Kids' School Shoes They'll Actually Love Wearing

If you've experienced stressful mornings trying to make your child wear their kids' school shoes without a fuss, you came to the right place. We understand the challenges of forcing your child to wear something they don't like. We bet you've tried bribing, tricking, or other creative ways to get them to wear kids' school shoes. What if we told you that your struggles will end now?

The best way to make mornings more peaceful is to give your child what they want—a pair of kids' school shoes they'll actually love wearing. Only one brand can provide the coveted footwear that can make everyone happy, parents included, and that is Spendless. It understands your child's needs and preferences and offers ideal options.

But before we delve into the excellent Spendless kids' schools shoes, let's first understand why your child is having difficulty in the mornings. Knowing the reasons will make it easier to address them. If you're ready, let's start!


Why is school preparation challenging every morning?


More often, the simple answer of having the wrong fit is what makes it challenging for your child to wear their kids' school shoes. Your child undergoes a growth spurt often, so the footwear you bought a few weeks ago may not fit right. You might wonder at the quickness of the turn of events, but that's how it is.

If you've read some tips on how to find the right kids' school shoes for your child, some have mentioned that it's always wise to leave a 1cm gap between the tips of their longest toe and the footwear, giving them enough room for growth. Usually, parents must check every 4–8 weeks if the gap still exists because they must replace the kids' school shoes if the space is not there anymore. No one wants to wear footwear that doesn't fit right because it's painful, uncomfortable, and can cause blisters. How can your child concentrate and join activities when they are constantly bothered?

A second reason to pay attention to has to do with your child's preference. They likely do not like the style of their kids' school shoes, so making them wear the footwear is challenging. Possibly, there's a more popular style among their peers, and they prefer to avoid wearing something that is not popular.


What can you do?


Parents must remember some things when shopping for kids' school shoes to ensure they fit right. Aside from the 1cm gap and the constant checking if it exists, parents must guarantee they have the correct size. It's best to shop for kids' school shoes in the afternoon to account for the swelling of your child's feet. 

It would help if you took them shopping with you because they can instantly provide feedback when they try various options. Also, your child can point out the styles they want. Recognising their opinion and independence in choosing their kids' school shoes will boost their confidence and encourage them to love their footwear. Also, please ensure your child is wearing the Spendless socks they plan to wear with the footwear for a dry run of the fit.


Why choose Spendless? 


As mentioned, Spendless knows the ins and outs of kids' school shoes and provides your child with premium options at affordable prices. Where else can you find academic footwear that rivals designer brands without the hefty price that comes with it?

All the brand's kids' school shoes tick the necessary features and are in-demand styles, so there won't be any more problems in the morning. We bet it will be the other way around, with you having difficulties making your child remove the footwear. Spendless kids' school shoes are so good they'd want to sleep in them.


Style 1—Pull-on Ankle Boots


Get your son ready within seconds with a pair of pull-on ankle boots. These kids' school shoes don't have fastenings that take time to close. With elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape and revert for a snug fit, your child is ready to spend the day in the classroom and playgrounds. Parents and children love the classic style of these kids' school shoes, making them suitable for non-academic events like weekend parties.


Style 2—Mary Jane


Enhance your daughter's doll-like features with these kids' school shoes for girls. Mary Jane is a classic uniform staple that generations of girls have used. The classic round-toe design and the single strap across the instep never fail to excite young ladies to wear them. These kids' schools' shoes rank high regarding options children love!


Style 3—Double Straps


One of the two unisex options, double straps, are kids' school shoes with easy-to-secure touch-fastening straps. Say goodbye to stressful mornings because this option will make it much easier for parents and children. Your child is ready to go within seconds by pressing the strips together. With round-toe designs, gripped soles for traction, and an adjustable fastening, these kids' school shoes will be your child's favourite in no time!


Style 4—T-Bar


T-Bar is another kind of kids' school shoe that will excite your young daughter to dress up for school. It has the same round-toe shape and open-top design as Mary Jane, except for the T strap on top of the instep. These breathable kids' school shoes also have laser geometric cutouts that boost ventilation so your daughter remains comfy during warm days.


Style 5—Lace Up


The second unisex option for girls and boys requires lace-tying skills. The lace-up kids' school shoes provide the most customisable fit, giving your child control over how tight they want the fit. The leather ensures durability, enabling the footwear to withstand wear and tear, natural elements, and inclement weather. Your child will love wearing these kid's school shoes because they can try different ways of tying the laces and adjust them whenever they want.


Provide Your Child With Footwear They'd Love! 


If you need assistance finding back-to-school shoes that work correctly with your child's everyday school errands, don't hesitate to contact our customer care team if you have any questions. Your questions will be answered anytime because our team is working extended hours. When you sign up for an account, you will receive updates on our new styles in your inbox and enjoy amazing rewards such as 10% off your first purchase. We are delighted to be one of the top online shopping sites for children due to our user-friendly menu shop.

We have fit experts at our retailer-selected locations to help you with school shoe fitting. Shop with us and find the perfect fit that provides many benefits for your child's feet. Use our clear filters and quick view option to browse our many brands. Shop now and make your child happy with their new school shoes.

Make mornings easier for everyone! Head to the nearest Spendless retailer or online store and get your child the kids' school shoes they'll fall in love with. Continue shopping!