Kids’ School Shoes that Double as the Perfect Work Shoe

Is your child a part-time worker?


You’re likely here searching for a pair of kids’ school shoes that double as the perfect work shoe because your child needs footwear that can take them from class to their job efficiently. Spendless can help you find school shoes for your kid that will keep them safe while they are studying and working at the same time. 


More importantly, they are safe all day from accidents that could hurt them, some of which are irreversible.


Please allow our customer care team at Spendless to highlight how critical protecting your kid with the correct kids’ school shoes is by reading on to learn more!


What are the typical injuries from slip and fall accidents?


By working in the hospitality and food service industries, your kid increases their risk of falling, tripping, and slipping because of the nature of the job and the work environment. 


While you can’t always be there to protect them from harm, you can do the next best thing by purchasing a pair of kids’ school shoes with slip-resistant features.


Most companies in these industries already require their workers to wear slip-resistant footwear. As such, having kids’ school shoes with this feature hits two birds with one stone. First, purchasing this footwear saves your kid from various injuries, which we want to share.


1. Broken Bones


Your kid will have to deal with spilt drinks, broken dishes, oil, grease, and spillage daily if they work in a restaurant as a food server, dishwasher, or delivery driver. These can cause accidents that can lead to broken bones if they are not wearing the correct footwear.


Save your child from expensive treatment costs by getting a pair of affordable kids’ school shoes with slip-resistant features from Spendless.


2. Concussions


Another severe injury you must protect your kid from is a concussion. Kids can slip on slippery floors without proper footwear, making them vulnerable and hitting their heads on a table, sink, or kitchen door.


These scary scenarios will likely happen to your kid if they are not wearing the proper school shoes. A serious injury like this can also have long-term effects on their health and may require a long time away from school or work, which can get in the way of their responsibilities.


3. Chronic Pain


We don't want to scare you, but these potential injuries highlight the importance of wearing Spendless kids' school shoes with slip-resistant features to protect your kid at their part-time job. 


In addition, it would be best if they had footwear that could work correctly as academic and restaurant footwear to cover them all day.


They can sustain injuries on their knees and ankles, wrists and shoulders, and faces, which doesn’t end there. All they need to avoid this fate is a pair of kids' school shoes that can also be used as work footwear, keeping them safe at all times.


Spendless Slip-Resistant Footwear


While three products in the Spendless slip-resistant footwear range are available for women, only two are ideal for the hospitality industry, so we’ll focus on them. 


Your daughter can use them as school shoes and at the restaurant because both styles are black and lace-up, characteristics that will pass any uniform dress code requirement.


Both options are suitable for vegans. Kids' vegan-friendly sneakers don't use animal products, which is also good for the planet.


More importantly, both styles can serve as school shoes for children of all ages and protect your kid while in class and at work because of the following features:


  • Slip-resistant sole.
  • Oil-resistant outsole.
  • Commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole.
  • Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support.
  • Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort.


At quick view, they have these five essential things to keep your kid safe. So let's briefly discuss how each component in a kid's school shoes functions to keep them safe and protected all day:


  • Slip-resistant soles on kids’ school shoes provide a better grip on wet or greasy floors because they have treads that let liquid pass through, unlike flat soles that hold liquid in, making them more prone to slipping.
  • An oil-resistant outsole is essential in work shoes to repel oil, especially from cooking in the kitchen and keep it from seeping through the surface.
  • The commercial-grade-non-marking rubber outsole will not cause scuff marks on courts and restaurant floors.
  • Children’s shoes with heel impact cushioning will absorb shock and support your kid as they participate in classroom activities and sprint to work.
  • Who doesn’t want to feel all-day comfort? With the flexible and padded innersole, your kid can claim they are walking on clouds all day. Their feet must stay comfortable in these kids’ school shoes to get through a stressful day in class and work.


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