Kids' School Shoes Perfect for Primary and High School

Parents spend a decade or more buying their children's school shoes. They are responsible for their child's correct academic footwear from their first day in primary school until their last day in high school.


Your child must wear the kids' school shoes appropriate for the stage of development they are in. 


Younger students still lack some skills the older set can do, so the styles suitable for them should have features and fastenings they can close independently. 


Eventually, they can start wearing the range of kids' school shoes with more complicated closures because they will know how to do it by then.


Discover the styles perfect for primary and high schoolers with the help of our team at Spendless. The brand has provided kids' school shoes for years and knows which ones suit your child, depending on their developmental stage. 


Spendless kids' schools shoes have the necessary features to keep your child comfortable and supported. Let's discover them!


Primary School


As mentioned, early learners starting in primary school must have academic footwear that their limited skills can secure. Spendless has options that use touch-fastening straps, the easiest of all three brand fastenings. 


The children would love how easy it is to press two nylon strips together, one for hooks and the other for loops, to secure their footwear in place.


It only takes a couple of seconds for your child to lock their footwear before they join the activities. However, they will require more force to pry the shoes open, creating a distinctive sound while they do so. 


Here are the ideal Spendless kids' school shoes for primary-level students.


Style 1—Pull-On Boots


Of all the Spendless options, these are the only kids' school shoes lacking fastenings, which makes the style more accessible and appropriate for primary school boys. The tabs are there to help them pull on the footwear. 


Although parents might get concerned with the absence of fastening, you need not worry because there are elastic side gussets or panels that act the same way. The gussets expand to accommodate any foot shape, then revert to provide a snug fit. 


Parents will love that these shoes use leather, which ensures their child remains comfortable and supported. This material is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear your young, active son can subject his footwear to. 


Style 2—Mary Jane


When wearing the Mary Janes, primary school girls will love how they look like baby dolls. These kids' shoes have rounded-toe designs and a single touch-fastening strap across the foot. 


The toe box's shape and the strap's presence will ensure your young daughter remains comfortable and secure while participating in classroom and playground activities. 


The rounded toe box meets children's need for enough toe room in their academic footwear. 


Pointy and tight toe boxes usually squeeze toes, which can hurt and cause blisters. You don't want your child to get hurt or distracted, which could deter them from learning and performing well.


Style 3—Double Strap


Double straps are unisex kids' shoes ideal for primary students' developing feet and skills. This option has touch-fastening straps that work the same way as Mary Janes; the only difference is that it has two straps across the foot, not one.


We recommend this footwear for young boys and girls transitioning to the next level of skill development. This footwear is ideal for students old enough to use fastenings but still lack skills for the more complicated ones.


Like pull-on boots, double straps use leather material, which provides breathability and insulation. This academic footwear is ideal for young learners who live in an area with erratic weather. 


Breathability will ensure your child's feet remain fresh and sweat-free on warm days, while insulation will hold the heat longer when the temperature has dipped. 


High School


Most of the older students want to differentiate themselves from the younger ones. 


Proud to be high schoolers, these students are ready for school shoes with more advanced fastenings. Since they know how to work the more complicated closures like buckles and laces, we recommend footwear using those two. 


A buckle consists of a frame with a hinged pin that secures the footwear once the clasp is inside the hole on the opposite strap. 


Using it requires more developed fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It ensures the footwear stays in place because it does not come undone accidentally.


The lace is the most advanced among Spendless closures, which requires practice and patience. 


Parents and their children need to take some time to practise tying this until the student can do it independently. High schoolers wear these kids' shoes like a badge, proudly showing their skill.


Here are the ideal Spendless school shoes for high schoolers.


Style 1—T-Bar


T-Bar is an academic shoe for girls like the Mary Janes, except for the T straps and the buckle enclosure. 


Features like rounded toes and an open-top design are the same, which reassures parents that their daughters will remain comfortable during the warmer months. 


The open-top style and the geometric laser cut-outs allow air to circulate through the kids' shoes, ensuring their feet remain sweat-free. 


Apart from breathability, these cut-outs boost the style factor of this footwear, making older girls happier with the style. 


Style 2—Laced


As mentioned, wearing laced shoes is something to be proud of. It distinguishes the high school students from the rest. 


Wearing laces can be creative, especially with how your child will weave the laces through the eyelets. This fastening provides the most customisable fit among the three.


This footwear will work correctly, making your child comfortable, supported, and, more importantly, stable. 


The gripped soles will provide the traction necessary to keep your child steady on their feet while going through the motions and activities of the day. 


Since laces are independent of the kid's school shoes, you can clean or replace them separately. Get an extra pair of laces from Spendless to save you the trouble later. 


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