Kids' School Shoes That Won't Break the Bank!

The quest to find the right pair of kids' school shoes can be a daunting one. Since you want only the best for them, you go to great lengths to find the option that ticks all the features. You want kids' school shoes that are comfortable, supportive, stylish, and durable. You'd think that with all those characteristics, academic footwear is expensive. The price of kids' school shoes is essential because you also have other bills to pay and school items to buy. Thankfully, one brand understands the need for premium academic footwear within your budget.

Spendless is a reputable brand that produces kids' school shoes that won't break the bank. Purchasing from Spendless means your child will have the best classroom and playground experience. Each durable item in the collection will keep your child comfortable, supported, and on-trend. Students will be better able to concentrate if they wear high-quality school shoes because they won't experience discomfort.

And because Spendless understands the parents' need to plan their purchases and budget their expenses, it has flexible payment systems that enable you to purchase the kids' school shoes now and pay in instalments later. 

The collection of kids' school shoes at Spendless is available in five affordable price ranges. With the help of our team, let's go through each range and discover the various options. Let's start!


1. $0-$20

The first range consists of sneakers and trainers in blue and orange colours. Sneakers and trainers are essential to your child's uniform. With sports activities and PE classes, your child needs a second pair of kids' school shoes equipped with features that absorb high-impact activities. While regular academic footwear exhibits excellent features, it lacks specific features to protect your child's feet during strenuous sports and PE activities.

All the kids' school shoes in this price range have features like grooved soles for traction, breathable materials for ventilation, elasticised bands and touch-fastening straps for adjustability and security, and durable vegan material that can withstand wear and tear, rigorous activities, and natural elements.


2. $20–$30

The $20–$30 range of options includes sandals and sneakers perfect for your child's play dates with friends. These kids' school shoes are ideal for a day out. Learning and socialising do not only happen in the classroom. Field trips and activity days also teach your child valuable lessons; the kids' school shoes in this range can perfectly support them through that.

The sandals feature a half-enclosed covered-toe design that keeps the child's feet fresh and sweat-free during warm days, which is a perfect fit for them. Breathability is an essential feature in kids' school shoes that enables air to circulate their feet, preventing foul odours, blisters, and other foot problems caused by dampness and heat.

Meanwhile, the sneakers are ideal for colder days outside. With features to keep the students steady and stable, parents can worry less while the children explore and play.


3. $30–$40

This range has excellent kids' school shoes that protect your child throughout the day. With features that provide comfort, traction, and adjustability, the child can go about their day glitch-free. Let's look at the various options available:

  • Mary Jane is a classic kids' school shoe for girls. Characterised by round toes, a single touch-fastening strap across the instep, and an open-top design, the timeless style has been around for years, ensuring girls of all ages have the best time learning. 

These kids' school shoes are ideal for warmer months because the open-top design enables breathability. This option uses vegan materials, which ensure durability and longevity. Using vegan-friendly kids' school shoes promotes sustainability, as the production leaves a minimal carbon footprint behind. More importantly, their production is cruelty-free, which means it does not harm any animals.

  • Double straps are a unisex option ideal for boys and girls. These low-cut kids' school shoes use durable leather material that ensures longevity. Two touch-fastening straps secure the footwear and give the child control over the fit. The rounded-toe design of these kids' school shoes provides enough room for their toes to spread, which is good for their balance and stability.
  • Lace-up is another unisex option that boys and girls can enjoy. These kids' school shoes offer the most customisable fit thanks to their lace fastening; how your child weaves and ties the lace on the footwear determines the fit, which they can change and adjust throughout the day. The gripped soles of the kids' school shoes provide traction to keep them steady as they play.


4. $40–$50

The $40 to $50 range includes leather kids' school shoes. Leather is pricier than vegan because its production involves animals and takes more steps. This price range also has unisex lace-ups, which provide the most customisable fit, and Mary Jane for girls. Other options are:

  • Pull-on boots are kids' school shoes for boys. This academic footwear option is a breeze to wear. With the help of pull tabs at the back, your child can wear the footwear and be ready within seconds. While devoid of fastening, these kids' school shoes have elastic side gussets, which expand to accommodate any foot shape and revert for a snug fit. The boots are famous during colder months because the ankle-high design provides more coverage and warmth.
  • T-Bar is a kind of kids' school shoe for girls, like Mary Jane. The rounded toes and open-top design with straps on the instep are the same; the only difference is the T strap across the instep instead of a single horizontal one. Like Mary Jane, these kids' school shoes are ideal during the warmer months because the open design keeps the feet well-ventilated. In addition, the T-bar has laser cutouts in geometric shapes, which boost design and breathability.


5. $50+

The only option available in the priciest range is a T-bar, a kind of kids' school shoe for girls. It comes in black, which is what most strict uniform codes require.


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