Kids' School Shoes That the Little Ones Will Love

Your child spends around 30 hours per week in their place of education. They participate in classes, events, and socialisation. As a result, they require a pair of children's school shoes to protect their feet.


A top priority is their comfort, something their footwear must provide. Next would be support because the children's feet are in their growth and development period, and their kids' school shoes must support it.


How can parents and guardians ensure their footwear gives children the comfort and support they need?


First, you must thoroughly check the kids' school shoes before buying them.


Two, check the available styles at Spendless because their footwear meets the two criteria—comfort and support—with additional characteristics like versatility and affordability.


Our kids' school shoes tick all the boxes, which your little ones will love!


We at Spendless will give you a rundown of all our available styles to help you find the perfect pair for your child.


Please read on to learn more!


 Style 1 - Double Straps


These kids' school shoes are ideal for boys and girls still figuring out how to tie laces. The double touch-fastening straps secure the footwear in place and prevent unintentional removal.


Your little ones will love this pair because of their ease of use! Two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface, make up touch-fastening straps.


Press the strips together to lock them and close the kids' school shoes. They are so simple to fasten that your little one can do it with one hand.


But when your child pulls the two strips apart, he or she will need to use more force, making a distinctive ripping sound. Once open, your child can remove their school shoes.


Some drawbacks of touch-fastening straps include the following:


  • Every time dirt, lint, and other stray particles stick to the straps, their adhesion diminishes.
  • The straps can unintentionally attach to other materials, sustaining damage to the material.
  • There's a limit to the times your child can open and close the straps on their kids' school shoes before they lose adhesion. Once they do, parents must buy a new pair.
  • The distinctive sound they make when separating the touch-fastening straps can be annoying.


Style 2 - Lace-Up


Lace-up kids' school shoes are ideal for older girls and boys skilled with tying their laces. Your little ones will love this style because it proves their independence and skill.


Laces are long, thin strings securing kids' school shoes in place. It works by sliding through the eyelets of your child's shoes. This relieves pressure points on the surface of the foot and improves blood flow below the ankle.


The only fastener that comes off the shoe and can be replaced and cleaned separately will last longer and be easier to change.


Check that the laces are of proper length to prevent your child from tripping on their school shoes. If you need an extra pair of laces, get them from Spendless!


Style 3 - Mary Janes


Mary Janes have been a constant uniform staple since they first came out. These school shoes for kids are still popular because they look like baby dolls and meet most dress code rules.


Touch-fastening straps allow your child to regulate how snug or loose they want their footwear to suit their comfort needs. Your little ones will love these kids' school shoes because they are breathable. The open-top portion allows air and moisture to come in and sweat to go out.


Style 4 - T-Bar


The T-Bar is a comfortable style of kids' school shoes that little girls with higher insteps love. A buckle secures the two thin straps that form a T to secure this footwear on your child's feet.


It keeps one end safe with a hook and the other safe but moveable with a catch. Your child can tighten their school shoes by choosing which hole to lock the buckle into. Likewise, your child can tighten their school shoes by choosing which hole to lock the buckle in.


Older pupils who have outgrown touch-fastening straps but need a little more time to transition to laces love using kids' school shoes with buckles. One thing your little one will love about these kids' school shoes is their wide toe box, which gives their feet enough wiggle room.


Style 5 - Pull-On Boots


These popular kids' school shoes for boys go well with uniforms. Pull-on boots have elastic side gussets that stretch to fit your child's feet. This makes them easy to put on and comfortable.


The two tabs at the top assist your little one as they wear and remove these kids' school shoes. This style is ideal for young boys still figuring out how to strap their footwear on or tie their laces.


Pull-on boots cover the whole foot up to the ankle, protecting the wearer from cold, wet weather and things that get stuck in the foot.


Their thick soles provide traction and stability, protecting your little ones from accidental slipping. However, the lack of fastening in these kids' school shoes could cause an injury to your son if he unintentionally removes the footwear.


Additional Tips When Shopping


  • Buy kids' school shoes in the afternoon when your little one's feet are at their largest size. Their activities during the day, like walking, standing, and running, contribute to the swelling of their feet.
  • Bring your child with you when shopping so they can try the kids' school shoes on and test the footwear for comfort.
  • Let your child choose the style they love. It boosts their confidence and teaches them independence.


Buy Your Little Ones the Footwear They'll Love!


Your little one will love any kids' school shoes you take the time to buy for them. However, always prioritise their comfort and ask for their input before purchasing. Buying from Spendless will guarantee comfort, stability, versatility, and affordability!


Head to the online shop of Spendless or the stockist nearest you to get a pair!