Kids' School Shoes Perfect for Every Season

Durability is essential in buying a pair of kids' schools shoes to ensure that the footwear lasts every season. Unfortunately, no pair of footwear will last your child the whole academic year because of their growth spurt. Their feet continually develop until puberty, so they will likely change school shoes in 3-4 months. 


But durability is still essential to support them through all their activities. Unfortunately, weather can also cause a lot of wear and tear, especially during the changing seasons! 


If you're looking for footwear that will last, is comfortable, and is affordable, then you should check out our range at Spendless. Our collection covers footwear for youngsters, each providing unique benefits. 


Several characteristics make Spendless footwear a cut above others. Please allow our team to explain why Spendless kids' schools shoes are perfect for every season


1. Price and Quality


We understand how you aim to provide the best academic experience for your youngsters without wasting money. The Spendless school shoes are affordable! This characteristic can attract several parents and guardians looking for much bang for their buck. 


With kiddies' footwear from Spendless, there is no need to worry! Adults and children will have peace of mind and go about their day without worry! In addition, unlike favourite fusion brands from a brands shop, you don't have to pay excessively for your children's footwear. 


Spendless has flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase footwear with the perfect fit now and pay for them later. 


2. Comfort


Whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, your kid deserves a pair of comfortable school shoes for class. Parents and guardians must prioritise providing their children with breathable footwear to keep their feet fresh all day during warm seasons. They must also look into kids' school shoes that offer warmth and coverage during colder months, so their feet will remain dry. 


At Spendless, we understand the significance of comfort and provide a range of high-quality, comfortable shoes for all ages. In addition, it ensures that your youngster has a size in every stage of their development. Our available size guide divides the categories into Pre-Walker/Toddler and Junior/Pre-Teen. 


3. Spendless Styles


Style 1—T-Bar


The T-Bar is a popular style of kids' school shoes for girls with higher insteps. They love this footwear because of the design, where two thin straps create a single T. 


As for comfort, these have a wide toe box that allows them to spread and develop properly. Moreover, these shoes work correctly for summer and spring because of their breathability, where air can come in and moisture escape. 


Style 2—Mary Janes


Mary Janes are a classic pair secured by touch-fastening straps with two nylon strips that lock together when pressed. These straps provide adjustability and keep the footwear in place. Mary Janes is another Spendless style suitable for spring and summer because the open-top design provides breathability keeping your child's feet fresh all day. 


Style 3—Pull-On Boots


The pull-on boots are the go-to kids' school shoes for boys, with elastic side gussets for a slip-on fit and maximum comfort. This style is perfect for the fall and winter months because boots provide warmth for their feet and traction to keep them stable on wet surfaces. In addition, boots offer coverage of the entire foot until the ankles, preventing foreign objects from being lodged inside. 


Style 4—Lace-Up


Your youngsters will love the lace-up kids' school shoes if they can tie their laces independently. These fasteners are the only ones you can replace and clean without affecting the footwear. 


The kids' school shoes can be tightened and adjusted with the laces, which makes learning comfortable for your child. In addition, your kid can tighten the laces during the colder seasons to get more warmth and loosen them during the warmer seasons for more breathability.


Style 5—Double Straps


These kids' school shoes are ideal for those still figuring out how to tie laces. Like the Mary Janes, this footwear uses touch-fastening straps to lock the footwear in place. Unfortunately, although closing the kids' school shoes is easy and can be done singlehandedly, opening them would require force and produce a loud ripping sound. 


The double straps have the feel of trainers and the look of kids' school shoes, so they have everything your child needs to stay safe all year round.


How to Keep Footwear Clean


This footwear will be put through a lot of wear and tear as your child participates in all activities. Therefore, each season will put stress on the footwear, and you must do all you can to keep them clean and presentable.


For instance, use a protective spray that forms an impermeable, waterproof layer to clean the kids' school shoes. This spray is most useful in the winter to avoid salt and water stains.


Here are some additional tips to help you keep the kids' school shoes looking brand new:


  • Use newspapers to keep the shape of the footwear. Then, crumple them and place them inside the kids' school shoes before storing them. 


Newspapers absorb moisture well, so put some in wet kids' school shoes and watch it work miracles! If you want the footwear to dry more rapidly, change the newspaper every hour.


  • Heat can ruin, cause cracks, and dry up footwear soles, so keep the kids' school shoes away from any direct source.
  • Please remind your kid it's essential to wear cotton socks when wearing kids' school shoes because it maintains the footwear's freshness and protects the child's feet from blisters and sores from continual rubbing with the footwear. 


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