Looking To Up Your Casual Shoe Game? Head To Spendless!

Women's casual shoes have been reinvented, and we love it! 


That's right! Women's casual shoes are changing and making a big statement. Reinvent your style for 2021 and make sure your women's casual shoes make a statement about your style! 


When you think of women's casual shoes, what comes to mind? Flats and sandals for the warmer summer months and low ankle boot styles for the cooler winter months? Yes, these styles are quite common amongst ladies of all ages and are considered a wardrobe staple. But like everything, styles and trends change all the time. Spendless is here to take you through some of the hottest trends to hit the market in women's casual shoes, so why not jump on board and up your women's casual shoe game now! 




One of the latest and popular trends to hit the ladies' market is a trendy sneaker. Gone are the days when your daggy sneakers are set aside for exercise and running errands. Sneakers are making their way into our everyday wardrobes, and we can't find any reason why we don't love this! This is great for women everywhere, it's now socially acceptable to wear your comfy sneakers whenever and however you like! 


You can opt to throw on your activewear with runners to run errands or laze around in your comfy trackies and laid back sneakers, or catch up with your girlfriends for brunch in your favourite pair of ripped jeans and sneakers. Look no further, Spendless have you covered in the sneaker department!


That's right; Spendless have loads of sneakers for whatever you need. We are your one-stop-shop for women's casual shoes. 


Find the perfect pair of cool laid-back sneakers with a high or low flatform heel, these super trendy sports luxe styles come in a range of cool prints and colours and can be paired with whatever you desire. Think boyfriend ripped jeans, wide-leg pants, mini dresses and skirts or even flowy midi dresses! What a cool alternative to wearing your worn-out flats, update your style and try a cool pair of sneakers to complete the ultimate weekend look. 


Not into a flatform sneaker? That's ok, why not try a loafer slip-on style sneaker, these styles look fantastic with jeans for a real effortless look. In a wide range of colours and styles, we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Our slide-on styles are airy and lightweight, so it guarantees a cosy, comfy feel, which is perfect for long-wearing! 


Or if running errands in your activewear is your style, no problem, we've got runners for you too! Save your expensive runners for the gym and run errands in a pair of Spendless runners, our range of women's casual shoes can be thrown on and you'll be on your way! 


At Spendless, we love seeing the cool sneaker trend take off, so why not incorporate comfort and style into your everyday wardrobe. Our sneakers are the perfect women's casual shoes that can be worn with anything in your closet. You can also embrace the trend and find some classic pieces that you can wear with some all-white flatform sneakers for an effortlessly luxurious look. We love that the traditional loungewear outfits are quickly becoming stylish to wear away from the couch, so why not follow suit with your kicks?


It's time to ditch the uncomfortable outdated women's casual shoes and opt for a trendy pair of sneakers to complete your luxe loungewear look! 


We get it, for some ladies, it's a big, bold move to wear sneakers without your activewear, and this isn't the kind of thing you are game enough to try. 


Sandals & Slides


That's ok; we have other women's casual shoes that might be right down your alley!


Spendless has great options for women's casual shoes for the warmer months. Sandals and slides are a popular choice for the season. Their versatility means they can be paired with absolutely any outfit of choice. For the ultimate laid-back style, effortlessly style your favourite jeans with our sandals or slides. Get sandals and slides with a little added height in a wedge heel or a flat foot style, either is great for optimal comfort. Our sandals and slides come in a range of colours and styles, you will find the perfect style for you.


Arguably the hardest working piece in your wardrobe, your summer sandals need to transition seamlessly from a fun flowy dress or laid-back denim cut-offs to your ripped boyfriend jeans on demand.


Flatforms & Wedges


Why not try a flatform or wedge heel for something different from the traditional sandal or slide? 


Flatforms are a hot trend to hit the market! They have reinvented women's casual shoes, flatforms can be found in sneakers, sandals and slides and we love it, it's giving us major 90's vibes! Flatform heels will give your outfit that cool laid-back vibe, so why not give this style a go and bring some cool 90's style inspiration back into your wardrobe?


In search of something a little extra? Why not try a wedge? Ladies' wedges are timeless and a great alternative to the traditional sandal or slide. Wedges will quickly take your outfit to the next level without actually wearing a pair of dressy heels. And what's great about a pair of wedges? Comfortably wear a pair of strappy buckle up wedges to work and really smarten up your work wardrobe. Then seamlessly take your outfit out to after-work dinner and drinks with the ladies without feeling like you're wearing your tiring work uniform! 


If you can work your favourite women's casual shoes into your work wardrobe, that's a win in our books! Embrace your work-to-play-look without any hesitation and find your next pair of wedges today. Trust us, you won't have any regrets! 


Spendless' flatforms and wedges are great; add a pair to your women's casual shoe collection. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!


Now that we've taken you through our range of women's casual shoes that are perfect for the warmer summer months, you have no excuses! Head into Spendless today to find your next pair of women's casual shoes that you won't be able to take off! 

Fall in love with our range of women's casual shoes and up your kick game and refresh your look for 2021!