Kids’ School Shoes That the Kids Won’t Complain About!

Have you been spending most mornings chasing your child around so they will wear their kids’ school shoes?

Doing this can be frustrating and tiring, especially if you prefer to use the time for sleep. You’ve done what others before you have suggested, like rewarding and pleading, but nothing seems to work. The trick to making your child wear their kids’ school shoes without complaints is to understand the root cause. There’s a reason why your child is being difficult, so once you figure that out, you can address it.

Spendless is a reputable brand that has provided kids’ school shoes for years. We’ve heard all the reasons, and we’d like to help. Balancing everything on your plate can be challenging, so please allow our Spendless team to help. Let’s review why children don’t like wearing their footwear. Then, we will explain the features that can address the issue. Let’s start!

What are the usual complaints?

Making your child wear the kids’ school shoes is challenging for underlying reasons. Here are some:

1. Wrong fit and size

Your child lashes out when you make them wear ill-fitting kids’ school shoes because they hurt. The footwear likely rubs their feet incorrectly, making them irritated and uncomfortable. If adults do not tolerate wrong-sized footwear, we can expect worse reactions from children. To ensure your kids will never complain about painful shoes again, check for the following features:

  • Roomy toes. Your child’s toes must have enough space to spread naturally, as it affects their balance and stability. Do this by having your child wiggle their toes; it is perfect if they can do so without any part of their toes coming into contact with the footwear. The shape of the footwear also matters, so get those with rounded or squared toes because that doesn’t squeeze their toes together.
  • Right size. Enlist professional help from podiatrists or trained in-store staff to get the accurate size. They know what to check, like getting the length and width of each foot separately. More importantly, they can recommend the best style of academic footwear for your child’s specific foot type and shape.
  • Room for growth. Achieving the right fit means allotting a 1cm gap between the tips of the longest toe and the footwear. One cause of painful academic shoes is your child’s frequent growth spurts, so it’s best to leave enough space for that. Replace the footwear immediately once the toes touch the footwear.

2. Unpopular style option

Peer pressure happens in academic settings and can influence your child’s preferences. Wearing the unpopular kids’ school shoes has repercussions, like being excluded from games and group activities. It can affect their self-esteem and how they socialise with others. Here are ways to avoid this pitfall:

  • Involve your child. Take your child shopping with you so they can choose the school shoes for them. Involving them is beneficial in many ways. First, they can never complain about the style they chose. Second, your children will feel that you trust their choices and will treat their school shoes better.
  • Choose the correct brand. Shopping at the right place guarantees your child can access popular, timeless styles. Only one shoe brand provides kids’ school shoes that children adore: Spendless! With options for girls, boys, and unisex, we can ensure your little one will look forward to wearing their academic footwear every morning.

3. Breaks down quickly

It’s a hassle to deal with school shoes that cannot withstand wear and tear. You must expect active children to subject their footwear to non-stop playing and constant movement. Any sign of weakness in the shoe material can turn off your child. The continuous cycle of breaking down and shopping for new shoes can fuel your child’s resentment. Do these things to avoid complaints:

  • Select durable materials. Durability ensures the longevity of the footwear, preventing the need for frequent replacements. Materials like leather and vegan can withstand the natural elements and constant rough movements. The main differences between the two are the use of animals in the production and the price tag. Leather kids’ school shoes are more expensive because production involving animals takes more steps. On the one hand, vegan footwear does not use animals and leaves a minimal carbon footprint behind.
  • Check for firm heel counters. A reinforced heel counter provides longevity to the footwear, keeping it in shape. This part also enables stability so your child’s foot maintains proper alignment.

4. Feels constricted

Constricted kids’ school shoes can be uncomfortable for children, especially during the warmer seasons. Sweat and moisture make the feet feel icky and smell funny. Your kids will not like wearing anything that makes them feel that way. Check for these features to ensure your children will have the best academic shoes:

  • Breathability. There should be a way for air to circulate inside any footwear so that moisture can exit. Sweat can prevent your little one from having fun while playing, so choose footwear with low-cut or open-top designs. Spendless options like Mary Jane, T-Bar, Double Straps, and Lace-ups have excellent ventilation to keep your child comfortable.
  • Adjustability. Fastenings enable your child to control the fit of their academic footwear. Your child can adjust via the fastenings when things feel tight and constricted. Spendless uses three kinds for its footwear collection: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Each has pros and cons, but overall, it provides security and adjustability that ensures your children will not complain about their academic footwear.

Why Spendless Kids' School Shoes?

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