tall rain shoes cover more skin, keeping you dry and warm beyond your ankles. 


In addition, these boots have treads on the soles, providing traction to keep you steady and stable as you go about your day. 


This wear-and-go shoe has no fastening but will work correctly as it stays on your foot. In addition, it is sturdy enough to protect you from anything winter throws at you.


Protect Your Men’s Boots This Winter


While these shoes do their best to protect you during the winter, please return the favour by taking a few simple steps to ensure they will last the whole season.


  • Before using your shoes, use a protectant spray to boost them. You also have the option to bring new ones to the cobbler and request waterproofing and conditioning.
  • Upon reaching home, immediately wipe your boots with a damp cloth to remove salt stains that can degrade the material. Then, mix equal parts of water and vinegar for further treatment.
  • Scrunch newspapers into balls and put them inside your wet boots because they absorb well and can hasten the drying.


Winter-proof Your Feet with Shoes from Spendless, Not a Brands Shop!


It's better to be safe (and stylish) than sorry! So invest in boots from Spendless Shoes to keep you safe and dry during the cold months. 


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