Look Good on a Budget with Our Casual Women's Flats!

Looking good within a budget requires making intelligent choices. Finding key quality pieces and investing in them is critical if you want to elevate your look without spending much. 


It's comparable to building a capsule wardrobe, where you don't have a lot, but the clothes and women's casual shoes you have can serve multiple purposes. 


Versatility is critical when looking for flats so you can wear them in most, if not all, of your events. Are your women's casual shoes appropriate for work, after work, weekends, and travel?


If you said yes to at least two, you're all good. It would help if you found excellent deals besides quality and versatile women's flats. 


Keep track of the sale seasons to purchase quality footwear at discounted prices. And if you visit a brand's online store, you'll get discount vouchers and coupon offers for further price reductions. 


A crucial tip for looking good on a budget is finding a shoe brand that provides quality women's flats at an affordable price. At Spendless, you can access a collection of flats that meet all your needs. 


These women's flats are versatile, timeless, affordable, and within your budget. With help from the team at Spendless, let's go through each of the five price ranges to give you an idea of what you can get. Let's start!


1. $0-$20


The collection of Spendless flats within the $0 - $20 range comes in four neutral colours that guarantee versatility: black, natural, tan, and white. 


Ladies building their capsule wardrobes gravitate towards black women's flats, as this colour matches everything in their closets. A couple of black flat shoes to check out are Vancouver and Wendy.


These women's flats have closed toes, which are more appropriate for work settings. Vancouver is a pair of mule loafers, an open-backed shoe that exposes your heel and ankles. 


With their shiny material and gold chain detailing, these women's flats are excellent for work and non-work activities.


Meanwhile, Wendy will be your flat shoe choice for travel and leisure. These women's flats have a square-cut open top, a pin-punched design, and stitched detail around the soles.


2. $20-$30


This price range has loafers and sandals in the collection. With colours like black, brown, natural, and white, these budget-friendly women's flats won't disappoint. 


Consider choosing a natural-coloured pair of flats for your closet because this colour can make your legs look longer.


Margot is a platform loafer that boosts your height comfortably. These women's flats lack trimmings and fastenings but add a subtle elegance to your daily look. 


When paired with jeans and a shirt, the shoe's natural colour is beautifully complemented by the contrasting white platform sole, resulting in an exquisite combination. 


You can also wear these women's flats with shorts and dresses.


3. $30-$40


The $30 - $40 middle price range offers more colour choices for women's casual shoes. The first two only had four colours, but this one has eight gorgeous ones: black, green, leopard, natural, red, tan, vanilla, and white.


While going neutral is always a safe bet, especially if you want something to match all your clothes, adding something different and exciting to the mix is also great. 


Trust us when we say that there will be days you want to wear colours that are more fun to change your vibe. Consider adding a pair of red women's casual shoes to your closet. 


You can wear these women's casual shoes as an accent piece with your all-black or all-white outfit.


Ottawa is the perfect choice. It's a comfortable red loafer with a shiny leather finish and simple detailing on the tongue. 


These women's leather shoes are the ideal travel companion, as they are comfortable to walk in and double as excellent driving footwear.


4. $40-$50


Most of the choices in this price range are closed shoes. Women's casual shoes like loafers and ballet flats dominate the selection. 


We recommend adding a chunky loafer to your capsule wardrobe because you can dress it up or down and be formal or relaxed.


Wear these women's casual shoes to work functions like conventions and conferences where you must look professional and comfortable. A chunky loafer like Panther will be an excellent addition to your rotation. 


The patent leather outer material, the chunky and detailed soles, and the stylish two-strap design around the tongue will make you stand out from the crowd.


Wear these versatile women's casual shoes with pantsuits for a professional work look or mini dresses with visible ankle socks for a relaxed weekend look.


5. $50+


The rest of the chunky loafer's collection is in the most expensive bracket. The women's casual shoes priced at $50+ are all in black. Jaguar and Lion exude sleekness and power, like the animals with the same name. 


Spendless Women's Casual Flats Make You Look Good on a Budget!


One of the most thoughtful decisions you can make regarding women's casual shoes is to buy them at Spendless. Most of the brand's collection is transseasonal, which means you can wear it in all seasons. 


As one of the top online shopping sites for women's flat shoes, our user-friendly menu shop makes it simple to search through a comprehensive range of classic and modern styles and find what you want.


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If you think the affordable price ranges of the women's flat shoes at Spendless are already a great bargain, wait until you hear about our flexible payment systems.


You won't have to worry about going over your budget because the flexible payment systems allow you to purchase your quality women's casual shoes now and pay them in instalments later. 


As mentioned, you can shop online for further reductions thanks to discount vouchers and coupons. With all these benefits, you can add flats to your closet without denting your wallet.


Enjoy amazing rewards, such as 10% off your first purchase. Furthermore, you may receive updates on sales and new arrivals, ensuring you're always aware of the latest trends in women's flat shoes. 


In addition, New Zealand customers can receive guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery.


Ensure you always look at the top of your game with Spendless women's casual shoes. Head to the nearest retailer or the online store to grab one now!