Make Shopping for Kids School Shoes a Breeze… Come to Spendless!

As we dawn at the beginning of a new year, we imagine the list for your children's expenses is endless! At Spendless, we have taken the stress out of kids’ school shoe shopping, and you will be able to scratch this one off your list in no time. We're here to help make that transition back into the early morning routines as smooth as possible!


Spendless Shoes lets you take the stress out of shopping for your kid's school shoes. Just jjump on our website and check out our approved kids' school shoes approved by Aussie institutions. Go online and see if your child's school has made their kids' school shoe approval and take the stress out of choosing the right shoes for your children.


Do you have more than one child?


We know how daunting it is to get multiple children to the shops. We’ve got the solution to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. You order everything else online, so why not the kids' school shoes? Our easy to navigate website will be a breeze for you to find exactly what you are looking for. You can quickly search by gender, size, colour, price and brand.


We know for sure you will find exactly what you are looking for in our kids' school shoe range. We have so many styles to suit children of different ages.



  • Fastening Straps



It's enough of a challenge to get everyone ready quickly in the mornings, so take the hassle out of tying laces each morning! Why not try our touch-fastening straps and we promise they will be your best friend! These touch-fastening straps are gold; it allows your little ones to fasten the straps independently without mum and dad – AMAZING! 


You can find the touch-fastening straps on the Mary-Jane sandals, sneakers and your typical kids' school shoes.


If you're new to the classroom this year, these touch-fastening straps will be a lifesaver, and not to mention time saver.



  • Lace-Ups



Lace-ups are perfect for older children; they are also one of the most popular kids' school shoes. Find your ideal fit at Spendless, we have a range of styles, whether you're looking for the typical leather or synthetic kids school shoes. Why not try a more versatile style?


Our kids' school shoes have a flexible sole of a trainer but the formal look of classic kids’ school shoes. These styles are hard-wearing but are disguised as a classroom classic, that's genius! Let's be honest, children are rough! They run, kick, play, dance, sit, hop, skip and jump all in one day, so they need something hardwearing to upstand their active lifestyles.



  • Sandals



Sandals are the perfect solution for those hot summer days; they will keep your little one's feet cool all day long and not to mention, look adorable on their tiny feet!


The most common sandal in our kids' school shoes is the Mary-Jane sandal; these are great for all-year-round wear. They can be worn through summer with their uniform dresses, skirts or shorts and through winter with socks or stockings to keep your little one warm all winter long.


Choose your style with either a buckle up fastening or a touch fasting strap. With laser cut-outs, these timeless styles allow airflow and the top straps will keep your little girl's feet secure all day long. And what's great about the buckle up fastening? Do these up once, and you can be sure they won't be tying up any undone laces!


We've also got your little boys covered, if it's sandals you're looking for, that can keep their feet dry and airy all day long as well as protected from any harmful objects with their half-closed design. This also keeps your little one's feet secure with its supportive front and ankle straps.


Better yet, our sandals are great for weekend wear as much as being great kids school shoes!



  • Sneakers



Don't forget sports days; make sure your children feel comfortable and ready to run a marathon! Our sporty runners will get the most wear all year long, so make sure your children have the perfect pair to keep them running. 


Our sneakers are a great addition to your little ones’ wardrobes, our versatile range means they will also be able to wear them on weekends and have great kids school shoes all at the same time!


Find what you're looking for in lace-up and touch-fastening styles. Your little ones will love that they can incorporate their favourite cartoon characters into their everyday wardrobe. Your older children will love our sneaker range of kids’ school shoes with so many fun colours and designs. 


We can bet your little ones will love their new sneakers; they will be showing off their new wheels all over the playground!



  • Boots



Looking for something that’s a little different, but still easy enough for your little one to slip on without doing up laces.


How about a boot style?


Boots are a great alternative for kids’ school shoes, easy to pull on, comfortable to wear and still looks smart with their uniforms. Your children will walk in comfort all day long, and with the easy slip-on side gussets, you will be assured that your little ones will have no lace issues!


Our boots are leather, meaning they will be long-wearing, isn't that music to any parents’ ears? There's nothing worse than having to buy a second pair of kids’ school shoes mid-year because they seem to wear out too quickly.

But don't worry, if the leather isn't for you, we have a huge range of non-leather, vegan-friendly kids school shoes waiting for you! Spendless has the perfect kids school shoes for every parent. We made sure we didn't miss vegan-friendly parents, rushing-out- the-door-every-morning parents, budget-friendly parents, and the list goes on.


Trust us, we know exactly how pricey this time of year can be. Christmas, summer holidays, new year celebrations, amongst other events have all just passed us. Also, catchups always seem to sneak up on us, and now, back to the classroom expenses! 


So, when it comes to buying your kids' school shoes, Spendless is a great place to start when it comes to finding your kids' school shoes with affordability in mind.


So, don’t wait, jump online or head in-store today and find your next pair of kids’ school shoes!